Moosend Integration

1. Log into your account with your VerifyBee user name and password
erify Bee Log In
2. Connect Your Integration
Select the Connect Integration Button
3. Select moosend
4. You will enter Your API Key from moosend here and click Submit. Go to the next step to Find your API Key in moosend
5. Finding Your Moosend API Key
Go to
Log in with your moosend user name and password
6. In the upper right corner click the drop down menu the 3rd choice is your API Key select this
7. You will copy your API Key from here and insert in the API spot at VerifyBee
8. Select Your List(s)
 Select the list or lists you'd like to import for verification
9. Get Your Results
See your results as a whole and you can see the results by category below the total results...