Tips and Tricks for Enhancing your Email Marketing Campaign in 2022

July 12, 2019
tips and tricks for enhancing your email marketing campaign

As you might imagine, email marketing is the best way to generate leads and conduct marketing. Every business, or nearly everyone, today takes advantage of an email address that not only receives pertinent information, but also that same address can often be used for marketing campaigns.

Since running an email marketing campaign isn’t an easy task, you most certainly have ran into 1 or 2 issues so far. Here, we have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks to help you maintain an always good email campaign.

From sending emails and getting no replies to having those emails deleted or never opened. There are a lot of possible problems that could cause this from deficient calls to action and bad content.

The goods news is that we will be covering most of the root causes for any issues you might have experienced so far. From quick tricks that you can apply to enhance your campaign’s performance to useful tips to always keep in mind.

Build your subscriber list.

Most people think that is better to keep on growing that email list until you literally can’t add a single one more. This is wrong, of course the ideal case is that you’re able to handle every address. However, life is often far from ideal, while the idea is not to settle for a certain number you also have to keep in mind that getting more subscripts should come naturally.

A good option for this is to always have a sign-up feature or form on your website. This list has to be organic and easy to understand for your potential users. Also, do clean your subscribers list every now and then. A long list of bad addresses is a sure way to harm your campaign. If you need a reliable service to help you identify which addresses are bad ones, then please consider

Keep your options open, use social media, offers and giveaways. Be creative when it comes to attract more wanted attention from your target clients. Ideally you should grow your email list and at the same time make sure that every address in that list deserves to be in it.

Understand your subscribers.

Every person is different, yes, however when it comes to marketing and social topics people tend to have a common ground. It’s your job to find said common ground and keep every person subscribed to your email list engaged and interested in your content.

If you’re in need of more information about your subscribers preferences and topics of interest there are ways to get more information. From tracking what webpages they visit to what emails they open and more. The more information you can get about them the better your understanding you’ll have about their likes. Additional information like geolocation, age, gender and job can also be really helpful.

Use all the information at your disposal to group your subscribers based on their preferences. Target each group with different and personalized emails to make sure their engagement is always on your emails.

Add a personal touch.

You can, and should, always add more of your own touch to every email to write and every webpage you manage. In the end what makes your public keep coming back to you is yourself and how you present information. Use smart tags along with the From field to make sure that every email feels more organic and real.

This, of course, means that every mail you send has to be relevant, not just to fill a quote. Target every group of your email list with different content and presentations tome make sure you can always count on their attention.

Do not spam.

This cannot be overly stressed. Spam is not only the worst thing you can do to your subscribers. Is also one sure way to getting you blocked from one or many servers, this of course when running an email marketing campaign can be fatal. Use a proper format and writing technique to stay clear from any spam traps.

Keep both eyes open in case anyone on your list reports your email as spam, and in this case act at once. A good response would be to remove that address from your email list, other course of action could be to try and reach that person directly to see what the problem is. Also, make sure to send emails using a schedule, sending lots of emails will most likely get you reported as spam more than once.

Have a crisp layout.

Few things are as pleasant as reading a clean, accurate and properly written email. This of course goes for any form of information delivery system. Use a simple and well-designed color scheme along with a fond that goes with the feel you want your emails to project. For more insight you can also:

  • Make use of short paragraphs with the right choice of keywords and statements to stay relevant for your readers.
  • Ease the reading and presentation of information by incorporating bullet points.
  • Use pictures that stand out but are also about the topic of discussion in the email. Don’t over do it with this one, one or two pictures are enough.
  • White space is a great way to create a clean and organized layout for your email. Make sure to use only relevant information and avoid cluttering too many words in one paragraph. This helps the reader stay focus on the information.

Include interesting links.

Email marketing is all about providing short but useful information about a topic. For more information you should always have one or two links ready for your readers. Ultimately this is what you want out of your emails, to increase traffic in a webpage or get them to buy a product. The email is the invitation, and if the call to action proves to be effective, then the link is the key to their action.

Use visually pleasant and well-defined buttons as links along with text to make your readers use your links. Good calls to action also make good links, “Get more info now!” and others like that are great examples. Do keep in mind that the calls to action should be short precise and clear.

Don’t make unsubscribing hard.

Naturally you might think that keeping an email on your list is in your best interest. However, this isn’t always the case, if that person doesn’t want to keep receiving your emails is best to avoid the spam folder and give them an easy way out.

For one this, you can include an unsubscribe link in most of your emails. Also, do make sure that the process to unsubscribe is easy and fast. Use confirmation messages and confirmations to avoid any misunderstandings.

Consider the mobile device.

In today’s world most of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. To be more specific 70% of the internet traffic, added the fact that over 66% of emails are opened using a mobile device.

Considering this, having emails that are optimized for mobile devices can only aid your email marketing campaign. This means making sure that all aspect of your email’s layout is perfectly displayed in any mobile device. From the perfect fit of your subject lines to images and such.

Test. Re-test and test it again.

This is especially useful if you’re planning on spending a good portion of money and time in your campaign. Make sure that what you’re doing, and the way you’re doing it, works for you and your subscribers.

This means making sure that every email you send is exactly the way you intended it to be. Try out different platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others to see how your emails look on each one. Also, do the same for different web-browsers, make sure that all your links work properly and redirect to the desired page. Apply smart tags and make sure to deliver to the right recipient.

Use A/B testing, otherwise known as split testing. This allows you to experiment the responses to different changes. From different subject lines and designs to calls to action and other features. This of course generates a statistic on the performance of each group. Also, try different times and days to send emails, people respond different to email in weekends that they normally do in week days.

Monitor your data.

Use a good and efficient marketing client to get an accurate and deep analysis about your campaign’s metrics. Keep a close eye on every metric and get the most out of every bit of information you get. This will provide insight on why your emails bounce, stay un-delivered and the best time of the day to send emails.

This data is key to the success of your email marketing campaign, paying attention to all metrics can only be beneficial to you in the long run. Use them to adapt a better strategic to confront the actual market. Since this is not an ideal case, you’ll likely have to deal with issues and be flexible with the approach your campaign takes. Now you know just how crucial is the information you get from your subscribers and clients.

Content is still king.

This is not about sending emails just to fill a quote, this is about delivering useful information the best way possible. This means having good, clear and accurate content available for your audience. A poorly written email with inaccurate information will surely end up in the trash or spam folder.

This applies to every email you send, from notifications to promotions and other information. What is written will always be as important as how is presented. Even today what Bill Gates said “Content is King” is still as present as ever.

Have a dedicated landing page.

A good landing page will make your possible subscribers more engaged. Make sure to add the following elements to your landing page.

  • Use a strong headline to make sure you have your reader’s attention.
  • Use sub headlines that support the main topic displayed on your main headline.
  • Take advantage of using media such as pictures and videos to make your landing page more effective.
  • Put a section of social prof, customer testimonials, reviews and such. This reflect confidence in your business.
  • Use a compelling and clear call to action to make sure to turn subscribers into customers.

Remember that your landing page is supposed to be in sync with your email’s topics. Stay on topic and focused, cohesion between ideas and messages is very important in this aspect. A good landing page should be concise, simple, clear and on point with a specific offer for anyone visiting it.

Your campaign, your success.

A high level of success depends on the performance of your marketing campaigns. For this reason, is better to know all tips and tricks for your email marketing to reach the best possible performance. Be unique, innovative and add your personal touch to your campaigns, this of course following our recommendations.

The best email marketing campaigns come from good planning, execution and analysis of the target audience. With the tips presented here most, if not all, campaigns will drastically improve their performance. Remember the core of your campaign is your content and by taking care of it along with how It’s presented, your email marketing campaign will yield the best possible results.

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