Find Social Media Profiles by Email Address

July 9, 2019
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Finding someone’s social media profiles based on their email address can be in our best interest more often than we think. This could be a way to greatly boost our sales and publicity campaign or a way to reconnect with someone.

No matter the reason you might need/want to do this, there’s always the question. Do I do it myself or find other people to do it for me?

By doing it yourself you can learn about the inner workings of some search engines, but it is a very tiresome and often fruitless task for the average person. So, you might be better off leaving the work for an automated search engine or a trustworthy service.

Then there’s the other question, how much would that cost me?

The good news here is that potentially it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Here we will provide a list of the best free sites to help you find a social media profile using an email address. Do keep in mind that the more professional sites are often paid per service.

Whether you’re doing this because of a sales campaign, family/social reconnection or simply because you want to find out the hidden social media profiles of an address. We’ve got you covered with the best selection of free tools.

Best free tools to find someone’s social media profile using their email address


First in our list is Lullar. This site works a lot like google does, but with social media and emails. Is an online tool to help you find a social media profile based on an email address, it can also do other searches. It checks a huge database of public records and other online information in search for the email address you enter.

Being fast is one of their perks. However, that speed comes at a price and in this case is accuracy. Sometimes Lullar won’t be able to find the exact same person for the email you entered. But even if it fails, or has little information to give you, it always gives a link to other sites that do the exact same thing Lullar does. But at the cost of money for their services.

If you want to use Lullar all you have to do is go to their homepage, click here. And then select people search by email or name. After that you’ll see this.

Just type in the email address in the search box and Lullar will give you a list of social media networks and job networks. It highlights the sites that do contain a coincidence for that address.

This tool is free to use and is our first alternative when we need to find someone’s social media profile via their email.


This tool is actually a google chrome extension. You can download and install it by clicking here. Or you can find it using chrome.

After you install it you need to refresh your browser. Now you should see a blue tick icon at the upper right corner of google chrome.

Go to your Gmail address book and see if the desired email addresses are added, if not add them. ManyContacts automatically syncs up to your account address book. All you have to do now is click that new blue tick and a list of your contacts will appear showing you their social media profiles.

Keep in mind that both of these options make use of a reverse search to find the social media profiles linked with the email address. Doing this it's most useful when you’re running a marketing campaign and you want to expand your market based on social media.

This reverse search looks for mentions of the address in a database or using different more specific search engines online.

Do it yourself.

Keep in mind that this is not only tiring but it also takes a lot of effort. It is possible to find a person using different approaches in social media.

Google it!

One tool that we turn to when we need assistance is google. By using their advanced search option, you can find mentions of the specific email you’re searching. Usually these mentions come attached to some sort of social media interaction through which you might find the desired profile.

If you want to give this a shot just click here.


Many social media site also come with an option to find your email contacts based on your address books. For instance, here’s the one form twitter.

Right now, this option is available too on Facebook and many other platforms. The downside of this is the necessity to have the email address registered to an address book before using this option.

Find the profile?

If you use the methods described here then you have a good chance of finding all social media profiles linked to a particular address. Most people don’t appreciate this however, since most of us like to maintain an idea of separation between the different pages we visit. This is the same for the different profiles we have online.

If you still don’t have the profiles you seek and you have a bit more information to work with. Like the full name of the person. Then you’d be better off using a different service. One like TruthFinder. This site will let you find the social media profiles, and a lot more information, based in the first and last name of the person. In addition inputs like the city they live in and the state can help.

The problem with this site is that it's paid one and it works only for people in the United States. Be aware of that when you look for someone using this. It does provide quite a large database that is constantly being updated.

Keep looking.

If you had trouble with any of the services presented here, don’t discard them at the first error. All of them are constantly being feed new information and their databases grow each day. If you couldn’t find a profile for a particular address it might not be a bad idea to try it on another day.

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