Personalization  Holds the Key to Your Outreach Success

September 14, 2019

Cold emails and outreach campaigns provide an opportunity to expand your business and brand. However, sometimes we see ourselves rejected or ignored more than once. This can be due to different things. The most common factor on this is that your recipients can’t seem to make a connection with your emails. Here is where personalization can play a major role in the success of your outreach campaigns.

Nearly at all times, people talk about subject lines, calls to action and whatnot, as a sort of advice for outreach campaigns. People rarely talk, however, of their personalization efforts. That’s is likely it would involve telling others about themselves and how they make a difference. This is what allows them to get ahead of the competition.

Personalization Holds the Key to Your Outreach Success

Let’s face it in today’s world people can get almost any service in a whole lot of different places. What makes the difference is how each stands out and what each can offer that others can’t. In the context of your cold emails, this is personalization. Personalizing your outreach campaigns will greatly help your recipients connect with what you’re saying and this makes them more likely to take you into consideration.

Nowadays there’s a particular rule that most people believe in, the rule of 7. It states that any prospect must hear your marketing message at least 7 times before they purchase from you. Personal notes aside on this one, it still gives all the more reason to use personalization to get attention from your recipients.

Let’s begin to find out more about how personalization can help you and your outreach efforts.

Personal touches capture our attention.

Human beings need interaction to live, we need social interaction. People like to feel appreciated and get attention, as a society each individual deserves respect. Providing all this to your recipients is a good way to make them feel that you get them, that you care about their brand or product. This makes them much more likely to actually pay attention to what you say.

This is one of the reasons why personalized rings and necklaces are still popular today. The difference also creates and grabs attention, the more your emails stand out from the rest the more attention they’re likely to get. Just to be clear, this does not mean that you should use bad email format or anything like that.

In order to grab the attention of a particular prospect, the email needs to be tailored to that person. Again, this means that you have to get as much information on that persona as you can. This shows them that you care enough to actually know and understand their inner workings and efforts. It also means that this message is no one from many, is not a mistake and not just another run of the mill email. Is one that is meant to them from another person, not an automatic machine that just sends emails.

From the prospect point of view, this generates social comfort and makes each person engaged with the email and what it says. Take the time to understand the prospect and actually bring something valuable to the table.

Emotional triggers spur action.

Based on psychology we can confidently tell you that most people are driven by emotions. Emotions that compel them to act in one way or another depending on the feeling. Fear, anxiety, amusement and happiness are powerful motivators for action. Emotions can be triggered using the right words and context, this makes our emails much more memorable than otherwise.

Think about the last tv series that you watched, or the last movie that you really liked. Likely they create such an impact on you based on the feelings that boiled inside of you when watching each. Happy moments and dreaded ones are permanently implanted in ourselves, thus making emotion a powerful ally when trying to make a connection.

Emotional triggers spur action

Personalization is without a doubt the way to go when it comes to making our recipients feel emotions. Plain and simple email templates will only serve a base line from which to personalize your outreach. Each email can be engulfed in a context that makes your recipients feel something in particular. Take advantage of those emotions to make your call to action more appealing and your interactions more memorable.

Personalized emails can build a solid foundation for your business.

Business people understand the necessity of keeping a well-connected business network. This means business relations with other companies and professionals, as well as constantly seeking out new partners and clients. This ensures them to always be on the radar in case any opportunity shows up. Not to mention a steady stream of leads for their use.

Someone as busy as you might wonder how to get time to do all that you need to do and this. The first step is automating what you can, especially the boring and hard tasks like validating and cleaning an email list. Luckily for you, we can recommend you the best service available for this.

VerifyBee will provide the best service whenever you need to validate a mailing list. They offer 99% accuracy for each validation and unparallel reach when it comes to protecting you from spam traps, inexistent email addresses and much more.

All the time saved from manually or otherwise handling each prospect on your list can be better used. Let’s say that for instance you concentrate on the quality of your emails, or researching valid prospects. Theirs is no shortage of issues to attend to when running an outreach campaign. People like to see personal touches in their emails, this way the communication between human beings takes importance and can lead you to have a long-lasting relationship with other businesses and prospects.

It shows your prospects that you genuinely care about their success.

We’ve all been targeted for cold emails at one point in our lives, maybe you can remember what that feels like. Chances are you got a cold email from an overly enthusiastic salesperson that only cared about making money. Remember how that felt? Not good I bet.

This is what most people feel, to some extent, when receiving a plain and simple cold email from an internet template. People can feel, annoyed, unappreciated or even worse, enraged. Those are the emotions that can lead a recipient to potentially report your emails as spam, and as such those reactions must be avoided at all costs.

Everybody is trying to make a living, including the people that use those cold email templates. However, how successful are those emails? The reality, not very. It’s because they make the recipient feel like he, or she, doesn’t matter enough to actually sit down a write an email. Interaction and human contact are so important because it makes people feel like they matter as someone cares.

Further on.

I’m sure that by now you can see the advantages of personalizing your cold emails. Just keep in mind that when writing an outreach email, you have to focus mainly in the recipient’s interest. Their lives, their problems, and then on how you can help them solve their issues. Self-centered cold emails are a good way to get them in the trash bin as soon as they arrive.

With the example above you’re most likely sold on the potential for improvement that personalized emails offer. A good cold email is one that makes a connection with the recipient, after all that is the main goal of an outreach campaign. You outreach is about engaging potential customers or clients in order to later on see if they’re interested on what you can offer them.

You’ll be less likely to trigger spam filters.

writing spam here

Just one more advantage of personalization. The more your emails differ from the spam formats commonly used, the less likely they will be to trigger a spam filter. These filters do pose a threat to your sender reputation. Spam filters have become more complex over the years and personalization can provide a good way to avoid them

Each personal touch you add to your cold emails makes them less likely to be considered spam. Using images and other media content is a good way to personalize your outreach and stay on your ISP good side since your reputation is less likely to take a blow. In case you need some assistance on this, we recommend browsing over our article about using images in your cold emails.

All things considered personalization not only improves the performance of your emails but also protects them. Creativity at its finest is sure to make things work your way when it comes to personalization, just make sure to not go over the top.


Personalization can come in different forms and for a variety of reasons. One of the key things to take away from this, is knowing the importance of making your cold emails more humane. It goes beyond just using the name of your recipients and making them believe you care. You should actually care, after all if all goes well those prospects will become clients or business partners.

Personalizing your emails is a good way to show case the solutions that you or your brand can offer. By knowing more about the recipient and their problems you can provide better solutions that in time will make you seem a lot more valuable.

Remember don’t just write an outreach email that is devoid of feel and significance. Write one that shows how much you can help and influence your prospect. Generate positive emotions and make sure that they feel your engagement.

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