Grow Your Email List: 73 Proven and Simple Ways in 2022 (Updated)

July 20, 2019

When first starting with your very own email marketing campaign, you might be at a loss of how to get more contacts. Well, the good news is that you won’t have to worry about that for much longer. Here, we will be providing you with 73 ways to grow your email list.

Every method described here is simple and effective. This means that you’ll be getting more contacts in no time. Without any of these you’d fall prey of the natural degradation of the email business, which is of 22,5% yearly.

grow your email list

Without further ado here we present you

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73 Proven and Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List:

1. Beat your competition with your lead magnet.

Make your lead magnet bigger and better. As an example, you might to add more points and cover more ground in a topic than your competition, if they do a 10 point list then you might want to go for 20.

2. Add content upgrades to your blog posts.

From a simple PDF file to a more dense and comprehensive version with more useful information.

3. Make some of your content gate protected.

This will entice your unsubscribed readers to finally take the hook and subscribe to your campaign.

grow your email list with gates content

4.Host webinars.

Use whatever platform you like the most to host webinars, and take advantage of the highest perceived value method. If you don’t have your own platform for this then you might want to check out Google+ Hangouts on Air.

5. Host a giveaway.

If you do this make sure that one requirement is that the persons signs up with their email address and/or social media profiles.

grow your email list with giveaways

6. Create a quiz.

You can do fun and interesting quizzes just like BuzzFeed, however requiring for participants to enter their email address to get the results. To help in the protection of your list send the results directly to the email, this way people will give you their real addresses.

grow your email list with quizes

7. Offer a coupon.

This is most useful if you run an eCommerce website rather than a blog. This can prove to be more effective than the lead magnet method in comparison.

8. Offer a free tool.

Of course, you will have to ask for a real verifiable email address for the person to get said tool.

9. Use Facebook ads.

This might come as no surprise, but Facebook does attract a lot of people to a blog or business. Be aware that you’ll likely need to optimize your Facebook ads for conversions.

10. Pin your opt-in landing page on Pinterest.

After that you’ll want to supplement this with Pinterest ads to help you even more.

grow your email list with pinterest
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11. Answer questions on Quora.

This is of course related to your area of interest and your relevant to your content. For an even better result add you’re a link for your opt-in page.

grow your email list using quora

12. Search forums for questions.

Related to a particular topic there will be no shortage of forums and site to advertise using comments. Remember to add a link to your opt-in page.

grow your email list using forums

13. Answer question in Facebook groups.

Before following the same Modus Operandi as before make sure that posting links is permitted. This is also a good way to attract more visitors to your website.

14. Participate in LinkedIn groups.

This will position your reputation as an expert in a particular area. When you think you’re known by enough people then you can post a link to your opt-in page.

15. Use Twitter lead generation cards.

Not much to say about this, make sure to take advantage of them.

grow your email list using twitter

16. Use YouTube call-to-actions cards.

Use this method in conjunction with a link to your opt-in landing page. For a good example see the image below.

grow your email list using youtube action cards

17. Use SlideShare lead forms.

This is to help you capture lead with powerful presentations and slides.

grow your email list with lead forms

18. Add a sharing button.

Adding one or many sharing buttons in key positions will help you get more attention. This is by making your subscribers work for you if they think your content is worth sharing.

19. Add a sign up button to your Facebook page.

This is a very straight forward one. See the image below for reference.

grow your email list facebook signup

20. Add a call-to-action to your Google+ Page.

This accompanied by a link to your opt-in landing page can prove be a good combination.

21. Submit guest posts.

Use popular blogs treating topics of interest to post as a guest. Using this to advertise and maybe even place a link to your opt-in landing page.

22. Add a call to action to your about page.

This can be done using an inline opt-in form.

23. Seek out joint venture partnerships.

Not only look for them, make exchanges. You can send a link to their opt-in page in exchange for they sending a link to your opt-in page. Both parties can grow their lists simultaneously.

24. Hos a local meetup.

Put some of your real-life time into this and add an opt-in offer to get more contacts.

25. Use paid search ads.

This is done in order to get more traffic flowing to your opt-in landing page. It goes without saying that any content you have should be relevant to the search.

26. Add a QR code.

This can be done using your printed material, the QR code should contain a link for your opt-in landing page.

grow your email list using qr codes

27. Use native ads.

Native ads can sometimes be really beneficial to your email campaign. They help capture leads from other websites and apps that have a similar public.

28. Install an exit popup.

This is best done for every post on your webpage. This does help convert some percentage of your abandoning visitors.

grow your email list with exit popups

29. Install a scroll box.

Install a good scroll box for all your blog posts, this will help you use your content as a great lead magnet. This is best suited for long posts.

grow your email list with a scroll box

30. Install a timed lightbox popup.

This is best done for content-heavy pages to convert readers who have been reading and are engaged with your content.

grow your email list with a lightbox popup

31. Add location specific embedded forms.

Good places for this are above and below your content. This feature can be use to display an specific upgrade to the content.

grow your email list using embded forms

32. Collect data from your sidebar form.

This is done mostly to learn what sort of configuration your subscribers like the most.

33. Trigger a floating bar with the user behavior.

Using their referral source this can greatly help your readers engagement. This in time also means more interested subscribers.

grow your email list with a floating bar

34. Include a prominent header.

This is best utilized on your homepage accompanied by a call to action.

grow your email list with a header

35. Display page-specific opt-in forms.

This means that you should vary the way and message your opt-in page is presented. Make use of content upgrades and lead magnets to specify the content currently viewed.

36. Add a newsletter opt-in checkbox next to submit comment button.

A great plugin to help you with this is WP-Leads for WordPress.

37. Add social proof.

Most people tend to follow leaders and what they consider a majority to be. Use this to get their attention and subscription.

38. Add testimonials.

Following on the note of the last tip, adding social proof by your subscribers or clients shows confidence and trust in your brand.

grow your email list through testimonials

39. Add credibility.

One way to do this is to explain what qualifies you as an expert.

40. Make your opt-in copy relatable.

This is best done by avoiding corporate speak and better employing a more natural language for your subscribers.

41. Keep your opt-in form simple.

This should go without saying, a simple opt-in form is a more understandable one.

42. Add a newsletter opt-in checkbox to your eCommerce checkout page.

If your using a platform like WooCommerce, then you can use the “Newsletter Subscription” option to accomplish this.

43. Add an anti-spam policy.

Nothing eases an online reader more than a good and strong anti spam policy. This can be displayed as a message next to your subscribe button.

44. Offer different lead magnets for different segments of your audience.

As a good example of this we have the image below. Containing multiple choices based on the reader’s preference.

grow your email list using lead magnets

45. Give a preview of your newsletter.

Doing this is a good way to showcase your email campaign and get more subscribers.

46. Add a fishbowl to your counter.

This offers a chance to win a prize for any interested person that signs up using their real address.

47. Include a call to action on a sandwich board outside your store.

This encourages shoppers to subscribe to your email list. To make it more effective include a picture with an QR code to your opt-in landing page.

48. Add a call to action to your Facebook cover photo.

This also encourages visitors to sign up with their email address.

grow your email list with call to actions

49. Add a call to action to your YouTube channel.

Using this with a link to your opt-in landing page is a great way to increase subscribers.

grow your email list with youtube

50. Use Foursquare.

This is used to post an alert, available for anyone in your area, with a link for your opt-in landing page.

51. Use Google+ communities.

To keep in growing your contact list you might want to participate in different communities. This is best implemented if those communities have some relevance to your area of interest.

52. Host a Twitter chat.

This is done to get more people to talk about your lead magnet.

53. Create Vine videos.

This is a great way to implement a clear call to action to help your subscribers list.

54. Add a call to action to your bios.

Do this for many different social media platforms and include a link your opt-in landing page.

55. Comment on blog posts.

Make sure to use your opt-in landing page as a reference in the website field.

56. A/B test your call to action.

This a sure-fire way to get you information on what works best for your audience.

57. Add a call to action to your local business listings.

This can be done using your Yelp page with a link to your opt-in landing page.

grow your email list with business listings

58. Add a call to action to your podcast.

This way you can tell your listeners to subscribe to your campaign in a quick manner. Include clear instructions on how to do this.

59. Share your email archives on social media.

Showcasing your work is the best way to get people interested in what you have to offer.

60. Ask your existing subscribers to forward your emails to a friend.

This can be done seamlessly using a “forward to a friend” button in your newsletters.

grow your email list through your network
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61. Add a call to action to your email signature.

This is best implemented using a link to your opt-in landing page.

62. Ask people to join your email list by text.

This can be done using podcast or television interviews.

63. Add a sign up link or QR code to your brochure.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

64. Use a sign up link or QR code in your business card.

For a good example of this see the image below.

grow your email list using business cards

65. Add an email signup event.

People that register are automatically added to your email list.

66. Book a speaking engagement.

This can be considered an opportunity to provide good information and quality content, as well as a way to advertise your email campaign.

67. Start a loyalty program.

With benefits for confirmed and long-term subscribers, this encourages people to subscribe.

68. Start a birthday club.

This rewards subscribers with special offers and discounts based on their birthday.

69. Reward subscribers or employees for referring.

This, of course, should be highly encouraged.

grow your email list through referrals

70 Add email-only offers to your boxes, packages and mailings.

71. Host a free challenge.

This can be done for a specific number of days. One requirement for participation must be to enter a valid email address.

grow your email list through a challenge

72. Publish a landing page with tons of free content.

This should be something relating to your lead magnet. It helps you rank better with search engines and in time attracts more traffic to your page.

grow your email list through content marketing

73. Add an email signup to your mobile app.

This is used best with the employment of an incentive to subscribe.

grow your email list through a mobile app


Hopefully you won’t have to implement all the tips provided in this article to get a high number of subscribers. However, having these tips and not needing them is way better than needing and not having them.

Make the best out of our list with 73 simple and proven ways to grow your email list. Remember that this is key of you’re hoping for a successful email marketing campaign.

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