Finding The Best Online Email Verifier: Unlimited and Free

January 21, 2022

Yes, we get your frustration. The constant worry of finding a time-saving and accurate online email verifier is real. You have to scour endless online platforms, offering unlimited checks, without burning a hole in your pocket. And why won't you be frustrated? The right tool can do wonders for you and your business’s reputation.

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After all, studies prove, 87% of B2B content strategists rely on emails for organic content distribution(2020). However, almost 1 out of every 5 sent emails remain undelivered. As a result, the struggle begins.

While email verifiers intend to maximize deliverability rates, the dilemma of choice, here, is a challenge. Hence we bring you a complete list of the best online email verifiers that let you work unlimited.

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  • Verifying and validating your mailing list is the first step to a successful online email marketing campaign. It not only organizes the list but simultaneously eliminates any invalid or dangerous addresses.
  • Verifiers are responsible for syntax checks, spam traps, role-based accounts, disposable address identification, domain authentication, and more.
  • With online tools, you can simply verify unlimited emails. Hence, the entire process improves and boosts efficiency.
  • Some of the optimal online tools that support unlimited verification are VerifyBee,, Email Verifier Online, ZeroBounce,, GetProspect, NeverBounce, and Redscrapper.

Online Email Verifier: What Is It?

Online Email verification tools clean and organize your mailing lists. Along with eliminating invalid and dangerous addresses. With a refined list, you can prevent server blockage by ISP mail servers. Most importantly, your email marketing does not fall prey to spam traps.

In hindsight, online email verifiers are responsible for:

  • Syntax and Spam Trap Identification
  • Identifying Disposable Email Addresses
  • Identifying Role-Based Accounts
  • Determining DNS-established blackhole records.
  • MX Records or Domain Investigation.
  • Final Step Verification.

Key Lookouts in Online Email Verifiers

Essentially you might expect online email verifiers to improve deliverability and sender reputation. However, a well-rounded platform can do more.

Thus, it is important to understand the differentiated features to sieve your options. Some of the key characteristics that you must always look out for in email verifiers include:

  • Determining deliverability rates, along with hard and soft bounce status.
  • Identifying the email address status: old or active.
  • Collecting open rate information.
  • Removing Duplicate Addresses.
  • Scaling Facilities
  • Optimal to suit both corporate and personal domains( Outlook, Microsoft, and so on).
  • Lead generation prompts.
  • Phone and Social Verification support.
  • More than one verification net.
  • Integrative and Highly-Interactive user interface.

How Do Online Verifiers Work?

In short, the online verifier investigates the domain name, and legitimacy of the input addresses. Then, you can identify the reliability of each of the addresses on the contact list. Thus, you find categories such as safe to send, disposable, invalid, role-based( [email protected]), and so on.

Now, that you hold the power of knowledge, you can reassess your mailing contacts. There are mainly 3 steps that online verifiers act upon:

Syntax Check

When designing your professional email content, you want correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In most cases, writing tools like Grammarly help you create the perfect outline. Similarly, syntax check algorithms ensure the same correctness in terms of email information.

The syntax check assures standard correspondence, the accuracy of (@) symbols, dot-symbols, and any other such detail. Alongside, it checks the accuracy of special characters and symbols.

Domain Check

As you might have noticed, the domain name is found right after the “at the rate” (@) symbol. The purpose is to indicate which domain the email is attached to. For instance, [email protected], where outward is the domain name. Online verifiers cross-reference the spelling of the domain name, as well as its authenticity and activity status.

Now you might wonder, why do I need a domain check? Well, because no one works at one place for their entire lives. Or they might not use the same email address anymore. Websites may not exist anymore, thus, making the tied-up email address invalid. Companies may also switch their hustle, migrating to new domains. Thus, with a simple check, you can vastly boost your deliverability rates.

Email Address Ping

Also known as SMTP authentication, email address ping is an important aspect. It authenticates the active status and safety of email addresses. The online email verifier pings the given address( or sends a signal). Subsequently, it checks if the email is actually receiving the message and responding to it. If the request has reached the address, the email marks itself as real and safe for exchanges.

Top Online Email Verifiers For Your Business in 2022


Supported 24/7 customer service, and the most smooth interface to meet your needs, VerifyBee facilitates unlimited verification online. You will be surprised to find how descriptive their services are. Simplified in 4 easy steps, you only need to upload the mailing list. Subsequently, the verification process begins with syntax and duplicate checks. Followed by MX/Domain inspection and SMTP identification, the platform proceeds to further advanced verification. Hence, guaranteeing your email delivery.

VerifyBee, a one stop online email verifier, illustration from website.
Source: VerifyBee

And you don't even need a CSV list for verification too. You can simply connect your mailing list platform or even copy and paste directly for faster action. However, that's not all, you can also validate phone numbers.

Apart from multiple integrations with your favorite software like MailChimp, MailShake, Moosend, and many more. You can verify up to 1million email addresses, along with email free email checker that lets you in on 100 free credits.

Suited for both personal and professional emails, you can also start with a chrome extension. Furthermore, their partner business lead database lets you seek prospects faster. They enable easy search by industry, title, and more.

Therefore, new lead generation and cold prospecting become more compatible for you.

As far as email verification goes, you can simply download the verification reports. Detailed reports present a thorough analysis of your contact list. Hence, you can use it to guide and revamp your content strategy as needed. All this at the most affordable prices.


A platform that thrives on its smooth usability, Email Verifier, is a popular online email verifier. Enriched with an inbuilt email finder, they simultaneously offer drip campaigns. You can verify both single and bulk mailing lists on the single tool, in real-time and includes a 7-step process. Email Verifier Platform.

You can import and export lists that support multiple formats, delivering an accuracy of 98%. Interestingly, you can verify and generate email addresses through a chrome extension. starts their freemium plan with up to 100 email ids. But as their plan extends to 5 different plans starting from 2,000($39) addresses to 200,000($738) per month, you can take your pick.

3. Email Verifier Online

A simple website with powerful results, Email Verifier Online, applies immediate multi-step verification for every check. You can simply create an account online, and verify email addresses unlimited. Surprisingly, they offer prices lower than the market value, with an inverse relationship between price and quantity of emails. Furthermore, it takes only 5miutes to validate 10L emails.

Source: Email Verifier Online

However, they only accept the input list in CSV format. Subsequently, after email verification, it provides a downloadable report, a comprehensive analysis of the list. Nonetheless, there are no integrations available on the platform, it singularly works as a verification tool only.

4. ZeroBounce

Some of the finest corporations in the market recognize ZeroBounce as their email campaign collaborator. What has brought ZeroBounce to this stage today, is its detailed process for accurate verification and numerous affiliations.

Source: ZeroBounce

Working both as a bulk/ single email verification tool, ZeroBounce specializes in tracking hard bounces and spam traps. Braced with real-time verification API, customer data attachment, and more.

Coming to prices, they offer subscription-based and credit plans. Further, if you do not want to hit the monthly packages, there is a pay-as-you-go option( credit-based) too.

You can verify 100 emails per month, for free, online. Also, for $16 per month, you can verify 2,0000 mails, a starting package for newcomers. Moreover, you can even avail of their enterprise package if that suits you perfectly@


Designed by 500 apps, has been designed for optimal verification. The software is already backed up by a database, containing 400 million contacts. Hence your prospects are easily reachable. However, you must filter out the emails to suit your business requirements.

Online Email Finder Software Website Snap.

They verify within seconds, and thus vastly enhance open rates. Not only, that, but you will also have the information source through the bulk-online email verifier.

The pricing strategy is categorized with 30 similar applications along with for $14.99 per month. And this includes unlimited verifications. With multiple packages available, on a monthly and yearly basis, it's a value-worth deal. For the free run, you can verify at least 75 addresses at a go.

6. GetProspect

A mighty new name in the list, GetProspect is a lead generation tool, designed for email verification. You can verify 200 emails for free per month after signing up. Similar to, GetProspect connects with a wide number of tools through Zapier. You can simply get a chrome extension and use their services as you please.

GetProspect Email Verifier Tool.
Source: getprospect

For every 10,000 emails, your total expense is rounded to $40. But like most cases, with higher volume, the average price falls. Besides, you get 12-step verification and can upload large files for verification as well.

They have an in-built email finder, data enrichment, and other features as well. Pro package lets you verify 50,000 emails per month for $399 per month.

7. NeverBounce

Since its inception in 2014, NeverBounce has acquired over 100K customers. The online verifier offers bulk and email verification services, through the removal of repetitive emails and syntax errors. Further, they validate emails against existing servers to derive the finest results, checking live domains and blocked accounts.

Email Depicted Illustration 3 animated characters.
Source: NeverBounce

You will find instant analysis of bounce emails. Which indicates the quality of your mailing lists. Moreover, the platform has a friendly interface. You can try their 1000 free API integrations for better understanding.

Don't worry, they offer a pay-as-you-go pricing set at $0.003 per email for a million emails. Moreover, they have customized enterprise plans too, if you want to get a quote, contact their sales team. Remember, if you want to access their monthly package, start by quoting the quota of email verification that you plan for the day.

8. Redscrapper

With both cloud and desktop versions available, Redscrapper is a different choice in today’s collection. The reason for it to be here is actually due to its collaborative integration. You have a lead prospector, lead extractor, and other such extensions to facilitate your email validation process.

Redscrapper Online Email Veirfier Website depicting Data Analysis of their result and a youtube tutorial.
Source: Redscrapper

The freemium package offers 10 credits online, but the premium and pro packages enable unlimited email verifications at $129 and $199 each respectively. Though they have limited information available to make a decision, one thing you can get is a free demo. And then pick your call.

Breaking Misconceptions

More often than not, the hunt for online verifier tools brings a distaste towards the service. However, what often surrounds such encounters are misconceptions, that we aim to break:

1. Email Lists Do Not Require Regular Cleaning

Far from the truth, this controversy of time is pretty common. First of all, regularity is a subjective matter. How often you verify your campaign prospects, is completely up to you.

Since verification is almost mandatory before you start any new campaigns, there is no preset time period of regularity. However, keeping a tab on the strategies turnout is important. The reach and growth of your marketing campaign determine the frequency of verification. In any case, the greater the number of malfunctioning emails, the higher the cost of your investments. Hence, design your time frame in accordance.

2. No Bounces, No Verification Required

Though the notion of zero bounce rate is great news, it does not determine the end of your verification process. This is because bounce rate control is solely a part of the whole process, online email verifiers perform multiple other functions simultaneously. By believing in this misconception, you are leading your campaign to suffer from poor deliverability rates and the sender’s reputation

3. Very Expensive

Quite the contrary actually. The hidden cost of failed deliveries, poor lead generation prospects, and collapsing sender reputation is a greater expense. And deep cleaning email lists even regularly is not extremely expensive. For instance, VerifyBee lets you verify 2500 emails for $19 only! Plus, they have various other price bundles to follow as well.

Final Thoughts

Consumers, both in the corporate and personal world, prefer email communication as a part of their regular interactions. Emails are almost preferred 40% more like the mode of communication than Twitter and Facebook.

By reducing the cost of failed deliverability and ensuring lower bounce rates, you are saving $20 every day with a cleaned email list.

To put things into perspective, imagine this. You spend $1 for email marketing, but your returns are up by $42 on average.

This is something you can expect when done right. And if you are looking for platforms, that are simple to use, but highly encouraging in results, we have VerifyBee for you. Remember, it's pay-as-you-go, so nothing to lose right?

Get started with the free trial, to verify bulk emails online for free.

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