The Best Email Services To Not Ask for Phone Verification

June 29, 2022

With everything becoming tech-based around us, it only makes sense that we turn to the internet for required services and needs. However, that is also when we truly feel the importance of "Emails."

Today, an email account is the one thing that can help you sign up for any service or platform. It is one of the most prominent ways of communication worldwide. In fact, there were almost 306 emails sent in 2020 alone, and the number only seems to increase, with the predicted number of users being approximately 4.6 billion by the year 2025.


And with that, many email services felt the need to take their security measures up a notch and ask for the user's phone number as an additional two-step verification method. That said, we find it completely understandable if you are more reluctant to share personal information on an account that gets used on almost every other platform.

Nevertheless, finding an email service that offers more and demands less is not that easy, and that is when we come in. So, if you have ever been at unease at sharing your private phone number for email verification or any services, for that matter, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

So, keep reading to learn about the best email services that do not ask for phone number verification,


  • With the number of email account holders increasing every day, email services now rely on different security measures to protect user information and accounts from potential breaches and viruses.
  • However, there are a number of users not pleased with sharing their phone numbers. And for them, we have listed down the best email services available in the market that offer great features while providing the flexibility of deciding whether or not to share your contact data.

The Best Services You Can Choose From

Here, we have listed down the top email service providers (in no particular order or preference) that can help you with your needs without a phone number verification.

Let's start off with, a Germany-based web portal owned by United Internet that does not ask for your personal phone number before signing up. And although there are options to add your phone number, you can always skip the process and select 'without phone number.'

Picture from

With an easy-to-navigate interface, this web-based email service provider ensures that it can provide great features to its users with little to no inconveniences attached. In fact, it only takes about 2 to 3 minutes to create an account. And all you need to do is fill out some basic questions like your name, personalized email address, password, and a few social security questions.


  • When it comes to pros, at signing up, you get 65 GB of free email storage, a free Official suite, webmail, free iOS, free Android apps, and much more right off the bat.
  • Not just that, you can add up to 10 email accounts and use those accounts as a backup or even authenticate your current accounts. And all of these accounts will be compatible on multiple devices, including smartphones and desktops.
  • At, there are around 200 unique domain names to help you create your unique email address.
  • And on top of providing 2 GB of free online storage, you get a two-factor authentication service and spam protection to help you store your files securely.


  • Now, although you can skip adding your mobile number, you will need a secondary email account to verify your actions.
  • You can only attach files up to 30 MB with a free version.
  • And although they offer free storage options, the amount of storage area provided is not enough and will fill out very soon if you are a regular user.
  • Moreover, if you are using a free version, you will have to endure ads unless you are willing to pay for a premium package.


Even if you have never had a personal email account, chances are you have heard of this email service provider. Gmail is easily one of the top dogs in the industry, and for a good reason. It not only offers its users a service that is both secure and reliable, but it also provides great storage space, up to 15 GB store mail and files.

Picture from Gmail

And while you may be the unknown about this, Gmail does allow its users to skip phone number verification. However, you will have to incorporate a backup account; in any case, you need to restore the profile in the making.


  • Gmail is one of the most popular email services that offer 99.9% spam control, making it a perfect fit for those both official and personal use.
  • It has a simple interface that allows users to navigate throughout the platform with ease and manage their files.
  • And it offers a secure platform with a 2-factor authentication process.
  • It also allows you to export files and contacts from other email services such as Yahoo and Outlook.
  • On top of offering a 15 GB free of charge space, it allows you to attach files up to 25 MB with each mail, making it a more convenient option to send files in bulk.
  • Moreover, the service encompasses calendars, financial advice, video chats, web photo hosting, and much more.


  • Although you can share files from other email services, there is a lack of domain name availability.
  • It features labels instead of folders and cannot organize files according to size.
  • And once you delete files or emails permanently, you will not be able to recover them.
  • Moreover, it does not have any incorporation with FaceBook and has targeted ads.
  • Lastly, it will be a hassle to recover mail accounts if you forget the password to your backup account as well.

GMX Mail

GMX or Global Mail Exchange is another German-based free email service that does not make it compulsory for its users to add phone numbers. Instead, they give them the flexibility to make their decisions regarding whether they want to incorporate contact numbers or a secondary email address to back up their account.

From GMX Mail

This advertisement-supported email service is available through both IMAP4 and POP3 protocols and webmail. And it strives to provide its consumers with a fast and simple interface.


  • GMX Mail offers its users up to 65 GB of free cloud storage while filtering out each and every mail that you receive for spam control.
  • In order to sign up, all you have to do is fill out some basic information.
  • With this service, you get multiple domain names to choose from and the opportunity to create more than one account.
  • Not just that, it allows you to attach up to 50 MB files for free.


  • While you may not have to attach your phone number, you will have to use another email for authentication purposes.
  • While the free version offers a considerable amount of storage space, it may not be enough for some.
  • Plus, the free version of GMX Mail lacks support for IMAP and POP and contains ads.


If you’re frustrated with the irrelevant and repetitive ads covering your desktop, then Tutanota is a service that you can rely on for great features at a bargain price. It is an open-source service that gets its funding through premium accounts and donations.

Picture from Tutanota

Not just that, this email service offers its users a secure platform without having to give away any personal contact information. And with premium accounts starting at as low as 1 euro per month, it makes the perfect fit for those of you looking for a convenient option for email services.


  • Tutanota offers its users the most secure platform to communicate and store their files with the help of its end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication model.
  • This open-source email service offers a platform free of advertisements with a signup process built to provide users with little to no inconveniences.
  • It allows you to signup for free and is compatible with almost every other platform or device.
  • Moreover, it offers multiple domain names such as,, and much more.
  • On top of that, it supports a No-Logs policy, adding to the already secure network.


  • For starters, you only get 1 GB of storage space which is not enough even if you barely use your email account. And this ultimately means that you will be paying for premium services every month.
  • And although the service offers a promising secure platform, it lacks compatibility with protocols like PGP and IMAP.
  • Moreover, the service does not support an auto-response feature, meaning you will not be able to send an automated mail making Tutonata a less practical approach for marketing strategies.

Yandex Mail

Now, let's talk about this Russia-based web service, Yandex Mail. This email service is another well-secured platform that allows protects users' accounts from potential breaches and viruses.

Picture from Yandex Mail

With this service, you do not need to add an additional email account if you want to skip the phone number verification process. In this case, you can just avoid the box and fill out the necessary data required to open an account.


  • The system not only protects your account against viruses but also syncs all your files and provides a built-in translator.
  • The service also offers up to 10 GB of storage for free, making it a perfect fit for those of you looking for a large account space to keep your files and important emails.
  • And since it does not ask for contact information, you can only open one account at a time.


  • There is a catch when it comes to Yandex Mail. While it may not ask for a personal number at first, if it ever deems your account as spam, then you might be in trouble and may have to provide your contact information in such a case.
  • It also lacks in terms of language interfaces.
  • Moreover, there is no specified format for toolbars, making it difficult for users to compose emails.


ProtonMail is a Switzerland-based email service that focuses mainly on maintaining its user's security and privacy concerns. And with that in mind, they offer a secure platform that does not ask for personal contact data in order to get signed up.

Picture from Proton Mail

Although some complain about the storage space they have to offer, keep in mind that the perks outweigh those inconveniences, like providing a password-protected system for each encrypted email that expires after a certain time. Not to worry, you can customize the time limit according to your convenience.


  • ProtonMail, being one of the most popular services on this list, supports an end-to-end client-side encryption method that protects each mail with a password.
  • It is available on a range of devices and compatible with multiple platforms.


  • While it offers its users a secure platform, the users can only store up to 500 MB until they have to pay for premium services.
  • Plus, there are a few restrictions when it comes to the built-in features for free users, such as only being able to send 150 emails each day, making it a less appropriate option for marketing campaigns.
  • And compared to other email services available in the market, ProtonMail has rather expensive package deals; with no additional features to offer.

Which Email Service Should You Opt for and Why

One of the very first aspects to look for in an email service is whether or not its features outweigh its drawbacks. Because at the end of the day, almost every other service will bring some sort of cons to the table. So, in order to look past that, find out what they have to offer and whether or not those offerings meet your needs and expectations.

So, for instance, if you are less bothered by ads and do not require much space to keep your files, then opt for services such as Contrarily, if you need an email service that offers good storage space for your files and encryption methods to keep them safe from evasion and do not mind paying for a premium service, opt for Tutonata and services as such.

So, which one are you going to opt for and why?

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