How Awesome Companies Do The Best Welcome Emails: Case Study

November 13, 2020

The first email you get from a company, also known as the Welcome email provides many purposes. So the company want them to create the best welcome emails as possible because it's the first email their clients are going to see.

What is a welcome email?

best welcome emails, free guide for your company

There are various welcome emails out there. Before we start our awesome companies welcome emails list, take a peek at the different categories:

  • "Welcome to" - The plain old welcome email
  • "Welcome to our loyalty program"
  • Welcome email hidden in the confirmation email
  • Upgraded subscription welcome email
  • Welcome email for your first delivery
  • Welcome back emails
  • Welcome to VIP list email
  • The content upgrade welcome email

Now let's see some welcome emails of popular companies, after that you can choose the best welcome emails that are suited for you and your business.

Here is why Amazon has one of the best welcome emails

"Welcome to your first Amazon delivery"

best welcome emails, amazons welcome email

This email welcomes the users to their first delivery which is a less usual type of welcome email.

The design: We see two parts, a starting one and the essential one containing all the data required by the client to follow their request, oversee it, and download the application.

The general structure is adjusted and the target of each picture is clear.

The provided email gives a review of the methodology to be experienced by the subscriber, covering every single significant part of this.

The content: The great thing about Amazon, is that they use short headlines next to every image, describing what the objective is, it is followed by short descriptions that don't give any more details than needed.

Think with Google:

best welcome email, thing with google

The welcome emails that Think with Google sends to their clients start with a unique future that gives their clients two options to choose from.

The first option shows their clients what insights are offered on the website, that pretty much invites them to " dive in". The interesting part is that " dive in " actually appears in the subject line.

The second option is split into two parts. First part repeats their first option, but the second part gives them a chance to explore Google's best practices.

The design: because the design is color blocked, it makes their client's eyes attracted to the first option of the email. Action always takes places where the color is.

The content: because the first option takes part in the second one, chances that they test the CTR of around image over a round-cornered button are increased. Even with the first option being repeated, Google best practices is doing a great job of getting the clients attention with the exclamation mark bubbles.

You just know Google must have one of the best welcome emails.


best welcome emails, welcome email by calendly

If you are one of the people who believe that less is more, then this is one of the best welcome emails options that you can choose.

The content: This kind of email texts are becoming more popular. Some might say, that this an even more "intimate" connection choice. Because this type of email is small on the visual aspect, it's very simple to read. In their emails, you have no distractions, only their link, the guide that gets you started and the support link.


Itcher has an amusing example because they used to have a slim Welcome email, but they have changed it to a more fat one. To be more precise, back in 2015 they have sent their new user's welcome emails with nothing more than a picture that had two pages of the app versions, and a welcome email with a CTA button.

However, in 2017 they have changed their logo a little bit.

The design and content:

The previous one: The only thing that it had was a picture of two smartphones and s subscription button.

The present one: New users usually drown into itchers mind when they look at the Itcher recommendations button. When you click there are three clear options.

  1. The most amusing of all three background image that is gradient. Their main goal is to make the new users get hooked with the platform, as soon as they are welcomed. Users can instantly click the "Rate now button" or the "Get started button".
  2. The second option is based on the user. You can personalize your name and when you do you get a little "thank you" message. This option talks more about what the user can do on their platform. There is a second CTA button that takes the user to the same page as the "Rate now " button.
  3. In the third option, there are two paths, one leads to Google play and the other leads to App stores. This gives them a chance to instantly download the app.

5. BuzzFeed

best welcome emails, buzzfeed welcome email

When you sing up on BuzzFeed you get a free gift guide, it's a scroll-friendly newsletter.

The email contains welcoming guides, seven gift proposals, referral link, best articles and a list where you can see more from BuzzFeed.

The design: It contains one column designed to be wide as the image, this is a very succinct way to show different items. Because it's not that wide, it is a good way to make the email easier to read.

The content: Even if it's a little long email that you get when signing up, because of it's gifting it's a good idea to be that way.


The way that IFTTT adjusts to the brand's character and it fits smoothly to the newsletter on a block style, is just perfect for it to be one of the best welcome emails.

The design: There are three options and you can play exchanging colors.

This smooth design that suggests that the brand's personality is positive and that it's easy to use.

When you have a bad welcoming email, don't think people will click on the CTA button.

The content: In the first part is just an ad card while welcoming new subscribers it describers their offerings in one sentence.

In the second part of the email, show new subscribers the potential they have to use.

In the third part of the email, subscribers can see part of the fun on the website, with a link that makes them click instantly.

The last part of the email, has very little design, from there people can visit their blog, support or the settings tab.

7. GoToMeeting

If you are a fan of GIFs, then this is the best welcome email type for you.

In GoToMeeting's welcome email you can see a GIF that is animated and it contains a short text.

The design: Nobody can say that color isn't important when it comes to the identity of a brand. GoToMeeting brought the orange color in color contrast, this is a smart way to approach new subscribers.

The Content: The content is divided into five parts, the subject is title sized and the CTA button just keeps repeating. Their CTA button can be noticed six times in the welcome email.

8. Dropbox

best welcome emails

Dropbox has its welcome email made like a letter.

The design: Dropbox doesn't have any subsection in their welcome email, that makes them pretty different than many other welcoming emails. That's one of the things that makes Dropbox have one of the best welcome emails on this list.

The content: If we follow the welcoming line, we can see that Dropbox choose the feature of their web page but also tries to show their new web page form.

While we read the newsletter, many links are inviting subscribers to go their account and navigate the site more.

There are many links in various places, that means there are more levels of users engagement, it depends where they clicked on the link.

There is a bullet point list, that shows the benefits and provides subscribers with more details.

9. Reboot with Joe

best welcome emails, reboot with joe welcome email

This is a blog that shows people how to make their own natural juices and they also give health advice.

The first email shows the new subscribers a pleasant welcome that has an image of the contributors.
The design: They allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to use their photo if they want to. By doing this, they are getting more personal, direct and build loyalty with their new subscribers. This really helps the business benefit, it's always more comfortable that you can see the person who sends you emails.

The content: Talking about the content, it is fascinating how they share information with such a strategy because the information is shown in reverse order of importance. Which means, their welcome emails is started with a " Thank you " message and you are notified about email repetition.

After that you can see Joe's brief CV, then there is a private policy, links to their social media and a recipe that is a privilege to the subscribers.

10. Stencil

Stencil can be used as an online design tool and it has a fair and smooth design. Because it's just so smooth and fair is exactly why it's one of the best welcome emails.

The design: In this welcome email there are two essential parts and a small icon structure in both.

The content: They welcome new subscribers to their universe of uncomplicated design and they introduce them with their multi-browser options, they are focused on these two things only in their email. They completed it by adding a link to creating images and browser expansions.

11. iHerb

Their goal is to welcome you with their email, but it's not the main goal for sure.

The design: There is the iHerb logo that is in the header, followed by a welcome message, even if it's quite big, it's not the main goal of their welcome email. Because it takes so much space it wants to show their loyalty to their subscribers and that they have a reward program too. That's their main goal of the welcome email.

The content: Most importantly, they highlighted the benefits that could comprehend their services from the competitors, that's the main goal.

They mention their simple options for signing in and it is true, subscribers can sing in right away.

12. Lifesum

Lifesum is a company that helps users with a health record of their daily lives when they write down their health habits.

The design: Their welcome is really good looking, because there are so many colors and because it's so encouraging. Obviously, there are two main parts here, their email design is so bright that you will probably just want to scroll down quickly to see the rest of their designs.

The content: In the first part shows us many different heal and nutritious foods that directly welcome the subscriber. In the second and first part of the welcome email, they are letting you know you should start using their healthy app right now.

You can track your meals, you can plan your meals, this is a really good welcome email design. It can come in one of the best welcome emails here!


This is our list of some of the best welcome emails. We hope that you got all the information that you needed about welcoming emails. We also hope that you have learned how important it is for you to make a really good welcoming email. Because if you don't " welcome " your new users in the right way, that can have a bad influence on your business. So be sure to make the best welcome emails that you can. Welcome emails can be considered as a part of email marketing. You haven't heard of email marketing? Well, you should learn more about it, it can really help your business get the results that you want. Lucky for you, there is this great website called, Emailverify. They offer you these great articles on why you should start email marketing, tips and tricks for email marketing and mistakes to avoid in email marketing! The best part is that they are all very informative and completely free!

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