Cold Email Template for Potential Clients: 418% Response rate!

November 12, 2019

Potential clients are the main prospects you’ll be dealing in any outreach campaign you run. That’s why having an email template ready for this is crucial. Our cold email template for potential clients offers a fresh way to establish a connection with any prospect and start off with the right foot.

The use of this template is highly dependent on the personalization you can add to it. This has to be based on the research done on the prospect and your own personal touch, after all, you’ll be running the campaign. This is a great first step to take, or well send, to any potential client to let them know how professional and interested you really are.

Cold Email Template for Potential Clients

Remember that personalization is much more than just adding your recipient’s name using an email marketing client. It’s about creating a connection through which your prospects can relate to you and your brand. You can always make sure you’re using the proper language to address the interests of your recipients by checking our article about the language of progress. That along with the template we have ready for you will do wonders for your outreach campaigns.

The cold email template for potential clients.

Instead of giving you a rundown of what to expect let’s just present the actual template at once.

“Hello {First Name of the Recipient}!
We selected {Company Name of the Recipient} as our weekly winner for the "Website review and analysis of B2B services"
In essence, every week we choose one lucky website and we go through all the things that we could improve in order to help you guys grow.
We usually do it with brainstorming session with 2-3 people from our team (I've attached the photo of our meeting below).
{Name of a Member of Your Team} from our team also took some more notes about all the ideas we had so if you’re free sometimes next week I’d love to have a chat with you!
Have a lovely day!
{Your Name and Signature}”

A word of caution.

Many templates you come across in the internet are used by lots of people. If you really want your cold emails to stand out and create attention you need to add personalization to the mix. For that, you will need to change this cold email template for potential clients, and make it something more relatable to your brand and persona.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of image you’re using in your outreach emails. Images can make a great difference when it comes to cold emails. More on this can be found in our article about the importance of using images with outreach emails.

Before making any changes make sure that you understand each part of the template and learn why each works. This is to avoid losing the edge of this template against any other your competition may be using. As you may see our template is designed for B2B outreach, but this can be adapted for other potential clients.

Who is this email template for?

Basically, this template offers a great way to begin a relationship with a potential customer. Therefore, it can be used by just about any business that has an interest in outreach email campaigns.

Our cold email template for potential customers allows the opportunity to deliver value to your recipients. You can even customized and change for different businesses and clients. The options are limitless when it comes to personalizing and adapting our cold email template.

The main take away on our cold email template for potential clients.

As always, the main focus of any outreach effort should be to establish a connection with your recipients. This can be done by using our template as a basis for your own. In our template we used the option of offering a way for the customer to grow its own business or company, you can opt to change this approach, so long as you understand that this email template is about personalization and providing potential clients with value.

Remember that a good outreach practice starts from learning as much as you can about your prospects. That along with our cold email template for potential clients and your conversion rate will go through the roof in no time at all.

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