Lead Generation: Get Quality Business Leads in 2022

April 10, 2020

Lead generation can come across as a very tiring task to undertake, especially for people new in marketing. The task of reaching new clients and partners can be made much easier by knowing exactly where to focus your effort. As well, as knowing when and where to turn to for help in getting more business leads.

Business Leads

In this spirit, we will be telling you exactly why lead generation is something necessary for a good business. This will cover the basics as well as a deeper approach to the key that leads hold for any business. We will provide you with the 4 main reasons why you need to improve lead generation on your business.

Lastly, is essential to know when you need help from a specialized service. We can give you tips on when it is best to look for such a service for help and we’ll even give you our recommendation for the best service.

Surely, with all that information you can sure to make the best out of your business and improve its growth.

What are the leads?

Leads, and more importantly business leads are a way to refer to potential clients of your own business. There are different ways that your business can get lead. Via mouth to mouth advertising, conventional online advertising, phone calls or even from a service that specializes in getting leads. This last way is very good for B2B leads in particular.

In general, the idea is to get the public’s attention to your business or web page. After knowing exactly who you’re dealing with, you can then begin to screen people by their intentions and needs. In a way, each would be a lead, however, and especially for business leads, you want to focus your efforts on the most promising candidates to generate income to your business.

Can I generate leads online?

This is a common question that many ask, the answer is, of course, yes. In fact, one of the best ways to generate leads for a business is accomplished online.

When it comes to online marketing there’s one cardinal rule that needs to be followed. You have to provide value to your recipients. This is mostly done by identifying their needs and offering ways for your business or service to help.

While this sounds fairly easy, it is actually a very hard endeavor. Think about caring and investigating every single potential customer that comes into a shop, it would take a lot of work hours and the reward may not be that fulfilling.

So, instead of doing that the old fashion way, with online marketing you can just display pertinent information about your business. Be mindful of presenting information in a way that people with different needs can take an interest in. This way you only have to worry about the people that do seem to be interested in what you offer, this is, your leads.

The importance of lead generation.

Getting more sales leads is as important for a business as maintaining existing clients. Think that what makes a great company great, is in a sense the expansion towards new territory and clients. If a business is not concerned about expansion this can be an early sign of stagnation. As many know, stagnation is a bad sign for any business as it makes it less capable of presenting competitive solutions for clients.

In a sense, getting more sales leads is crucial for the survival of a business. But without getting more drastic, think about the benefits. If you get more leads, you’ll eventually get more clients, this will lead to more income. Eventually, this becomes great financial support for investments and the overall growth of a business.

With that said, lead generation is of the utmost importance for any given business. As such, this task should be entrusted to capable and responsible people. It is the only way that you can guarantee that the marketing efforts are not going to waste.

We will tell you more about how lead generation can improve your business. However, first, let’s see some tactics to generate more leads.

The best tactics to get more business leads.

Allow us to present 4 great ways to increase your lead generation. Some focus completely on organically growing your business leads, while others focus more on getting the leads regardless of how.

1. Content Marketing.

Have you ever read the words “content is king”? well in case you haven’t, we can tell you it’s true. Initially said by Bill Gates, this statement has led a major revolution in the way that most marketers see their work.

By thinking on new and fresh ways to present your message to the public you’re generating better content. It is this very innovation, along with a good quality, that makes the difference when trying to make a reputation for a business, blog or service.

The secret behind better content to attract more business leads lies in the fact that you’re more concerned about providing value to your readers. This makes the public much more inclined to follow your calls to action and therefore show more interest in your brand. Incidentally, this is a great way to increase engagement in your audience at the same time that generating more leads.

2. Marketing via social media.

Social media marketing, or SMM for short, is a more modern and recent way to do marketing. Yet, it has proven to be very effective in generating leads, especially for established brands that want to get in the public’s eye in a different light.

As with any place with lots and lots of people, social media sites are like a busy hub teeming with people that can become potential clients. You can advertise your brand with a simple page and invite customers to leave a review or recommend it to friends. Marketers use Bio Links to enhance marketing impact while Social sharing. As the page starts to grow, you’ll find that more and more people will come knocking on your door.

3. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is one of the best ways to attract traffic towards your website or blog. It basically consists of focusing on a keyword, or several, to make sure that the algorithm of search engines qualifies your page as a relevant one regarding the subject of the keywords.

This is not only popular but a common practice amongst marketeers. Everybody nowadays is using Google and other search engines to find all sorts of information. If someone is looking for something that your brand can help with, then it’s in your best interest to make sure that your business is one of the first things on the results of the search.

Broadly speaking, SEO can, and likely will, help you attract more traffic to your site. Naturally, with more traffic comes more business leads and potential clients. This is the same for different businesses, regardless of whether you’re looking to get more B2B leads or just regular people interested in your service.

4. Getting a lead generation service.

This is not always the last resort as some would say. In fact, getting a service to help you can save time and money in the long run. However, we must caution you, while this can yield very good results, you have to be sure of the reputation of the service you get.

Some people can fall prey to people selling lists of “leads” that hold addresses of people that have no idea that their addresses are being used for that. In the end, this will lead to more problems than solutions. Keep in mind that if you launch an email marketing campaign with addresses of people that have no idea of why they’re receiving your emails, they’ll likely report most as spam.

As for the dangers of this we’ll address these issues below. For now, allow us to give you a rundown on the four most prominent reasons why business leads will improve your business.

4 Reasons why business leads will improve your business.


Generating more leads means that you’re targeting desired customers.

By caring about the lead generation of your business you’re also prioritizing customers that have the most potential of yielding profit. This, at the same time, is a way to target a desired group or population.

As most marketing experts know, targeting is a great way to maximize your efforts and effectiveness in most aspects. It does provide great results in getting more income, generating more brand awareness and, of course, getting more business leads.

Targeting can be done based on different aspects, from the geolocation to what the public wants or needs. The idea behind targeting in the case of a business trying to generate more leads is to focus on what you offer and who needs it the most. After that, it’s just a matter of finding out the best way and time to pitch your services. Of course, by the time a business gets to this point, it should already have more than a few leads on the horizon.

Targeting is about more than just knowing who to pitch your services to, it’s also about the quality. Not everybody that is interested in what you offer has the same potential of the investment. Targeting means that you need to focus your efforts on your prospects, or leads, in a proportional way to what they really mean to your business. For instance, the quality of your leads can be tested by taking into account their geolocation, need, urgency or any other pertinent indicator.

  • The main point: The more you invest in your lead generation the better targeting you’ll get as a side effect. This is to say that the more effort you put into researching new and pertinent clients the more you’ll know about them and therefore you’ll know ways to present your services in a proper way.

When you care about lead generation you also care about brand awareness.

Lead generation will most likely lead you to reach out to new customers and different parts of the public. In the end, this ends up being a great advertising scheme, think of it as a way to display your brand in a positive light. The more you reach out to the public, the very least that you gain is making them more aware of your business.

The natural lead generation process will make you build relationships with different persons and businesses. This in time will become a great way to gain referrals and make more and more people know about your brand. The point is to make a conscious effort in your marketing relationships with the public, this way the more people see you in a positive light the more will follow the lead. Thus, making more and more people want to spread the word about your brand.

  • A takeaway of this: Brand awareness is a plus of the process of generating more business leads. This can be done in a variety of ways; you could take advantage of new trends or events to do a clever advertising campaign designed to narrow down possible leads. In short, even when generating leads is not going the way you expected, at least you are creating brand awareness.

More leads mean more customers and more profit.

This is a pretty straight forward advantage of lead generation, and in essence, is the desired goal of it. The more leads you get for your business, the more clients you’ll have, this equals more profit.

In case you’re wondering, the majority of marketers do spend a great portion of their budget on lead generation. This is simply because the more you invest in finding surefire clients the more income you can generate. This applies to B2B leads as well as all kinds, it’s just pure logic.

This is single-handedly the most powerful reason why your business should be investing in lead generation. Think about how much money you’re making right now, and now think about doubling it in less than a year. The idea behind lead generation is partly expansion and partly maintaining a stable income, however, getting both is the best outcome. A good man once said steady progress is lasting progress, and he was right. For this, lead generation is definitely a must-do for all marketing departments in a business.

The good thing about this advantage is that it doesn’t necessarily focus on generating organic leads. It works just as well, if not more effectively, by using a service to help you. All that matters it’s that the information is of good quality, allowing you to get more clients in the end.

  • The point: generating more business leads does mean that you will be making more money in the long run. However, for this to be like that, you need to do it properly. If you were looking for the single biggest reasons to invest in lead generation think of this. More leads mean more clients which equal more money. The case can also be done for the survival of business by getting clients.

It’s cheaper than using other advertisements.

Following what we mentioned above, why do you think the majority of marketeers invest in lead generation? This is because it yields the best results. This also means that the best way is usually the cheapest method in the long run.

As a marketer, you should always seek the best strategy for the lowest cost of launch. Think of it this way, if you’re launching a marketing campaign for 1000$ and has the potential to yield 2000$ in profit, but on average only yields about 750$, this may sound like a good idea. However, if a different approach costs 500$ and yields on average a return of 1500$, then this choice sounds a lot better. Keep in mind that these numbers are purely fictional and used to make a point.

In this aspect using a service can yield even better results. Think that if you use a good one, nearly all the leads you get will be generating profits after a few months. Of course, this means that you’ll be doubling your income fairly swiftly.

  • The main takeaway: Lead generation is a process that has the potential to yield a lot of profit. The more you put into it the more clients you’ll get and this is a sure way to generate income. Take for instance, that if you use a different strategy for advertising you won’t be as confident about the return of the investment.

Now that you know about the advantages of lead generation, let’s address when it’s time to ask for help and use a service.

When and how to use a lead generation service.

lead generation service

First off, let’s start by making the case that it is always your choice to use a service to get business leads. However, you do have to be aware of when it is crucial to use one for the sake of your brand. The how to use one is pretty self-explanatory once you’ve reached a trusted one.

When it’s time to call for a service to help you get more business leads?

The best time to get a service to help you is when you see that the progress your marketing team is making is stagnating. This is a sure sign that there’s a problem with the approach. Getting service to help you reach new public may just be the extra push your conventional marketing tactics need to break from a tough spot.

However, we must stress that regardless of what anyone tells you, the best time is the time you feel right. Some people don’t feel the need for years, others feel it as soon as the business takes off. This depends largely on each individual, yet, gut feelings are almost always right in this instance.

Buying data or getting a lead generation service?

The more traditional approach to getting B2B leads does rely on using cold emails a little too much. Most people in this situation would choose to get a list of emails to use, this is buying data. However, as with the dangers associated with spam, this can be very damaging to your online business.

On the other hand, lead generation services do provide a good way to get leads safely. However, their results may be slower than buying data. It is up to you of which way you choose, yet keep in mind the perks and disadvantages of each.

  • Buying data: purchasing leads have a bad reputation based on the number of bad email addresses that are common in some lists. At the end of the day a service that has a database of businesses with certain interests, and is reliable, may not be a bad idea. Keep in mind that this does offer a way to start the sales process swiftly.
  • Using a lead generation service: A service is generally more trusted than a person selling an email list. This does offer a more conventional approach with the assistance of marketing experts that can guide the way. It does take longer to see the results; however, it does have a low risk associated.

In the end, it would be best to get a service that takes the best of both approaches.

How to choose a good service?

The main things that you need to ask yourself and your future service are the following:

  1. Audience: What audience do you reach on your own and which audience does the service reach? This also means taking into account the responsiveness of each audience and their potential to generate income.
  2. The agency KPIs: What is it exactly that they measure?
  3. Your KPIs: How do their numbers fit within your own? Can they help?
  4. Their reputation: You absolutely want to make sure that they’re the most reputable service that you can get. This is very important to ensure that you won’t get phony email addresses.

Having these four factors in mind you’ll be able to navigate towards the best option for service.

Our recommendation for the best service.

Our recommendation is, of course, using the best service to help you get the best business leads. This is, using OneMoreLead B2B database service. This service is well trusted and can offer lots of potential clients for your business based on their database.

They use a sort of mixture between a lead generation strategy and data selling. Yet, you can trust them to always offer up the best quality in all their leads.

verifybee home page

Based on what you’re looking for in a business partner you can get access to their database to find other businesses that have an interest in what you offer. Thus, increasing your B2B leads in no time.

We can personally attest their integrity and their commitment to helping businesses grow using business leads.

Concluding our take on the importance of lead generation.

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of opinions about lead generation and if you should use a service. Keep in mind all the advantages that come with investing in lead generation. Remember it is crucial for a lasting business to expand and seek new customers.

When it comes to whether you should use a service or not, there are many things to evaluate. From instance, the audience at which they can help you reach and how profitable this may be. A more concerned look can be taking a peek at their numbers and seeing how good they are.

Yet when you decide that the time is right to use such a service, the choice is perfectly clear. Get help from OneMoreLead B2B Sales. It is quite simply put, one of the best solutions for lead generation available online.

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