Neverbounce: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Emails Never Bounce in 2022

July 23, 2019

Some of the worst things for your email marketing campaign is having emails bouncing on your recipients. Not only this means that the customer or subscriber won’t receive the information you send. But this also affects your server reputation and can lead to even more problems in the future.

It is known that a high bouncing rate will affect the deliverability of your emails. This, of course, is fatal for an email marketing campaign. You have to take every precaution you can in order to avoid bounces. Below we will be looking at the 6 main ways to ensure your emails never bounce. Also, we will cover the types of bounces and provide you with our take in a great service to help you solve any issue with your email marketing campaign and emailing list.

Hard bounces VS soft bounces.

An email bounce back happens for different reasons and according to why it happens there is a classification. Basically, a bounce happens when the email you sent is rejected by the receiver’s email server. The familiar term of “bounce rate” is just a measure of how many emails bounce back out of the total sent.

Email bounces are separated into two categories.

Soft bounces.

  • Your recipient’s mailbox is full.
  • The recipient’s email server is experiencing temporary issues, is down or it has crashed.
  • The email you’re trying to send is too big for the email server to handle.

Hard bounces.

In difference with the soft bounces, these bounces will never be delivered. A hard bounce is caused by a permanent problem with the recipient’s address.

  • The email address is fake or invalid.
  • The domain name doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The mailbox of that particular address is not active anymore.

Reasons to ensure your emails don’t bounce.

Quite honestly having a 0% bounce rate is nearly impossible. Being realistic is necessary if you’re looking for a successful email marketing campaign. In this note, it is very possible to have a low bounce rate, realistically, this is what you should aim for.

One reason to keep as low of a bounce rate as possible, is that this is usually a measure of the quality of your email campaign. Another reason is that the same rate can be indicative of a problem with the sender’s address or the campaign management. Always be aware of any traps and potential problems with your campaign. Do keep an eye on your bounce rate yourself, this can lead you to find problems in your email list.

As if the reasons above aren’t enough, remember that a high bounce rate will affect your deliverability. Having a low bounce rate is one way to protect your server reputation and avoid problems for your email marketing campaign. When it comes to your reputation a few bad addresses that go unchecked can cause a disaster. Always aim to have a bounce rate below 2%.

6 Ways to ensure your emails never bounce.

Now that you’re fully aware of why you need to keep your bounce rate as low as possible. Let’s begin with the how, for this we will cover the 6 main ways to ensure a low bounce rate for your email marketing campaign.

1. Remove hard bounces immediately.

This must be done as fast as you can. The only solution for a hard bounce that you can provide from your end is to get rid of the email address causing the problem. Make sure to notice this as quickly as you can. A good email marketing service can help you to handle this in a relatively easy way.

In the case of soft bounces, removing the address isn’t always necessary. A soft bounce is usually just a temporary problem. However, if you detect that a particular address is always generating soft bounces you might want to consider removing that address. Again, a good email marketing client can handle this for you.

2. Authenticate emails.

This basically ensuring that the emails you’re sending are as valid as possible. This is, to use a format that allows the emails to reach the recipient’s mailbox and not its spam folder. The email authentication process can be a little complex, however it is certainly worth the trouble.

3. Have a permission-based email list.

This means to have an email list where every contact as given their consent to be in the list. This is done so the people in the list are the ones interested in your emails. Having a list of automatically signed emails can be troubling and problematic. People that don’t want your emails rarely take the time to reach out an ask to be taken off the list, instead they just label emails as spam. This must be avoided as much as possible.

4. Use a preference center.

A good preference center allows your subscribers to get more control over the emails. This enables users to choose which kind of emails they want to receive and when the emails arrive. Giving the users more control over what kind of content they want to receive is a great way to get a lower bounce rate. This also help your subscribers to be more engaged with your campaign and the content presented.

5. Send regular emails.

Being constant and on time can go a long way to help you get fewer bounces. This is because people get accustomed to your emails, your content and the time they arrive. This increases subscriber’s engagement and interest. Just keep in mind that regular doesn’t mean too much, avoid overwhelming your subscribers.

Another way this helps your email marketing campaign is that by sending frequent emails you can notice bounces sooner. This is key to identify bad addresses that cause hard bounces. As we’ve established, catching those addresses sooner rather than later is fundamental for the success of your email marketing campaign.

6. Track your metrics.

A good habit to get into is to always check your campaign’s metrics. They provide vital information on the performance of your email marketing campaign. Metrics are a prime way to notice if there’s a problem with your campaign that needs your attention. From bounce rates to conversion rates and subscriber engagement, metrics provide key information that you’ll need.

A good performance for your email marketing campaign requires planning and strategy. Both of which are based on information, information that is best represented using all metrics in your disposition. It is likely that you’ll need to adapt and change your strategy to cope with any issues in the campaign, metrics provide accurate information about how those changes affect the campaign’s performance.

VerifyBee– A solution to ensure your emails never bounce.

VerifyBeeprovides a way to check and verify your email list. It looks for bad addresses, typos, spam traps and more. They’re the best service available and will make short work of those emailing list filled with nothing but problems.

Remember that the success of your email marketing campaign depends on your email list. Whenever you run into problems or need a quick cleaning with the best performance in the market, make sure to visit for the best service available. VerifyBeeis available to you at all times and is always ready to make sure that the contacts in your email list are all valid and trust worthy.

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