How Chatbots Can Help You Collect Leads for Your Business

July 28, 2019

A chatbot is a great, swift and automated way to establish connections with users and attend to their inquiries. Chatbots can be found almost anywhere and in any industry now days. They’re used from eCommerce and real state to education and even finance. However, the eCommerce business is really the most common place to find a chatbot.

Companies use chatbots to get really good response times to complains and questions. Remember, one of the first things that cause an impression about your company is your response time. Chatbots provide a good and cost-efficient way to increase your response rate and maintain your customers satisfied.

Why business need chatbots?

Amongst the many uses of chatbots there’s what likely brought you to our article, lead generation. Right now, lead generation is not something to be treated like it doesn’t matter, in fact it is considered a necessity for any business. Sure, anyone can look for leads, however not everyone can do it fast and efficiently. When it comes to lead generation, quality is always better than quantity and chatbots can excel at this.

In this year the demand for chatbots to help with customer support in live chat is higher than ever. Let’s face it, this way you can leave all the hard and long hours of customer support to a bot and actually handle the questions and issues that matter. Chatbots are also a good way to actually leave out that annoying we will get back to you shortly message. Having chatbots handling your connections is a good way to prevent the loss of any leads.

Chatbots ae available 24/7 and you can benefit from filtering the leads they collect. With full automatization, chatbots are cost-efficient and effort-saving.

Amongst the benefits of chatbots.

According to statistics from the year 2018 the most common use of chatbots is to provide a quick answer, being used by 37% of users, to get a solution to a problem 35% of users and for a detailed guide and explanation.

Chatbots can actually benefit your business un many different ways, as such we have:

  • Chatbots save money. Having employees doing all the hard work, that chatbots do, can be really expensive. Using chatbots you can save some expense in man hours and actually save money. This is basically saving money by reducing your staff and non-essential personnel.
  • They generates sales. By using the proper chatbot configuration you can actually ensure more sales.
  • Carefree after campaign handlings. Chatbots are a good way to handle a large number of consumer requests. This is especially true for an online marketing campaign.
  • Automated service at all times. With a chatbot your users won’t have to wait hours, or even days, to get an answer. If any issue should require your attention chatbots can offer alternative solutions while you work on fixing the problem.
  • One bot can handle a large number of customers. The advantages of using a chatbot are evident in its efficiency. While normally a person would take some time to handle a large number of requests, chatbots can do it quickly and without problems.
  • Increase your user’s engagement. With chatbots your users won’t get bored waiting for their answer. Keeping the person attended and entertained will increase their engagement with your services.
  • Quick training. Think about how long it takes for a person to learn all it is needed of them at work. Now take into consideration that a chatbot only needs to be configured and trained once. This is another evident advantage.

How to acquire genuine and good leads through chatbots?

All companies would like to get great leads for their business and do se quickly, this is not so simple however. Currently there are many services available to handle this for you, but since we’re talking about chatbots. Here is our recommendation. Botsify.

Botsify, has created and implemented a cool feature in the shape of conversational forms. These forms are able to recognize if the user in question enters the correct phone number, location or email. In addition to this, you’re able to customize questions and get quality leads as a result. Conversational forms provide a great way to automate the communication with your customers and ease the burden on your support team. The chatbots can give a proper and warm welcome to any user in the platform and even ask them a few questions to enhance their experience. This creates engagement and a good sense of attention.

Any chatbot that is properly configured has to feel like talking to a real person. This provides social attention to your customers and makes them more likely to keep using your services. All data can be integrated using relevant labels in your CRM or Google spreadsheet. Other ways to get your information are through email or a CSV export.

Make sure that your chatbots are asking the right questions, they have to be interactive and engaging.

A method to cross check your leads.

A great majority of users enter wrong email addresses and contact numbers whenever asked for their information. This is a big problem for companies in the marketing business. Using the wrong information for an email marketing campaign can lead to a loss of reputation and IP problems. Not only that, the wrong information means wasted effort, time and money. Always make sure that your leads are providing real information.

Once you have collected all your data in, let’s say for instance, your Google spreadsheet now you need to make sure that the data is trustworthy. You can make use of email marketing matrices to keep track of the performance of your campaign. This will tell you the right time to clean your email list.

For this you can use a great email cleaning service, one such as VerifyBee. VerifyBee will take care of any problems with your list in no time at all. It can remove any bad address, spam trap and known spammers from any list. Incidentally it will also search for typos and defunct addresses, to make sure your list is completely verified.

Chatbots certainly provide and edge when it comes to lead generation, one that you now can use to your benefit. Make sure to configure them properly and save time, cost and effort. Whenever you need to get some cleaning done on the addresses collect, by your chatbots, you can turn to VerifyBee.

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