How To Verify Emails in 2022

February 23, 2022

The process to verify emails on your registry is associated with an inbox is known as email verification. In other words, it ensures that the emails you transmit have a destination and are being received by real people. Validation guarantees that the sent email is received and interacted with by real people with a valid email address.

In this article, we are going to cover the following:

So, if you’re looking to clean up your email list but don’t know how to, keep reading.

Why You Should Verify Emails

If a company uploads tons of email addresses to their mailing lists weekly, many of them may include typos or be spam. That is why it is critical to check for legitimate emails when adding new addresses to an email list. When you check if an email address is authentic, you can be confident that the emails on your list will be deliverable and devoid of catch-all addresses and spam traps.

verify emails

You risk damaging your sender's reputation and boosting your bounce rate if you don't check if the email is authentic. In addition, this implies that your emails may be marked as spam by email service providers, and you will not reach your target demographic. Your messages may also end up on blocklists, further harming your reputation.

It simply takes a couple of minutes and very little money to validate an email, ensuring that your emails are sent to the correct recipient and, consequently, improves customer engagement and revenue.

How You Can Validate Emails

Send An Email To The Address

The most straightforward technique to determine whether an email address is authentic is to shoot a message. This strategy is ideal for inexperienced marketers with a limited marketing list. It's also a fantastic option if you add a few new addresses to your list once a month. If you want to check legitimate email addresses one at a time, you may type something like -

“Hi, I'm just checking to see whether this address is correct. Please let me know if you are reading this email."

If you send out an email like this to a bogus address, your message will bounce, and you will receive an email from your email provider that looks like one of the following:

Message not delivered: There was an error providing your email to [email protected]. Please refer to the technical information below, or resend the message after a while.

Your message was not delivered to [email protected] because the email address could not be located. Check for typos or extra spaces before attempting again.

Remember that some email providers utilize a catch-all email address to intercept messages sent to the wrong addresses. When you send an email to a catch-all address, it is sent but not to the intended recipient. Therefore, you will not receive a response in certain circumstances and will not know why.

Conduct An IP Address Lookup

Another method for determining the validity of an email is to perform an IP address lookup, which is simpler and less complicated than it sounds. An IP address lookup is used to identify the whereabouts of an IP address. Each email server's IP address of the server from which it was sent. Usually, you won't view this IP address because it's hidden in the message's source code. When seeing the message's source, look under "received from" to find the IP address.

(From hidemyass)

All you have to do is copy-paste the IP address into an internet IP address lookup tool. The ISP and institution linked with the IP address, including its location, will be displayed after a while. If the IP address is from a nation, you don't recognize, be skeptical because it could be a spoof.

Even though this method can help you figure out where an address came from, it doesn't give you an idea of how well the address can be delivered or if it comes from a reliable domain. It can also take a long time for marketers who have many addresses to check.

Google The Email Address

This approach will not tell you if an email address is a counterfeit, but it will tell you authenticity. It works because almost everyone has an internet presence—some have their web pages, while some are active on social media platforms. In addition, major search engines, such as Google and Bing, cruise the internet constantly, categorizing everything they find. As a result, most addresses belonging to natural persons can be identified with a search engine query, however false addresses cannot.

Password Recovery

You may have experienced the frustration of attempting to recover an old email address only from being told by your service provider that the email address could not be located. The three key email providers - Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft - use a straightforward email address checker during the account recovery procedure. In addition to assisting users in recovering their passwords, it may tell you if the address was successfully entered into your forms.

You can use this email address checker whenever you get an email with the,, or domain. Simply navigate to the appropriate recovery page and put in the address you want to verify:

(From Google)
(From Microsoft)
(From Yahoo)

Deciding how to check if an email is authentic with this approach may not always yield the desired results, and it can be time-consuming. In addition, it's extremely inefficient for marketers who have a large mailing list and add lots of addresses to it each month.

Use An Email Verifier

Fake email messages are an issue nowadays therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are numerous email validation services, also known as email verifiers, that can be used to authenticate email addresses with a few clicks. However, free checkers often have a monthly restriction on the number of addresses that may be validated, and you'll need to enroll in a program if you need to verify more addresses.

There are various services to select from when deciding how to verify if an email is authentic, and you didn't have to waste any extra money when determining which service best meets your needs. While each tool is unique, they are all simple to use, and some do not require registration.

How An Email Verifier Works

The operation of email verification programs is fraught with technical complexities. The main concept is that each email tester verifies emails using the developers' algorithms. For example, to ensure optimum accuracy, email validation services typically go through any of these five steps of email verification:

  • Syntax check
  • Domain Check
  • Check The MX record
  • Catch-All Domain Check
  • SMTP Verification (Email Address Ping)

Syntax Check

When you send a professional email, you probably use an app like Grammarly to ensure that every word is spelled correctly and that your punctuation is excellent. An email verification service does the same thing.

Syntax validation detects invalid email addresses and slows them down for further review while clean emails proceed. As this is done in real-time, you don't have to worry about sending messages to incorrect addresses and causing your bounce rate to skyrocket.

Domain Check

A domain name appears immediately after the @ sign and indicates which domain the email address is associated with. For instance, is the domain name in [email protected]. Email validation services check to see if the domain name is spelled properly and if the web page and domain are actual and operational.

This verification is necessary for one simple reason - websites and email addresses associated with them expire. As a result, some businesses exit the market, while others relocate to a new domain and produce fresh emails related to the new name.

MX Record Check

In layman's terms, an MX record identifies the mail server in charge of accepting emails on behalf of a given domain. It's a more complicated method of detecting spam emails. This component determines if the mail exchange record listed in the email address is a real, authorized, and hosted domain name that can be reached online.

(From manuals.gfi)

An MX record check is an unavoidable step in the email validation process. There are several more technical aspects to this procedure, but the point is that an email verifier must use an MX record check to produce accurate results.

Catch-All Domain Check

An email validator will also check if the email is from a catch-all domain. A catch-all domain is a type of domain that is configured to accept emails even if you write nonsense in the email addressed to it.

All email addresses linked with a catch-all domain name will accept mail, although they may result in hard bounces because catch-all email addresses are frequently set up to avoid unwanted mail.

A reputable bulk email validator (or even an individual email verifier) verifies the domain name for catch-all functionality and notifies you to assist prevent bounces. If you notice that a verified email address has been designated as a catch-all/unverifiable, you can send messages to it at your own risk or remove it from the list entirely to only send to authentic email addresses.

SMTP Verification

Throughout this verification, an email validator sends a ping to a specific email address to test if it can receive and respond to emails. If the ping reaches the recipients' email addresses and generates a reply, the email is considered active, and you can send genuine emails to it without risk. This is also referred to as SMTP authentication.

How To Choose An Email Verifier For Your Business

If your company relies on email marketing, you'll want to be sure your marketing lists are up to date and that your emails are transmitted to every address on your list. Using a validation tool will save you time if you have a vast list and routinely add new leads to it.

As you compare various email validation tools and services, consider the following:

  • Is the tool capable of detecting syntax errors? Most email validation services should validate email addresses by identifying syntax issues, and some may offer ideas for valid emails if the address contains typos.
  • Is the tool searching for invalid or incorrect domains? This is yet an additional test that every email verification tool should carry out. This check verifies that the domain, mail server, and email account exist and receive messages. The tool should scan for catch-all addresses as well.
  • Is the tool capable of detecting spam traps? Spam traps are essentially realistic yet fraudulent email addresses used by email providers and anti-spam organizations to catch fraudulent senders. The tool should recognize these addresses so that you don't appear to be a spammer.

These are the bare necessities you should examine to see if an email service provider has. Then, after ensuring that the tool provides the fundamental functions and has good reliability, you may evaluate services based on cost, customer service, bulk cleaning service availability, and convenience of use. You might also want to check online feedback from others who have utilized the services you're thinking about using.


Authentic email verification services and other ways for determining whether an email is valid can help maintain your email lists tidy and ensure that bogus emails do not derail your efforts to convert leads. In addition, you want to make the best use of your promotional budget. One approach to assure the success of your campaign is to ensure that every email you send is delivered to the correct recipient.

One of the best ways of ensuring that is by using VerifyBee. VerifyBee can assist with email verification by linking to your existing CRM or uploading a list. Faster and more efficient customer email list verification lets your sales force focus on closing deals rather than chasing down fakes.

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