15 Examples of Awesome GIF Animations in Email Marketing.

November 8, 2019

GIFs have been around for quite some time now, and in case you haven’t already, it is time to apply them to your email marketing campaigns. Maybe that is just the extra step some emails need to achieve a positive result, the addition of an awesome GIF. You might wonder why you need to add GIFs to your emails, that is a perfectly valid question that we will answer in just a moment.

Awesome GIF

Below we will be covering some basic questions on how to do email marketing using GIFs and why it’s important. Following that, you will be presented with 15 great examples of how an awesome GIF can be used to improve your email marketing campaign.

You can gather information and tips on how to use them, or you can get inspired by different ideas to apply to your own campaigns. Once you apply these animations to your emails the sky will be the limit for what your creativity can accomplish for you and your brand.

Why you need GIF animations in your emails.

Let’s explain this by looking at social media, think of twitter for a moment. If you can picture how most people interact, you’ll find that it is either via memes or GIFs. That alone is a perfectly valid reason to implement GIFs in your emails. Taking a closer look at how GIFs help people communicate an idea, we can observe that the use of a short animation can convey a lot more than a simple picture.

In fact, there are a lot of other advantages of using GIFs, aside from the social connection, ambiance, and message that they can transmit. Some of these benefits for your emails are.

  • 1. A cool and awesome GIF is usually much shorter than a video.
  • 2. It packs a much stronger punch than an image.
  • 3. The human brain evolved to process visual stimuli faster and better than written stimuli.
  • 4. GIFs provide a fun way to convey a message. Having seemingly limitless potential for creating content.

The point of using GIFs to improve your email marketing campaign and email content is perfectly valid. So much so that we can provide quite a few examples of this. Also, GIFs aren’t limited to a single topic, you can get lots and lots of them for many different purposes, and if not, you can create them yourself.

Using GIFs is also a good way to make people pay more attention to your content. With that in mind allow us to present 15 different awesome GIF examples for email marketing.

15 Great examples of an awesome GIF in email marketing campaigns.

1. Vans marketing using the uniqueness of GIF animations.

Whenever we talk about a brand personality we can talk about Vans. This is something that has earned them lots of customers during their successful run. From a recent study, we can gather that 64% of their customer base decided to buy their products based on similar values and styles.

If you have any doubts about this just look at their marketing animations, they scream Vans style.

Awesome GIF

It is fairly apparent that their style is something that they want to share with their customers, and for a good reason. You can take tips from their marketing strategy when it comes to relating to your clients via a GIF that is similar to what you reflect as a brand.

2. Adding dynamism to your emails.

The idea behind using visual aids inside your emails is to convey a clear and powerful message. But this isn’t all there is to it, in fact, you can use images and GIFs to set the tone and ambiance of an email.

The plain and boring marketing email can become something fresh, new and interesting if you manage to include some dynamism to it. This is where GIFs come in, sure, one or two images can do the trick just fine. But when it comes to the visual impact of GIFs there are few images that can even compare.

Use an awesome GIF as a greeting and maybe one as a call to action. Creating visual dynamism in your emails is the best way to send a strong message to your recipients.

3. You can use GIFs to promote Gifts and promotions.

You can fully customize your promotional emails to use GIFs showcasing a variety of great promotions. Take the brand 1973 as an example. Their promotional email was accompanied by great animation.

Awesome GIF

This alone might not seem like too much of a change, yet their client engagement did prove to go up just by implementing this small change. You can take this idea and apply it to different types of promotional emails showcasing free gifts or a sales discount. Sometimes the key to getting your recipient’s attention lies in the visual feats that you add to your emails.

4. Reinforce the urgency of a message using a GIF animation.

Whenever you send a cold email to try and recruit more people into your business, or just gain a few more business contacts, this is a great idea to use. The sense of urgency plays a major part in how soon, or if at all, a recipient replies to a message.

Using an animation featuring a clock, along with a subtle message reminding them about your initial cold email can be a powerful motivator. Let’s remember that it’s the visual keys that get people’s attention. Based on that you can bet that more than a few people will reply to your emails or follow your calls to action, simply by playing their sense of urgency with a GIF.

5. You can make your emails and products more fun.

By now most marketers would agree that the key to presenting your product to the public is value. However, value can be found in different ways and people not always catch on to what your product can deliver for them.

This is exactly where a great GIF can come in handy, take for instance the following GIF from Canon.

Awesome GIF

By picturing their product with a more diverse approach using a GIF, you can compel a large audience to see the value that it can bring into their lives. This is classic marketing but done better using an awesome GIF.

6. Provide previews of your most recent content using GIF.

As the name of this point says, you can use GIFs to show your recipients new changes and products in your brand. This is just another great example of how GIFs can be useful for your email campaigns. For instance, take a look at the following GIF.

Awesome GIF

A simple succession of images can go a long way when it comes to showing your recipients what they’re missing on. You can use GIFs just like the one above for newsletters and informative bulletins from your brand.

7. Give your emails a little drama.

If a good picture can create the perfect ambiance for an email, then just imagine the kind of pull you can get from using animation. You can add drama to your emails by emphasizing their calls to action along with a powerful message. This last bit can be easily accomplished by using an awesome GIF to make a point.

Whether you’re using a GIF for a simple promotional email or a more elaborate newsletter. The content you provide can resonate more with its target audience if you manage to create an animation that goes accordingly to your email topic. In any case, there are lots and lots of GIFs available on the internet, you can pick one that goes well with the message you’re sending. All of this can greatly impact your client engagement and open rates.

8. Show the world your brand persona using GIFs and animations.

The internet offers a unique chance to create your own brand and sales persona. This is to say that you can directly influence how people perceive you, regardless of color, country, name or anything else. Only what you do and how you perform counts.

If given a chance such as this, you can bet that it would be a huge waste to not put every tool at your disposal to seize the opportunity of being who you want to be. Take a look a the following example from Hawthorne.

Awesome GIF

You can fully customize your GIFs to reflect your brand persona and style. Take this as just one of many examples of this.

9. Display cool features using GIFs.

Doing marketing in this era is not always easy, but not for the lack of new products and technologies. In fact, the fast development and consumer culture that we’re used to provides many opportunities for marketing. It all comes down to how to best take advantage of them.

The good news is that you can do this using a few images in your emails. But putting up three different images just to talk about one product does seem like too much. The solutions are simply an awesome GIF, you can place several images and construct a GIF yourself. This will greatly save you some time in explaining new and cool products to your recipients.

10. Use An awesome GIF to convey product experience.

You can use GIFs to show the public all your experience with products. This isn’t something that can easily be accomplished, nor with images or words. But using a GIF it becomes a really easy thing to handle.

You can put a succession of images that reflect you or your team at the workplace to subtly tell your recipients about all the experience that you’re able to bring in for them. This added value to your brand at the same time that makes the recipient much more likely to reply to your emails or go through your call to action.

11. Make your recipients feel the love… for your product.

Every marketer knows by now that it is emotion that drives people to purchase different products. Transmitting and evoking feelings in your recipients is something that every sales email should aim for. With exactly that in mind there are great examples of how an awesome GIF can give your recipients the sensation that you love your product and therefore so should they.

Awesome GIF

Considering the above, which is just one example from American Eagle Outfitters. You can take this example and apply a similar one to your email campaigns. Doing this reflects confidence in your product which translates into the recipient’s opinion, acting up in a nice way.

12. You can use GIFs to complement your emails.

No sales email is complete without visual aids. In this department, there are great ways to use images and GIFs. A great idea would be to use a GIF to complement the information on a deal or offer in your emails.

Alternatively, you can also make use of a great animation to show your recipient a few cool features available in your product or service. As you may be thinking right now, GIFs are great and flexible tools for email marketing. Taking advantage of them for your brand’s gain will only generate benefits if you use them properly.

13. You can use them to simplify user onboarding.

Reducing user friction when going through a link in your emails is crucial. Aside from that, it is the only way that your sale emails will be successful. GIF animations can also come in handy for this. You can take a look at the following example from Tinder to properly understand how this can be accomplished.

Awesome GIF

User onboarding is crucial for your business. Luckily now you know exactly how to improve it using an awesome GIF in your email campaign.

14. Good food is better with good GIFs.

Blue apron has let a successful stage in their business so far. Yet they show no signs of slowing down their food delivery business. In fact, you can take a look at how compelling their marketing is using GIFs.

Awesome GIF

You can follow on their lead even if you’re in a different industry. What you must take from their marketing strategy is that you can showcase the best side of your product or service by using the dynamism of a GIF animation.

15. Adapt to every season with a GIF.

Gifs do represent a good way to display different products and features. However, this is just one way to look at them. You can use GIFs to show different promotions you will be having during different parts of the year.

You can also use them to display a calendar of events that you have prepared. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of a GIF in order to successfully get your recipient’s attention.

Concluding our 15 examples of awesome GIF animations for email marketing.

Never underestimate the flexibility and attention-seeking of the power of awesome GIF animation. There are lots of ways to implement your visual aids in email marketing campaigns, even so, the dynamism of GIFs is something you want to keep on your side.

We cannot leave you without making absolutely sure that you understand the benefits that GIFs can add to your email marketing campaigns. And as a fair warning, make sure that you’re using your time and resources properly. This is by sending emails to trusted and verified recipients. If you’re having trouble with that you can seek assistance at VerifyBee. This is the best service in the market to help you keep a clean emailing list.

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