How to Send Same Email to Multiple Recipients Outlook

August 14, 2019

Sending the same email over and over can get to be a very tiring task. Especially if done by writing each mail separately. In today’s world people that take care of this know better. Whenever you need to transmit information to different recipients there are different ways that this can be accomplished quickly and without too much effort.

Here we will be presenting a few methods that will help you know how to send the same email to multiple recipients using the outlook platform. Save your time and effectively reduce your workload by taking advantage of these methods.

How to send same email to multiple recipients Outlook.

There are different ways that this can be accomplished, it varies depending on the nature of the information. Essentially, we will be assuming that you can deliver the information in a general way. This is the best course of action as you will see below.

In addition to this. The very first thing that you need to do, is either have a contact list ready at hand or just have your contacts in the address book of the outlook platform.

You can CC the contacts.

If you have a list of contacts and the email written in a general way for all of them you can simple CC the intended recipients. CC works much like carbon copy; in fact, this is what it stands for. Every address, that you place in the CC field of your email, will receive a copy of the email addressed to a main recipient.

Be aware that some people don’t like to be handed copies of an email, prefering to be the main recipient. This method is best suited for people that just need to be aware of your interactions with other addresses. Do keep in mind that every address in the CC filed will be visible to every other recipient.

You can place addresses in the BCC field.

This works very similarly to the CC field. With the exception that the addresses place here are keep in anonymity and the recipients will only get a copy of the email without further information.

This is also best suited to keep people notified of your interactions with the main recipient. Except that with BCC you want to keep secret that someone else, even you, are getting copies of the email.

If you want to know more about what does it mean to CC or BCC someone in an email, you can review our article on this very subject.

Place every address as the main recipient.

If you have a short list of people that you need to send an email to, this is one option. However, this is not always a good idea. Since every address that you place in the To field will be completely visible, there can be issues with anonymity. Other problems can arise from the answers. Using this method every recipient will also get an email with the answer of each other person that responded, this can get really annoying really fast.

Other issue with this is the fact that usually you might be handling a long list of addresses. In which case this method isn’t encouraged. More often than you might believe this is a very problematic way to send the same email to multiple recipients.

Send the emails using the mail merge feature.

This is by far the most suitable method f you have a moderate to long list of recipients. It can handle sending emails to every selected contact without almost any issue. The Mail Merge feature on Outlook works much like selecting a portion of your contact list that will receive a newly crafted email.

As you might be thinking, this method is best used for emails and notifications from an email marketing campaign. The Mail Merge method is the best so far and it can even allow you to customize the subject line of every email. For more information on this you can read our article about how to send the same email to multiple recipients separately in Outlook.


Above you’ll find a brief list with ways to send the same email to multiple recipients using the Outlook platform. Take full advantage of the above and do save time and effort. Keep in mind that for most methods you do need to have a list of contacts available, and it would be best if said list is clean and verified.

The best option that we can recommend for this is our very own VerifyBee. VerifyBee can handle long lists of emails addresses and actually verify the whole list with a whopping 99% precision rate. Do use our service along with the methods provided for to send the same email to multiple recipients in Outlook.

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