Send Same Email to Multiple Recipients Separately Outlook

August 3, 2019

Anytime you want to send emails to a group of people, you can save time and effort by doing this quickly and efficiently. Sure, you can always send emails one by one, but that’s the old fashion way, from when people didn’t know better.

Now, thanks to us, you’ll know just how fast and easy this process can become. This is, by using the powerful features integrated in the outlook platform. There can be multiple ways to send the same email to multiple recipients, here we are presenting the fastest and most efficient one.

Sending the same email to multiple recipients separately is a way to maintain the discreteness of your contacts. This is also done to avoid breaking emailing etiquette by placing your recipient’s addresses in the BCC field.

Without further ado.

Send same email to multiple recipients separately outlook

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Here, you’ll learn how to use the mail merge feature available in your outlook client. This feature is so efficient and effective that it even allows you to add a greeting for every email. To accomplish this just follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Go to the contacts panel and select the recipients which you want to send your email to. After that you want to click Home and then Mail Merge.

Step 2.

Now that you’ve opened the Mail Merge contacts dialog box. Select the option named Only selected contacts, from the contacts section. Now, in the Merge options section, select From letters and from the Document type drop down, E-mail from the Merge to drop down list. After all that, just enter the subject you need into the Message subject line text box.

mail merge contacts

Step 3.

When that bit is done, you want to click the OK button and right after Microsoft Word will open with a new document. This new window will stay under Mailings ribbon automatically. After that, what you want to do is click Greeting line under the Mailings tab.

mailings greeting line

Step 4.

Now, you want to select Insert Greeting Line dialog box, then just specify the greeting line format as you see fit. Before making any rushed decisions, you can get a preview of you message by clicking Preview.

Step 5.

After you see that everything is just the way you want it to be, in terms of the greeting line and format. You can press the Enter key on your keyboard to actually move to the next line and compose the message body of your email.

type the email body

Step 6.

When everything is done with the actual email, click Mailings then Finish & Merge and lastly Send Email Messages.

Mailings then Finish & Merge and lastly Send Emai

Step 7.

Back to your Merge to E-mail dialog box you can directly click the OK button to send all the emails at once. Remember these emails will only be sent to the contacts you selected at the beginning.

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Step 8.

After finishing with this you can make sure that everything went fine by verifying that the emails were sent. Go to the Sent items folder and make sure that the emails were dispatched properly.


This brief guide as shown you just how fast and simple you can send an email to multiple recipients separately using outlook. Avoid using the BCC and CC fields that might be considered rude or give away contact information.

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