6 Email Personalization Stats that Will Make You Rethink Your Outreach Strategy.

November 8, 2019

Whenever you find yourself running an email marketing campaign, for sales or simply outreach. You need to be always vigilant of the value you provide to your recipients and the value they provide back. At first, this doesn’t seem so easy but as time progresses and you gain more experience, you’ll find yourself realizing which recipients can yield great results faster. Below we will be providing 6 email personalization stats that will help you improve your outreach efforts.

6 email personalization stats

This is aimed at you not having to worry about whether you’re doing enough for your recipients or not. Just in case you’re not yet sold on the whole importance of personalization for email outreach, we have 6 statistics that will probably make you change your mind.

The reason why personalized emails get better results.

When it comes to emails, and more particularly to outreach emails, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit more casual than usual. You can either be impersonal and follow a strict rule of language when you write to your recipients. Or you can be more loosen up and try to go for a more personal approach.

The main importance of personalization, aside from the stats we’ll be showing below, is that it makes your emails unique. This is the same as to say that it makes them stand out. Which is good considering the amount of emails the average person receives each day. Just to provide an example for this, the average office worker receives about 121 emails every day. From those, 45% are spam email.

All in all, this is a bit of a let down for every recipient. Personalization can help you, not only by making your email much more likely to be noticed, but by also appearing less like those spam emails. You can learn more about this little point in our article about the reason why emails go to spam in Outlook.

By now, most people in marketing know with certainty that personalization leads to better results. However, only about 19% of marketers are actually implementing personalization into their email campaigns. This means that the personalization game it’s still a good one for you.

As more and more people receive generic emails yours will seem unique and outstanding. So, make the effort and actually try to implement personalization to reach higher standards in your campaigns. If you’re not sold on this yet allow us to show you the way.

6 email personalization stats that will make you rethink your outreach strategy.

1. About 50% of customers say that will use another service if their emails aren’t personalized. (Source: Active Trail Benchmark 2017).

One of the main things that people want, from their subscriptions, is to be appreciated. Of course, you have to provide value to them in order to make them stick around, but you also have to make them feel like they matter.

Some people don’t care about this at all, at least not consciously, but it does make a difference. The biggest and most sincere way to show this is to actually personalize their emails. Just make them feel like real interactions and not just something that you got out of the internet.

Ask relevant questions, address them by their name, make offers that are tailored to what they want to see. Stuff like that can go along way in the end. You can also opt to read our step-by-step guide to email marketing.

2. You’ll get an average increase of 20% in sales when you personalize customer experiences. (Source: Monetate).

Email outreach campaigns should always follow one main reasoning. Your recipients will provide value to you as long as you provide value to them.

You can go through the whole research process and get lots of useful information about your prospects. In the end, you’ll have a way in but you also need a strong way to compel them to follow your calls to action. For that, the best you can do is provide value to them and actually help them see how you can help them solve a particular issue.

All of this is based around personalization of course and it’s the main reason why personalization will net you 20% of the increase in sales.

3. 74% of marketers would agree that targeted personalization does increase customer engagement. (Source: eConsultancy).

The great majority of your customers will prefer to be addressed personally instead of a part of a group. After all, you are sending the email to them personally, or so you want to make them think. All this extra attention will be translated into customer engagement and retention which is fundamental for any business.

This is also a part of providing content based on the taste and interest of each recipient particularly. This is a great way to make your open rate skyrocket as well as your customer engagement and retention. You may also remind yourself why customer retention is crucial for any business.

4. Your open rate will increase by about 41% when you use personalized subject lines. (Source: MarketingSherpa).

Let’s not forget that your subject lines are the first thing that your recipients see. It would be a huge waste to actually personalize the content of an email and not the subject line. You should make use of email marketing clients that allow you to put a tag with the recipient’s name in every subject line. This way you gain their attention and you can automatize the process to a good point.

A good and personalized subject line can do wonders for your open rate and this metric greatly benefits from a good and vibrant subject line that makes your emails stand out. People will tend to assume that the content you’re providing will be of their interest, this is simply by putting their name in the subject line.

5. You’ll get a 27% higher CTR and 11% higher ORs when you personalize promotional emails. (Source: Experian).

Promotional emails are something that every brand must do every now and then. However, they don’t always yield the best results for all the time and effort that it takes to set them up. This can be largely circumvented by implementing personalization in every promotional email.

You can modify the body of the email to make it speak to each recipient’s needs and desires. You want to show them that every offer you have is relevant to them and thus you value their time and attention. Pay attention to their previous inquiries and use that information for the actual pitch of the email.

Now day’s everybody gets promotional emails with lots of different offers. Make your emails stand out and increase your sales metrics using personalization. The worst-case scenario you’ll be giving them an excuse to review your website and the quality of your work.

6. 33% of marketers believe that email personalization will take in a more important role in the future. (Source: Adage).

Consumer are becoming more and more demanding with the quality of the emails they receive every day. Personalization offers a way to increase the current email standard and make it something that people actually want.

Every day more people believe that personalization does hold a major role in the performance of their email campaigns. This is largely true for most cases, the thing is that regardless of how much effort it takes to produce a personalize email, the result is almost always worth it. The fact that you take the time to really address your recipient’s needs and problems show a lot in terms of commitment. This is something that most people do like to see.

After all, if you’re not invested in your brand why should they? Show them that you care using personalization. This way they won’t hesitate when it comes to following your calls to action and providing you with their value as clients.

The main take away from these 6 personalization stats.

Consumers are raising the bar for the emails they get every single day. Soon the typical generic email won’t cut it anymore. You need to use personalization to improve the quality of the emails you send. As you have seen, email personalization can offer a lot of benefits to your email campaigns.

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In the event that you need some more convincing on why personalization can do wonders for you emails campaigns. You can always check out our article about how to use personalization to crush your sales targets.

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