11 Email List Building Strategies You Should Know In 2022

July 16, 2021
email list building strategies
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Despite popular belief, email marketing isn’t dead yet. Research says that it only trails social media and SEO by a little margin in terms of effectiveness, while it outperforms every other lead source by a substantial margin.

In other words, email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to get quality leads.

In this article, we’re offering you 11 proven email list-building strategies that can help you increase revenue, bring people back to your website, and market products efficiently.

Why You Should Build Your Own Email List

Though Email marketing has been in trend since the 2000s, it is nowhere the same as it was 10 years ago.

Buyers now are more tech-savvy and concerned about data privacy. Over the last few years, personal data have been abused to an extent that marketers have no choice other than to be transparent with the customers.

Buying or renting an e-mail list from a third party with a chunk of money is easier but can put you in a grey ethical area.

The truth is that the data these "brokers" sell may have been authorized to receive emails from a company, but not from yours. The data may be obsolete and hence bounce when you send an email, or it may have been unlawfully scraped from a website and you have no means of verifying any of it.

Now that we have explained why you should try to avoid buying an email list, let’s look at how you can build your own list efficiently.

11 Strategies To Help You Build Email Lists That Convert

Strategies To Increase Opt-Ins

1. Make a discount or a coupon available

When you urge your audience to sign up for your email list in exchange for a discount or voucher, you're effectively making an irresistible offer. This incentivizing method might be a win-win if you sell a product or service and are prepared to lower your price or rate.

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2. Host a giveaway

You can host a giveaway, and offer prizes to one or more winners. You can conduct your contest as long as you like. But do consider whether you’re abiding by the terms and conditions of the platform you're using.

Giveaways can help you collect the email addresses of the participants easily. Remember to choose a reward or giveaway that is linked to your company to not make it sound random. For example, if you are a YouTuber, you could offer a free guideline on basics for a YouTube starter.

Contests and giveaways like these can help you develop your email list quickly. However, be prepared to get several subscribers who aren't really engaged because some people may participate only for the prize and have little interest in your business or blog.

Keep a track of the cold leads and deduct them from your list while running periodic checks.

3. Use free resources as a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a free resource that you give away in exchange for your audience's email address.

You don't necessarily have to use a paid product or service as an opt-in incentive. However, the content you are using as a lead magnet must be relevant and useful to the audience. For example, if you are an SEO expert, you may give away free SEO tips and tricks as your lead magnet and eventually persuade people to buy your courses.

Instead of simply one lead magnet, you may also provide a collection of relevant resources. For example, if you run an organic skincare line, you could bundle an organic skincare guide and a skin type determiner quiz together.

You may ease the experience for your audience and attract more individuals to sign up for newsletters by offering numerous related resources.

4. Upgrade the content by adding tailored CTA (Call-To-Action)

Customers love personalization. Tailored content helps users to find relevant content and get what they want quickly.

People who read your blog post or visit your website are looking for something particular, thus your CTA should cater to their individual needs. Hubspot found in an analysis that personalized CTA works 202% better than default ones.

Templates, spreadsheets, checklists, resource lists, tutorials, quizzes, and ebooks are just a few of the many types of content updates available. The most significant point is to make sure your content upgrade is extremely related to your blog article, actionable, and helpful to your viewers.

For example, you have written an article on ‘how to write a Cover Letter’. You can add helpful actionable CTA, such as “click here to get a free cover letter template” or “click here to rate your Cover letter”.

5. Offer value through online webinars

We have talked about the format and placement of CTAs, but what about making viewers feel invested in your content?

As online meet and greet have become a part of our new normal life, you can rely on webinars other than CTA’s to get clicks.

Hosting a free online webinar can make your opt-in incentives more interactive. Webinars allow you to communicate with your audience, connect to people who want to learn in interactive settings, and even pitch a paid product or service at the conclusion.

Share high-quality info or actionable tips on a specific topic to make your webinar valuable.

By offering free webinar slots in exchange for an email address, you may use this incentive to build your email list. Letting users access a recording of your webinar in exchange for signing up with their email address is also a great way of generating leads.

Strategies To Optimize Landing Pages

Your work doesn’t stop after getting emails from visitors. People will land on your website and register for whatever incentives brought them here through sharing email addresses.

To help people complete the registration process, the landing page needs to have a user-friendly interface.

6. Check the loading speed of the landing page

Check your landing page's loading speed, because according to a study, 53 percent of users will abandon a website if it takes too long to load. Monitor your website's performance statistics regularly. Check for bugs in call-to-action (CTA) buttons and troubleshoot them. Use optimized images on the landing page and make the page mobile responsive.

7. Design a creative landing page

A creative landing page is more effective than a fancy one. You can hire the best designer out there who may not have proper knowledge of your business. The designer can create a fancy landing page but you have to be the one who understands the nerve of the targeted audience.

If possible, keep your forms minimal. As per a general rule, the more fields your form requires, the fewer responses you will receive. Consider asking optional questions and making it easier to select answers.

Creating exit pop-ups that appear when a user tries to leave the page or scroll pop-ups, which appear after the user scrolls a certain percentage down the landing page may be tempting for the user.

8. Make website navigation seamless

Every visitor to your site has a particular requirement, therefore the more landing pages you can design to address each visitor's specific problems, the more sign-ups you'll get. It's similar to a menu at a restaurant. The more particular demographics you can serve, the more users you'll attract.

But users need to be able to jump from one page to another smoothly, with minimal effort. Making navigation between these landing pages seamless will ensure an optimum user experience, and get you more leads.

9. Communicate your value propositions clearly

The prevailing opinion is that your landing page should be brief. The real challenge here is to keep it as short as possible and at the same time communicate the value propositions properly.

In 2021, short videos are trending and you can keep a brief video of your company on the landing page.

You can also showcase a list of downloadable resource offers with a free trial offer. Use a strong, action-oriented headline to deliver a clear value proposition. Such as “Build your app with confidence”.

10. Conduct A/B tests

A/B test is the Litmus test that can help you determine which feature of your landing page is losing visitors. This test can help you with useful information to redesign your landing page for effective email list collection.

Strategies To Refine Your Email Marketing Efforts

11. Pick The Right Email Marketing Tool

Choose an email marketing tool that has features aligning with your business goals. Email marketing tools will create, send, test, optimize and report on your email campaigns.

Mailchimp, Campaigner, Hubspot Email marketing, Sender, and Benchmark Email are some of the popular email marketing tools.

Though most of the tools are automated, your goal should include sending personalized emails. The subscribers must get a feeling that a person is sending this email and not some robot. With personalization, the email must go beyond first names, such as attaching tailored visuals or videos.

Another important feature of email marketing tools is to segment the recipient list. Segmentation allows you to arrange your contact list into groups that you can target individually. It also ensures that proper information is delivered to the right people. In this way, you never go out of context and send out emails without any purpose.

Marketers who use segmented advertising claim to have increased revenue by up to 760 percent.

A great email marketing tool must be able to conduct email performance tests and bring out the stats. Pay special attention to delivery rate (number of emails accepted by recipients’ server), open rate (percentage of people who opened the email), click-through rate (percentage of people who clicked on the offer), and finally conversion rate. Always keep on testing and altering accordingly.

Bonus Strategy: Verify Your Email Lists

To make Email marketing more successful and to maintain your sender reputation, verifying the email addresses is essential.

According to Marketing Week, 60% of consumers offer false information while providing personal information online, and 10% of email addresses entered into checkouts, sign-up forms, and internal systems are invalid.

Confirming the validity of the email addresses in your list can help determine whether or not the email lands in the inbox of the intended recipient.

Apart from avoiding hard bounces, verifying your email list can prevent your emails from being marked as spam or, in the worst-case scenario, your IP address is blacklisted and added to a blacklist.

Both collecting your email addresses and sending out emails cost you money. If you are still wondering why Email list verification is important, then the simple explanation is, you are sending Emails to fewer people with less expense but get more engagement.

You can use a tool like VerifyBee to verify and validate your email lists at an affordable price. VerifyBee also allows you to connect your Mailing list platform, CRM, or even upload through a CSV, making the process fast and smooth.

Final words

There’s no single formula to help you build an email list of 10,000+ leads. But the strategies we’ve compiled in this article hold for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

There’s no shortcut to building a large email list. Whatever approach you’re taking should be efficient, and verifying your email list helps you achieve maximum efficiency.

VerifyBee allows you to bulk verify up to 1,000,000 email addresses, which is, a lot. You also get a quite affordable solution, as its pricing starts at only $19 per month!

Get started for free today and get accurate email lists right away!

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