10 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today in 2022

November 1, 2021

Interested in finding out how to get more out of your email marketing and drip campaign?

email campaigns 2022

Here are 10 examples of email drip campaign that we have composed and evaluated in order for you to get quite a bit more by doing a lot less.

The number one objective of an email drip marketing campaign is to draw in the right subscribers, after that, you will need to send very significant emails in order to inspire your subscribers to answer your call to action.

Unfortunately, the “sign up to receive my newsletter” option isn't going to work anymore. Sending emails to your subscribers about headlines that they did not sign up for will not work either.

One of the most crucial ways to appeal to your target audience, when it comes to sustainable email marketing strategy, is to keep a good balance when list building and keeping your subscribers busy.

By launching drip email campaigns you can unify the both needs, user engagement and also making a mailing list AT THE SAME TIME!

What is a drip campaign?

Drip Campaign Faucet Leaking Emails
Drip Campaign Faucet

The definition:

A drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to acquire customers through lead nurture programs,which involves sending marketing information to prospects repeatedly over longer periods of time in order to nurture prospects or leads through the marketing funnel.

Implementing a Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns can be carried out by using marketing automation which can help you construct emails and schedule when they will be sent to your targeted subscriber.

Our marketing automation feature will help you accomplish this campaign type (if you have registered an account with us).

By merging the skill to make a list and send them emails that they subscribed for in the first place, is what makes drip campaigns innovative compared to other types of email marketing tactics.

Therefore, there is a low chance of people unsubscribing and higher chance for new subscribers.

You are stuck? You don't know how to create a successful drip program for your business? - Well, you are in LUCK!

To help spur your imagination and help you come up with your own, we have set up a few distinctive examples of successful drip email campaigns.

What makes drip campaign successful?

Drip campaign monitors

In order to make an effective email drip campaign, you should first find out in where you are lacking:

  • Are you in need of more checkouts?
  • Bring back your one-time visitors?
  • Should you raise commitment among your current subscribers?
  • Should you perhaps target on-board users so that they create their accounts and start using your services?

Believe it or not, all of the above mentioned can be automated with the correct drip campaign!

One of the greatest features that make us stand out is the expanding list of preset drip campaigns. With EmailVerify platform you can deal with any problem that your business might be facing.

The key to making the ideal drip, combine every single bit of knowledge and experience that you built up along the way and modify them properly.

Hence, you will streamline every part of your business-automatically!

Why drip campaigns?

Looking for a way to produce consistent growth and automate hard, important tasks that could potentially provoke mistakes? Drip campaigns are for you!

Drip campaigns by industry

On the off chance you might be pondering "should I set up drip campaigns", the appropriate response is " COMPLETELY!" in the event you are in, please continue reading the paragraph below:

Drip campaigns for Real Estate

Drip campaign real estate

Real estate professionals need uncommon administration and observation abilities, and a group running secondary administrative tasks and scheduling. Remain concentrated and don't get gobbled up by the follow-up calls, viewings, etc. Just as every other repetitive processes, drip campaigns take care of these.

We recommend you have automation ticked on because when your subscribers click a specific link, it will send them additional information. You can sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee as the drip campaigns do all the work for you!

Drip campaigns for the blogging business

Have you ever heard of influencers and bloggers with millions of followers? Interested in how they got to that point? The answer is actually really easy and we believe you know the answer! Yes, with the help of drip campaigns!

Website Re-engagement is one of the best drip campaign examples, which drives users back to your website.

Welcome drip campaigns, yet another email sequence example, is a continues flow of emails which shows your clients around the blog and helps them get acquainted with the actions that can make.

Drip campaigns for the Fashion industry

If you are in Fashion Marketing there are good chances that you have already started using the drip campaigns.

.If you did not, then we urge you to do so as the drip campaigns can be arranged so that it automatically sends out happy birthday emails, carefully crafted surveys, or website re-engagement drip emails, these are only just a few of many that we can offer!

Based on our personal experiences in the world of Fashion Marketing, we have wrote and exciting article on fashion marketing tips.

Drip campaigns for the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

The following as well as many more are promptly accessible as drip campaign templates in your EmailVerify account! Sending weather-based recommendations, cross-sell and up-sell automatically, keeping track and automatically rewarding your most faithful clients.

It is also possible to make your own automation for custom actions!We believe that you will find our how-to guide on successfully using email marketing in the beauty industry very advantageous!

Drip campaigns for Ecommerce

Cart abandonment drip campaigns, VIP customer reward campaigns, repeat purchase reminder drips, up-selling and cross-selling drips. Do we need to go on? I believe that will not be necessary. Right?

If you are an e-shop owner who has not yet set up drip marketing campaigns yet, then believe us when we tell you that you're LOOSING valuable money.

If you want to begin email marketing for free with up to 1 000 unique subscribers, register an account with us now!

10 drip campaign examples to steal today

1. Drip campaign- the 30-day blogging challenge by Sark eMedia

If you are interested in learning new ways on how to write content for your blog all the while keeping in mind your objective, then Sark eMedias 30-day blogging challenge is definitely for you.

Much the same as email marketing, blogging isn't really about making the longest content and driving the most traffic, the most important thing is raising your growth rate so that you can earn money off your blog.

After you register, Sark eMedia is going to send you emails for the next 30 days.

You will be required to write content and develop pages on your blog which would inevitably help you master the hardships that are involved in blogging.

2. Drip campaign - Leah Kalamakis at Freelancing to Freedom project

Known as a great freelance web designer, Leah Kalamkis has set up the Freelancing to Freedom project school in hope of helping other people better understanding freelancing.

Through this online course, she offers paid subscribers access to exclusive content that contains blueprints to her success, which you could pretty much replicate.

3. Drip Campaign - Drift's welcome drip marketing campaign

We should venture once again from the drip campaign thoughts and look further into the parts that make an automated email sequence.

The first thing the subscribers receive after registering to the list, one of the above-mentioned parts, is of course the Welcome email. The welcome email is extremely important as it sets the tone for the rest of the campaign.

On the off chance that it does not resonate with your clients, there is a decent chance that they'll tap the unsubscribe button right then and there!

If you are interested in retaining your subscribers then you'll have to do this right.

4. Drip Campaign- Twelve Days to Trello

In the event that you need your drip campaign emails to create the transformation your anticipation from your clients, at that point you should attempt a progressively forceful deals approach too.

By including the mind-boggling advantages of your products or services, you may persuade your subscribers to give in and become one of your clients.

An intriguing and special way to deal with this strategy was implemented by Trello as of late through its Twelve Days to Trello.

5. Drip campaign- Smiley Cookie's cart abandonment recovery

Drip campaign cart abandonment

Closing a sale with a potential buyer can be difficult, especially if you are running an eCommerce site.

Regardless of whether you abbreviated the business procedure, despite everything it leaves you with (in any event) one more step too many in closing the transaction.

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest risks of eCommerce.

While it is up to you to prevent customers from abandoning their carts, there are just too many reasons as to why people would leave their carts.

One of the best ways to prevent cart abandonment is to send automated emails reminding them to check their shopping cart.

6.Drip Campaign - Becca Cartices free "step-by-step" workshop

Drip campaign step by step

Some how-to or instructional videos require a high level of knowledge by the user. This is why it is very important to keep it as simple as possible on subscribers to keep looking at your content and remaining as engaged as they can.

This drip campaign example is the first of the email arrangement we pursued on Becca's website.

7. Drip Campaign-RyanAir's drip campaign for new offer launches

Mega seat sales are one of the most memorable tactics of RyanAir.

In any case, digital marketers over at RyanAir HQ's don't have to experience a similar procedure every time.

This qualifies as one of the top email drip campaign best practices:

In the following drip email campaigns, subscribers are:

  • Firstly informed of the big seat deal, valid for booking by march 6th,
  • at that point refreshed on the expansion of the deal with no "book by" confinement, and
  • In conclusion, irrefutably the most recent by when the offer will stand.

8. Drip campaign- SkinnyDips website re-engagement drip campaign

All things considered, this arrangement of site re-commitment Drip campaign efforts is perfectly created, and very client situated.

Set up a re-commitment drip campaign to indicate you care about your clits, this is very important! Expand on this opportunity to resuscitate you association with each drop out of your highly engaged members.

One of the most basic drip campaigns to set up is this. Help you subscribers discover their way back to your e-shop and reward then with a nice discount coupon!

9. Drip campaign - SkinnyDips cart abandonment email drip campaign

Drip campaign cart abandonment

Thought we were done with SkinnyDip? No, not yet!

This is yet another cart abandonment drip campaign that you could steal for your company!

As soon as i used my discount code i became involved with work and didn't finish the checkout, i got a nice update email that divided me in consequently to the cart abandonment campaign.

10. Drip Campaign - Qualaroo's onboarding drip campaign

Considering how to utilize drip campaign for onboarding subscribers or website users?

We recommend setting up a pretty straightforward drop campaign to demonstrate the clients what to do next!

There is no need to ponder what effective drip campaign might look like.

Giving your clients a guided demo of the activities you need them to take is highly important!

A positive first experience with your product or service is almost certain to inspire trust in clients, and thus, positive audits and referrals!

Thank you for reading our article on 10 email drip campaign examples to steal today and we hope it helped you!

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