NeverBounce vs Email Hunter

June 5, 2019

Two of the best services for email marketing, and online marketing in general, both of them excellent. NeverBounce and Email Hunter. We can already see how much benefits either one of them bring into our webpage, but which is better?

Better is a definition that vary according to out needs and desires. One platform might be more inclined to serve a particular purpose than the other. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to a decision. If it involves our, money, effort and time, it’s better to be sure of what we’re doing.

Here we will compare the two of them and their different services to provide a guide as to what expect when using one. Also, it will help you decide which one is best suited for your needs. Fair warning, it has been said that are different tools for different purposes. However they do belong to the same field of services.

Email Marketing comparation

Brief review.

For now, let’s get to know these two companies more deeply. What they offer, their prices, plans and how good they are in each.

Further on we will be evaluating the pricing, accuracy, verifications, integrations, support and advanced features.

Email Hunter.

email hunter home page

Right now, is one the best sites to help you with email validating. However, it is more focused on finding an email address. It finds and validates a professional email being used by someone, is way more useful as a tool to obtain leads about an address.

The main downside is that it doesn’t verify emails that are not professional, this could be due to its database. The up side, you’re entitled for a number of free verifications per month and it has extension for browsers.

It does have other features.

main features of email hunter

As you can see, it also can be used as an email extractor, coming with plugins for Facebook, Yelp and Twitter. But, to be honest, it is kind of expensive for what it offers. The best we can say is that is very good at what it does and if it offers what you seek it might well be worth the price.


neverbounce home page

This site has experienced a massive growth in popularity over the last few years, and is now considered a premium site. The do provide the very best level of accuracy out of many, if not all, sites for email marketing.

They use a unique 20 steps proprietary process especially designed to check an email over 75 times. This is a lot of effort being done for the user, this has earned NeverBounce a large number of users.

They do provide much more features than Email hunter. But not only that, There’s a custom download option with 25 more features. The price is one of the best in the market for emailing services and they offer a discount for startups.

email tools comparison


Now we begin our evaluation, in this case there will be no scoring, just opinions. Based on this we will be covering the performance of each platform in each field and then give our opinion. Beginning with the financial aspect we have.


Email Hunter, does a pretty standard job with its prices, however, is by no means the best price out there. Their fee is a standard one with 99$ for every 5.000 credits. The credits never expire and are used as a token for the services. If you were to need let’s say a million credits, the price would be 19.800$. They do provide 100 credits free per month.

NeverBounce has a bit of an offer for the users. The price for 5.000 credits is 40$, 400$ for 100.000 credits and only 2.500$ for a million credits. This is way better than with Email Hunter, and the credits never expire. They do provide free credits, 1.000 per month.

When it comes to pricing clearly NeverBounce provides a better choice, and by quite a lot. The payment offers are excellent. Neither of them relies on credit cards unless the user wants to use one. In our opinion NeverBounce is the better choice considering pricing.


Email Hunter is very good and it does provide a decent rate of accuracy with email searches. This is considering that it only works with professional emails.

However, NeverBounce is far ahead on this, with a more profound and especially designed process. It offers unparalleled accuracy and is, yet again, the better choice.


Email Hunter, does a fairly good job verifying email addresses, being able to verify addresses from many sites. It also provides validations for Honeypots and spam traps; they even remove duplicated emails. They detect Role based accounts and grey listing verification.

NeverBounce does the same with the difference that it doesn’t detect Role based accounts. This could become a problem, depending on your set endeavor it might not be a grave one. Other than that, is really on par with what is offered by Email Hunter.

The edge here goes for Email Hunter. Despite working only with professional addresses, it does a very good job with validation. And the issue with NeverBounce is the inability to differentiate between Role based accounts.


Email Hunter only provides integration with a few platforms. It does provide browser add-ons. Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are supported. There’s also an add-on for Google sheets.

NeverBounce is, again, far ahead from Email Hunter. Providing integration with many platforms, no kidding is a long list. Just to show a few.

email tools comparison

If you want to see the full list, please click here.

Again, the edge here goes, without question, to NeverBounce. It’s just too integrated to even be compared to Email Hunter.


Here will add a bit a twist, we are going to compare what each site claims and what it actually does.

Email Hunter claims to have a good live chat and email support. They do not provide phone support. In reality their support is very much true to this. Their email support is efficient and reliable, being above medium but also standard for the market. The same can be said of the live chat.

NeverBounce claims to provide an excellent support in all fields. Sadly, they come a bit short of their promises. Their live chat and phone support are good, but by no means excellent, they do a fair job without going to extra lengths. Their email support on the other hand is everything they say it is, excellent.

In this front we have to give the edge to NeverBounce, due to being above average. Even despite coming a bit short of the expectations. Having a phone support line is much better than having none at all. And they do a better job than Email Hunter with the email support.

Advanced Features.

Email Hunter, doesn’t really provide many advanced features. The standard is email finder and domain verifier. Team subscriptions, this allows you to share your subscription with others.

NeverBounce provides much of the same for the standard plan. If the software identifies a problem with your email listing a member of their team will let you know and they will review the problem, at no additional cost. We do have to mention that their especially designed process counts as an advance feature due to the effort placed on it.

Yet again, NeverBounce proves to be superior in this field. Aside from the standard features. NeverBounce can also be used along with other 25 features if the user so desires it.

The verdict.

When all things are considered NeverBounce comes on top by a lot. Not only the long list of features, or the massive integrations, but because it’s just simply better at almost everything.

It can be argued that these sites can be used for different things and are designed to be different tools. Even so, the number of things NeverBounce offers is just a lot more, and even in what Email Hunter is supposed to do, email finding and verification. NeverBounce provides the same if not better performance.

Considering that and the wide difference of pricing ranges NeverBounce does appear to be just to good to be compared against Email Hunter.

Therefore, the undisputed winner is. NeverBounce.


I do hope this brief comparison can help you decide which platform is better suited for your needs. As you might have seen it’s not a very contested field. Keep in mind that a lot of things can change over the time, and who knows how each platform will perform in the future. But right now, there is but one clear choice. NeverBounce.

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