SEO Email Templates That Actually Receive Responses

June 15, 2020

Writing an e-mail your person of interest will actually act upon is not easy. Hence, we bring you 3 effective SEO email templates that will get you a response.

seo email templates

When you search for SEO email in Google, the most common FAQs you’ll find include ‘How do I stop SEO emails?’, ‘How do I get rid of SEO spam?’ etc. Yes, if you don’t do it right, your clients are likely to feel annoyed.

However, the potential impact of SEO and email combined can not be underestimated. The connection there is very strong. And by the end of this article, you will not only find SEO email templates that are actually effective but also understand how good SEO email templates can impact your SEO ranking in a positive way.

Before we talk about the right way to send an SEO email, let’s have a look at what it really means.

What is SEO Email?

SEO emails are often sent to people for a variety of purposes. In the SEO arena, you send an email to someone of importance to get backlinks, expand your client base, or explore new business opportunities.

You will also find yourself sending these emails to people you don’t have an existing relationship with. So, neither of you essentially know each other. These emails are also called cold emails. And sometimes, they are the only way through which you can reach out to people of interest in the SEO industry.

Guide to Writing Effective SEO Emails

Crafting an SEO email that your clients will actually respond to will definitely take a lot more time copy-pasting generic spam. However, it is actually easy to craft an email if you know how the format.

Before we jump to SEO email templates, you might want to look at some of the guidelines below.

Make Your Email Personal

When you make your email personal, it shows your client that you care about them and want to get to know them better. This tactic increases the chances of response as well as the response rate by two folds. A few good ways to personalize emails are:

  • Use your client’s first name
  • Congratulate them on their recent publications or research
  • Do your research and bring them information about their business
  • Talk about common interests

This approach makes them feel like you’ve done your homework and are really interested in getting to know them.

Be contentful

The length of your emails can either be short and friendly that cut to the chase, or long and relevant with personalized descriptions.

Now, these long emails tend to get more responses than short emails. However, writing long and personalized emails can be time-consuming.

However, no matter which one you choose, keep in the mind the following:

  • Don’t be too pushy
  • Do not copy-paste too much stuff. This decreases the chances of getting a response
  • Keep the tone friendly and appreciative
  • Don’t try to ‘market’ yourself - establish a connection first

Make it About Them

As said earlier, don’t try to market yourself. Instead, focus on your client. Add value for them. Address what their goals and needs and how you can help them achieve those.

That’s how you differentiate yourself from spam emails. Spam emails don’t pay much attention to the needs of the recipients. They just send a cliched email to everyone. And that is why they seldom receive responses.

Make Sure You Follow Up

A follow-up e-mail is an e-mail or a number of e-mails you send in reply to the action of your subscribers. Not getting any response after a particular exchange may make you want to give up, but this is where most of us are wrong.

A study by Iko System saw an 18% response rate to the first email they sent, whereas the sixth email they sent in the sequence received a massive 27% response rate. In fact, the 4th follow up has a chance of a 13% response.

response rate from a follow up email

This is why follow-up emails are so crucial, and often times, they can make or break your relationship with subscribers.

While sending follow-up emails after no reply from your person of interest, remember not to remind them or mention that they did not respond to you. Just add new information that might be more valuable, something that will enable the two of you to have a conversation.

Also, don’t send consecutive follow-up emails. Have some intervals and try different hours of the day. You don’t want to come off as annoying.

SEO Email Templates That Actually Work

Before we show you different SEO templates, remember not to use one template time and again. That would make your approach very unidirectional. So, use the templates we showed as guidelines for your structure. When you go through these templates, look at the structure and things you can include. Then, write something for your specific audience.

The following SEO email templates can be a good place to start for different templates.

SEO Email Templates for Establishing Connection

Template - 1

Subject Line: Merging work interests

Here’s the email body:

Hello *insert recipient’s first name*,

Our bots have alerted us that someone from your team visited our page. Please note that every visitor is equally valuable for us which is why we decided to have a look at what you’re working on. And there’s no other way to say it, so I’ll let the picture speak for itself:

*Insert an image of their work as well as yours to show the relevance*

So, you get the point. We absolutely love your work! I’d also like to get in touch with you so we can discuss how we can help each other.

*Insert relevant and common interests*

Please let me know the two best times when you’re available.


*Insert your first name*

Template - 2

Subject Line:  Your feature on my blog post

Email Body:

Hi *insert first name*,

I’ve been closely following all that you’ve been doing with *insert company name* over the past few years. Suffice it to say that I’m a fan.

Today, I’m reaching out to work on a new piece that’s focused on *insert the topic of your blog post* and I would really love to hear your take on it. I’ll post the article on my blog and it has *insert number of readers/followers* followers. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a quick note to include in my piece.

Here are some of the questions. I’m looking forward to getting the answers from you so that I can include them in my blog post.

*Ask relevant questions that will open the door for them to showcase their skills and expertise. Additionally, ask them if there are challenges they faced in this segment and how they plan on overcoming it*


*Insert your first name*

[Your Name]

Now, remember NOT to put promotional links or pitches or ask if they’re hiring. This is THEIR stage. Be patient and make it about them. Show your worth by providing them value.

SEO Email Templates for Guest Posts

A guest post is one of the most powerful ways to get backlinks for SEO. At first, find an appropriate target for guest posting. Then, send them an email.

The purpose here is to start a conversation with the site owner about you writing a guest post for their website. That way, you can earn yourself a high-quality backlink.

To know more about how link exchange works, you can read this article.

Here’s how you write it.


Subject: Your post on *insert name of their post*

Email body:

Hey there *insert first name*,

I saw your website *insert name of the website* very recently and I just wanted you to know that I love what you’re doing. I really hope you keep up the good work. Your last post about *insert post name* was very insightful and it helped me with *mention how it helped you*.

I’m also a writer in the *mention your niche* sector and I wanted to reach out to you about some ideas I have for my next blog post. It’s about *mention topic* and I think your readers can get a ton of value from this read. Based on your content, here are some ideas I have: *topic idea 1* *topic idea 2* *topic idea 3*.

You can also check out some of my work here so that you rest assured about my area of knowledge and expertise *URL 1* *URL 2* *URL 3*. If you have any other ideas that you think will match my niche, please feel free to let me know! I’d love to be featured on *mention their website*.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!


*insert name*

This simple guest post email template will definitely land you a number of guest posts and give you a good insight on how to ask for backlinks. It’s a proven strategy.

To know more about backlinks, you can read this article on backlinks and why they’re still important in 2020.

SEO Email Templates for Broken Link Outreach

Another way of earning free backlinks is by finding broken links and notifying the site owner that you have an article that would prove to be a good replacement.

To know more about broken links and finding them on Wikipedia, you may want to read this article here.

Here’s the template:

Subject: Broken Link on *insert name of the article* on *insert site name*

Hi *first name*,

I was checking out your article about *insert article name* and noticed that your link to *insert site name* isn’t quite working anymore.

*insert URL*

You can find the link here *insert location of the link on their page*. If you’d like, I think this article on *insert your site name* would be a great replacement because *insert reasons*. Your readers will earn a lot of value from it *insert article URL*. I just thought I should let you know. Keep up the great work!


*Your name*

This would be nice, short, and concise. Enjoy your free backlinks!

Final Words

The SEO email templates we’ve provided here are proven to work. So, we really hope you try them out to the best of your requirements. At the same time, remember to be bold and original while proving your point. Best of luck!

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