How Personalized Cold Emails Can Streamline Your Recruitment Strategy

September 19, 2019

Streamlining your outreach process to be personalized and efficient is not an easy task. It’s often one that takes time and experience. However, your efforts are only limited by you, experience can be found in a myriad of ways. One of such ways is by tapping into the knowledge from others. Such as getting tips from successful friends or getting those tips from a good article, like this one. Stick around to find out how personalized cold emails can streamline your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment work can be hard work, no matter where you’re working from. There are multiple stages of any recruitment process and recruiters often have to pay attention to different people in different stages of the process. This does lead to some opportunities being lost due to not being able to pay enough attention, this happens a lot.

Things that tend to be oversighted are initial outreach emails, follow ups, some negotiation emails and business enquiries. Remember that any opportunity not taken by you will be taken by your competition. To avoid this your recruitment process should be as fluid, efficient and personal as possible. The solution for this is fairly simple, automated personalized emails.

How Personalized Cold Emails Can Streamline Your Recruitment Strategy

Now before you jump or anything. We don’t mean just any automated personalized email campaign. We’re referring to the emails that actually do motivate people into getting in touch with you. But also implemented with a system that will allow you to efficiently handle every email and prospect.

How personalized cold emails can streamline your recruitment strategy.

You can improve your outreach efforts, keeping in touch with every recipient you have while still reaching out to new ones, by using automatization in a smart way. This way you can stop worrying about increasing your workload while expanding your contact list and doing your work.

With automated personalized cold emails, you will be able to focus your energy on talent acquisition. Not to mention other tasks that also produce revenue.

There are many advantages to automatization and personalization of your outreach emails. Implementing this system is fairly easy and once you get used to it, you won’t believe the way you did things before. Allow me to tell you more about the wonders of automated and personalized cold emails.

Get and stay connected without sacrificing too much time.

Looking for new talents and candidates isn’t always easy, especially when you’re also running the recruitment funnel. Maintaining a good relation with prospects that you have already contacted can be a time engulfing task.

So, let automated emails handle the follow-ups and check ins with the prospects that don’t require your immediate attention. You can even let automatization run with the initial contact to a number of prospects. Not to mention the obvious tasks such as scheduling meetings and other setups.

As long as you have a proper service that can handle the delivery of your emails you won’t have to worry over forgetting to send a message. Which reminds me, make sure to be clear on which platforms you use and why, more on this can be found on our article about why you shouldn’t use MailChimp to do outreach. Back on topic, assuring that an email is sent safely and on time will bring you peace of mind, all you’ll have to do is wait for a reply.

Depending on a service to send emails will male them be on time for whenever your prospects need to hear from you. This also makes them feel like they got your undivided attention. Let’s just not forget that content is still king and is still what will make the ultimate difference between success and failure.

Saving your time with automatization can pay off in more ways than one. For example, keeping up with your contact list will ensure that you don’t lose all the effort you placed on creating your network. In addition, this can also help you to warm up cold leads by opening casual conversations via email.

Screen potential candidates by email.

If you’ve ever had to interview people for a position you know how tiring it can be. You’ll likely spend about half an hour figuring out if the person is right for the job. Having to interview lots and lots of people this way means a lot of time is placed solely on this. Not to mention having to be prepared to answer any enquiry about the company, on the spot and with no help.

Automated and personalized cold emails can also help you avoid this. You can take full control of the screening process remotely via email. This way you can handle the initial questions, links to reference materials and online tests. This will drastically increase the efficiency rate at which you work, saving you time and effort.

Screen potential candidates by email

You can even get creative with the screening process, using personalized emails to request different things from candidates. You can ask them record and send a video of themselves answering a few questions. You can provide links to different online screening tests to supplement your own, and much more.

This approach can be implemented to screen out partnerships and proposal request from other business. Making your process of sorting out who gets to do business with you more effective and functional.

Again, this is just one the perks of automated personalized cold emails. When it comes to handling your time and effort you need to know which candidates are worth your time and which aren’t.

Get to know potential candidates before committing to an interview.

The initial screening of candidates can be done fairly quickly using the strategy mentioned above. The question yet remains, do I want to place all that effort on all of my prospects?

As mentioned whenever personalization is spoken of, you want to do all your research about prospects. This all starts even before the screening process, by making sure that the email addresses you have are valid.

On this note we can confidently recommend the best email verification service available in the market today. VerifyBee can accurately verify all the email addresses you provide with 99% of precision. They will protect you from spam traps and inexistent addresses.

After going through the screening process, you want to take every opportunity you get to learn more about your prospects. Use automated emails that appear tailor made for them, add images dynamic tags and every tool at your disposal. In fact, more about this can be learned in our article about using personalization to crush your sales targets.

Any automation platform, that accommodates to your outreach needs, can prove to be a valuable asset at your disposal. Reducing the amount of wasted time and energy from handling all the prospects that do pass the initial screening. Automatization also allows you to schedule meetings and follow-ups at the time that it’s better suited for you and your recipient.

Done correctly the setup time for a meeting is minimal and the pay off is really big. Don’t be shy to personalize your automated emails. Add questionnaires, short quizzes and much more that can help you get to know more about your leads.

Once you get the lead, keep it.

The process of onboarding can be very time consuming and expensive, sometimes overwhelming. It’s very important to properly support new recruits while at the same time trying to preserve your company’s resources.

Combining your company’s standard induction training with your personal touch can provide great results for the onboarding experience, after all sometimes all it takes it’s a bit of human interaction to make the process run smoother.

However, these are not the only benefits for recruiters. Anyone in that line of work knows the large piles of paperwork required whenever an onboarding process is taking place. Imagine not having to send all those documents manually, but actually automatizing your system to do so, sound better right?

Again, this is all so you can save time and effort in order to provide a better training experience. The approach used here is sure practical but it’s also one that focuses on the amount of personal input you can provide. All that saved time has to be put to good use.

Having personalized automated emails handle the process will also make it less frictional and will reduce churn rates. Less wasted work on exiting employees and re-interviewing past candidates is equal to better performance over time. Not to mention less money spent on training replacements for existing personnel.

Work smarter, not harder.

writing on a paper work smarter not harder

By today’s standards, your every day is busy enough. Working harder doesn’t pay off if what you’re doing is just working for the sake of doing so. When it comes to your leads and gaining potential customer what you really want to do is work smarter.

Using automated email services that allow personalization can give you more control over the whole outreach process and its outcome. Tracking each stage of all of your candidate’s progress is really easy as well, but, most importantly. It never stops feeling efficient and personal.

That’s what people want. When you’re seeking a new potential customer or employee, you want to get their attention. They will be much more inclined to give theirs if they think you’re giving them yours. In the end, people want to connect with more than just machines, even when seeking a new job.

Take advantage of our strategy to make your efforts more efficient and optimize your outreach. You will get higher open rates and better data collected from sources and leads. In addition to all that, the engagement with your company will be high and with less time invested on this.

When you’re running short on people you can rely on for your projects, its time to automatize all that can be. This way you save time and you make sure your work counts. With this your productivity, and that of your team, rises and your goals can be achieved with ease. Focusing on the important objectives and relying on automatization will result on less pressure from your workload.

Conclusions on how to personalize cold emails can streamline your recruitment strategy.

Technology in this era is advancing at an alarming rate, one that likely has no intention to slow down. Given that this is so, you need to quickly adapt and use every tool at your disposal. Including automatized emails for your personalized outreach emails.

Using personalization to reach out to your prospects is a great strategy, but an even better one paired with automatization. As seen above you can use this strategy to:

  • Save time and effort.
  • Screen potential candidates.
  • Deciding which prospects are worthy of being interviewed.
  • Maintain relationships with existing prospects that have entered your recruitment process.

In addition to all the points mentioned, automatization allows for an even wider prospect base. It can optimize your emails for higher open rates, get more data from your prospects directly and generate more engagement.

However, the most important part might be that you can reclaim your time and make sure that most, if not all, of your work counts for something. Creating a way to easily manage all your outreach efforts and the replies you get from existing prospects, all done swiftly.

More on why personalization holds the key to your outreach success can be found in our article. Never forget to meet the standards on your personalized emails, you have to make the recipient believe that they’re getting your full and undivided attention.

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