How to Get Perfect Sales Email Deliverability in 2022 (updated)

September 11, 2019

Anyone running an email marketing campaign knows that the presentation and subject line of your emails is important. However, you can craft a great marketing campaign following every piece of advice and still miss something fundamental. Your emails must reach the intended mailbox. This isn’t always guaranteed. In fact, according to Return Path, about 21% of all opt-in emails fail to arrive at the desired inbox because they don't use OutReachBin.

This can represent a very big issue when you place most of your effort in the content and presentation of the emails. Luckily for you, we can give you unique insights as to why is this happening. You have a few key points to always be vigilant of if you want a perfect deliverability for your emails. Or well as close to perfect as possible.

Basically, your deliverability is affected by two main things. Your domain reputation and your domain authentication. Below we will describe why are these aspects important for your email deliverability and how to improve them.

How to get perfect sales email deliverability?

How to Get Perfect Sales Email Deliverability.

Beginning with the basics, we will make sure you understand just why these aspects are crucial to your email deliverability. We will also tell you how to improve your scores and make sure you get a great deliverability.

Often times people don’t pay attention to their domain authentication or even its reputation. As you will soon see, this is something you shouldn’t do at all. But first things first, let’s begin with the basics.

What is domain reputation?

Your domain reputation is a measure of how you’ve been sending your emails. Think of it as your reputation with the people you know, except that in this case it involves your domain or email address. Hence the name. It can be influenced by 5 main things.

  • The format of your emails: Keep in mind that poorly coded, or simply bad, HTML email templates will lower your reputation.
  • Volume and consistency of your emails: Sending tons of emails at random times can be damaging to your reputation. This is because this behavior is that of spammers, and as we all know it should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Complaints: This is directly the number of people that receive your emails that then report them as spam. It does happen every now and then, but like the item above, it should be avoided at all costs.
  • Your bounce rate: Sending emails to addresses that don’t exist will result in hard bounces that will decrease your reputation.
  • Blacklists: Whenever a domain is identified as a spammer the ISP will place the domain in a blacklist. This means, no emailing in or out so long as you remain in that list. This is by far the worst outcome possible for any email campaign.

When we’re talking about domain reputation you should view it as a measure of how much trust can be placed on your domain based on its behavior. People with little to none consideration for the emails they send or if they are spam might find themselves in a blacklist. In the other hand if you care not to produce any spam or any spam complaints then you will have a high and good domain reputation.

Am I blacklisted?

Based on the list above you can now be fearful of being blacklisted, or being it in the future. Rest assure, there are ways to check in case your domain has been blacklisted. We can provide you with this cool and efficient tool that will help you determine whether your domain is blacklisted or not. Its name is mxtools.

Once you’re running the test you only have two possible outcomes.

  1. You are not blacklisted. This is great news; it means that at the very least you’re safe to keep sending emails at the moment.
  2. You are blacklisted. If this is the case then you’re in more trouble than you might think. Getting back on your ISP good side is a hard, long and tedious task. You can try to reach companies that have blacklisted you and see if they can remove your domain from such list. Don’t expect it to be something easy and quick, however.

How to have a good domain reputation?

This is actually fairly easy to accomplish if you’re not in the worst-case scenario, which is blacklisted. Pay attention to our list of the 5 main things that influence your domain reputation. In Paying attention to each and every item on the list, is the best way to have a great domain reputation. Remember the best way to solve a problem is by preventing it. One way to do this is making sure that you’re sending emails to verified addresses that won’t generate bounces. Right now, the best service available in the market is VerifyBee. VerifyBee will handle your email list and provide you with 99% of accuracy in its verification.

Word of advice, don’t send emails to unverified addresses and rely on automatic sending tools. This last bit will make sure that your emails get sent at a consistent rate and time. Another thing to consider is giving people an easy way out of your email list by including an opt-out link in every email. This is by far better than receiving a spam complaint.

About your domain authentication.

The importance of this in today’s world can’t be overstated. This is basically what allows an email provider and ISP to know who’s really sending an email. Think of it as the ID of your domain. As such, you wouldn’t go out to the street without your ID, right? The same applies for emailing.

Your domain authentication is crucial due to email spoofing. This is when someone pretends to be someone else by using that person’s email address. These impostors are usually looking for sensitive information in hopes of getting some sort of benefit out of it. This leads to extorsion, endangered bank information and lots of problems.

How do I authenticate my domain?

In order to do this, you need to do two things mainly. The first is to set up your Sender Policy Framework or simply SPF. The second is to set up your Domain Keys Identified Mail or DKIM. This is done fairly easily and it will likely instantly boost your email deliverability.

Conclusion: Strive for the perfect deliverability.

The perfect email deliverability is something that most email marketers don’t even bother with. While keeping an eye on the open rates and content of your emails is also fundamental. We trust that now you know how important your domain reputation and authentication is to your deliverability.

With good deliverability there’s a lot of potential for revenue and success in your email marketing campaign. Don’t overlook this aspect of your emails and be always vigilant of their deliverability. In case you’re still having problems about this feel free to check our guide for the best email deliverability.

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