Email Verification: Everything You Need to Clean Email Lists.

June 5, 2019

Most of us invested in the email marketing game often wonder is all of our efforts are worth the trouble. What if the email we have of a potential client doesn’t exists? Thos os where email verification comes in.

There are ways for us to check on this, after all knowledge IS power. And with this power we can optimize our marketing strategy, polish our effort and more. If this sounds appealing to you then stick around some more.

Right now, there are several ways to verify if an email really exists. In addition, many websites do offer services to help you with this, in here we will mention a few. Be aware, finding out is an email address really exists is usually boring task. It’s usual to hire someone to do this for you, but in case you want to do it yourself.

Best Ways to verify an email address.

For this first method we’re going to need a bit of information about who you’re looking for and the address. For instance, you might want to check the internet for the name of the person you believe owns the address. First and last name should suffice to begin with. That provides us with a bit more info. There are several ways to proceed from this point on.

Check LinkedIn.

Email Verification through LinkedIn

It’s estimated that roughly 40% of the population in the US is registered with this webpage. As a prime jobhunting webpage the people here have their best interest at heart to keep their email address updated. Take advantage of LinkedIn and use it to find the right address for the right person.

Google it.

When you’re in a bit of a hurry and just want to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, it’s time for google. With Google advance search you can optimize the search with various options, to access this click on the “settings” option at the lower bar of the google search page.

Now you should see something like this.

email verification through google
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Put the address in the “this exact word or phrase” line, this will automate the google search to find exactly that line anywhere in the web. This will likely be of service if you’re looking for a trail of the las time a particular address was mentioned.

Is it attached to a domain?

If the email you’re searching for might be associated with a domain you’ll likely be able to find it. Every domain has a record of public information and part of that is the address that was used to register for that domain.

Go into DomainTools.

email verify through whois
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Search for the Domain, this will bring you a list of data among which will be an email address. Hopefully is not outdated.

domaintools email verification

The above image is an example of the search. This Site is a very powerful tools at our disposal, and it will help us find the address we seek and a bit more of information. So long as it’s pertinent to a web domain.

Hit the social media.

Now days, even twitter and Facebook have an advance search option. It works pretty much like the one implemented by google, and it does the same, just at a lower scale. With this you can find mentions, comments and posts every time a particular address is mentioned, the advance search option is usually located in the settings menu. Here’s a preview of what it looks like.

Remember this will only search within the data base of the public information in the social media.

verify emails through social media

Ok, you got the email, now what?

Once you have the information about the address is time to check if it’s actually good, this is, verifying. As mentioned, we can do it several ways, if the above tips only yielded information that is not a 100% sure then pay close attention. Here we present a brief list of sites that can aid you with verifying tactics.


email hippo email verification

Yet another simple tool, this works much like any other, just enter the address and wait for the results. You can click the “Check” option after you have typed in the address and it will tell you if the email is valid and in active use.

very emails through competitors

This site works much like the past one with the only difference of its inner working, for example. This site actually sends a ping-email to the address, this will tell the page if it exists but not if it’s in active use. By the way, a ping-email is just a fake trash email fill with nothing.

Careful using this site, it is not a very reliable one as many times this “ping-emails” will fall on the spam folder a most email services are automated to not notify the sender when this happens. Nevertheless, is one more option.

verify email addresses

This is yet another verification website, it doesn’t offer anything new regarding services. Just a tool to keep in your belt incase se others are not available at a given moment.

With this page you can build a bulk email list to verify, making things a bit faster when you have a lot of addresses to verify. The site itself has been open since 2010, has a FAQ section, a support center and articles at the disposal of every user.

Email Hunter.

email hunter email cleaning service

This site is actually one of the best you can find regarding email verification. It offers a lot of tools to help you with whatever you need around verifying an email address.

It validates the format of the email, different checkers, it verifies if the address belongs to a web domain or a person. It presents data of MX Records and SMTP Server, it even checks if the email, should it exist one, accepts all incoming email.

Although more used in the subject of preventing an email to bounce back from an address. This site is one of the very best when it comes to verifying an address. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see if you use it.

verify an email address

Keeping it simple.

So far we’ve seen many ways of finding an email address online and verifying it. Nearly all of these methods rely on public information so its better to focus more of your attention in the verifying services. Especially in the ones provided by Email Hunter, as is the most complete one out all the presented. Not to mention by far one of the most reliable.

If you need the email address of a domain before using Email Hunter to check, I do highly advice Domain Tools. It just provides a lot of trustworthy information, besides the email, aside from that the more information you can get the better.

Thank you for visiting and I do hope you consider the tools and tips displayed here.

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