Best Subject Lines for Survey Emails.

September 2, 2019
Best Subject Lines for Survey Emails

Survey emails, I’m sure most have seen the classic subject line “Customer satisfaction survey”. Or maybe one of its variants, “Let us know what you think” and “feedback from your purchase”. These are typical subject lines for survey emails, the bad news is that they don’t provide a good open rate.

Luckily for you, here we can walk you through the process of the best subject lines for survey emails. Just below we will give you important pointers over what to use in a good subject line and we will even provide a few examples of each point.

Nearly always people overlook the boring and generic subject lines in survey emails. This doesn’t have to be the case with yours. Below you will be presented with different approaches that will help you create the best subject lines for survey emails. These will make your open rate increase and will allow your customers the chance to provide valuable feedback on your services and products.

Tips for the best subject lines for survey emails.

Use emotions on your favor.

If you try to remember all the examples of subject lines used for survey emails you likely won’t find any that triggers an emotion. This is because the majority of subject lines are bland and forgettable. What you want to aim for is trying to evoke an emotion on your readers. This will make of an impact on your emails and will provide you with a better open rate.

A good emotion to try to evoke is empathy. People do tend to relate and identify with others that have had a similar experience. For this is best to use words such as “us” rather than “them”. As examples of this we have the following subject lines:

[Name of the recipient], people have questions about [product], can you help us?

Everybody is wondering about [product], what do you think?

Hey [Name of the recipient] most of us would like your take on [product], do you have a few minutes?

Make it personal.

People show more engagement with an email if they think it affects them directly. This is why you have to imply the same in your subject lines. In a recent study 75% of customers are more likely to spend their money on your brand if you just remember their names and information about them. This is, making things personal to increase the engagement.

This can be improved further by sending automated personalized emails. Make sure to write to the recipient in first name basis and help them remember as much as they can from the services or products they acquired from you. Examples of this to the best subject lines for survey emails are:

Hey [Name of the recipient], how was your uber trip this Monday?

[Name of the recipient], was our [product] useful for you?

Make a question in the subject line.

People are subconsciously more tempted to open an email if the subject line poses a question. This is because people instinctively will try to answer a question as it generates natural intrigue. Asking questions in the subject line is recommended and will likely help you increase the open rate of your survey emails.

Pretty much every example of a subject line mentioned so far counts as this. Just to be safe we can provide you with a couple more examples. Just keep it simple and try to be straight to the point while paying attention to the other tips.

Hi [Name of the recipient] have you got a minute for us?

Hey, how is that new [Product] working out for you?

Mention, or not, the word survey.

Some people respond very well to honesty, just tell them you’d like them to take your survey. Likely some people will find the time to do it, especially if you ask nicely. Sometimes is better to let people know what they’re getting into rather than trying to distract them or trick them into taking a survey. One example of this is:

Hello [Name of the recipient] would you mind taking this quick survey?

Other times it would be best to handle the survey in a more relaxed manner. This doesn’t mean tricking your readers, it’s just about viewing the survey more as a conversation rather than something else. Some people respond well to this and as such you can chose to avoid using the word survey in your subject lines. As a brief example you can use something informal like:

Hey [Name of the recipient] can we talk for a moment?

Mention the benefits of taking the survey.

You can choose to focus the subject line in the potential benefits of the survey. This attracts the interest of the person taking it. It plays to the interest in a reward subjacent in everyone. People like getting stuff, especially if they’re free or easy to obtain.

You can give a discount coupon for customer who take your survey. Naturally longer surveys will require bigger rewards. This method is very likely to help you increase the open rate of your survey emails. A few examples of this are:

Hey, want to get 40% off in your next purchase?

Could you be interested in 20% off?

Would you like to win a 30% off coupon?

Remember to stay away from the spam folder.

Often times people use generical subject lines for their survey emails. These have been reported as spam email countless times. As such you might want to avoid using generic terms that will likely trigger the spam filter. This can be very damaging to your domain reputation and marketing campaign.

Use the tips provided here to create original and unique subject lines that will never have problems with a spam filter. Every subject line provided as an example is very likely to pass the spam filter provided you add the recipient’s name to it.

Keep it short and on point.

Don’t take too much time out of someone’s day just with the subject line. Based on data from 2015 up to 53% of all emails where opened using a mobile device. This means that the subject line and email need to be optimized for this. Ideally you should keep the subject line under 50 characters.

Pretty much the examples shown above can be adapted to this with almost no effort.

Generate a sense of urgency.

The best way to do this is by playing the time limit card. Nothing plays with the sense of urgency of someone like telling them that the time to get a reward is almost up. Technically this is not considered tricking your readers, it’s more like a reminder of the time limit for something.

A few good examples of this are:

Hey [Name of the recipient] you have almost no time left to get our discount coupon.

Hello [Name of the recipient] time is almost up to get that 40% off.

[Name of the recipient] today is your last chance to earn 30% off from our services.


A good survey email largely depends on its subject line which is crucial for the email to be opened. Using the best subject lines for survey emails will provide to be beneficial to your campaign and brand. Make sure that people don’t overlook your survey emails by using our tips and examples of the best subject lines for survey emails.

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