How to Increase Your Survey Response Rate + Survey Email Templates

September 2, 2019


Surely most of us that have ran different surveys, via email, know that their response rate isn’t always great. In fact, getting people to respond to your surveys can be more than difficult depending on your customer base. This is so much so, that even a 50% response rate is considered good, just in case you didn’t know. Luckily there are ways to increase that response rate.

More often than none people are just bored of getting the same survey email with the same dull lines. This is one of the reasons a survey respond rate is low. But we’re not here to tell you about that, no, we’re here to show you a better way to present your survey emails. One that will likely help you drastically increase your survey respond rate and will provide more engagement from your recipients.

Connecting with people is getting harder and harder every day. This is why getting information from surveys is really important for your business, it’s one of the main sources of useful input for your products. So, get ready to see how to increase your survey response rate. In addition to telling you how we will even provide you with a few example templates of great survey emails.

How to increase your survey response rate.

As mentioned, a click trough rate of around 50% to 60% is considered good, and not that common. This has a direct relation with the content of your survey emails. A good open rate for your survey emails is around 70% to even 80%. However, the open rate has a more direct relation with the subject lines used for the email and the time that the recipient got the email. If you wish to know more about this, we have an article on the best time to send an email to get a response.

The main component of the formula to increase your response rate is based on two main things.

  • Introducing media content.
  • A good and dynamic landing page.

Let’s explore each component in more detail.

Media content.

As you might be aware of, people respond well to seeing images, graphics or videos. This can be a powerful tool to implement in your survey emails. If you decide to use images chose vibrant colors and an image that seems friendly to your recipients. In the other hand if you go for a video, then it might be a good idea to chose someone from the public relations team to read a script. This last bit shows more human interaction and makes your recipients feel way more engaged and important.

If you do use a video for the email then you might want save sometime with the link. Have the video and the survey in the same webpage, this is way when someone clicks on the video, they automatically have access to your survey. This minimizes the friction of having to click on two separate links just to get to the actual survey.

In either case you should always remember to use images or videos that are according to the subject of the survey. You want to show consistency in this aspect. If the survey is for one of your products then make sure the image is related or that the video actually mentions that product.

A dynamic landing page.

Now, this is crucial for your survey. The presentation of your webpage tells a lot of information to your recipients. It can show how committed you are with your brand or how cheap you are. Making a great and dynamic webpage shows that you’re professional and involved with your brand. This makes your customers want to be involved too and as such they’re much more likely to take your survey.

Let’s talk about what your landing page should contain. In the following order this is what your recipients should see when visiting your page.

  • A Video or some sort of media content relating to the survey product.
  • The brand, or company, logo.
  • A unique copy of the survey, customized to show the name of every recipient.
  • Embedded typeform.

This layout is designed to diminish the friction as much as possible. In other words, makes the navigation and filling of the survey as easy and comfortable as possible for the recipient. The video or media content is a good idea to make your recipients feel more engaged, in fact the video might be the necessary push for someone to fill out the entire survey.

Based only on the use of the media content together with a good and dynamic landing page you can drastically increase your survey response rate. It seems easy right? Yes, but there are things to be aware of.

The dangers and precautions.

While the format shown above is easy to follow and implement it can also be dangerous. Implementing it correctly means to know how not to do it as well. For instance, if you’re using images as media content then try to not go over the top or place too many images. It should be a nice, friendly and colorful image, nothing too extreme. In the case of a video, be mindful of the length of the video and the script.

The page should be simple and straight to the point while being refined and professional. People are much more likely to take your surveys if they know that is not going to take too long. This is why presenting the survey quickly and with as little friction as possible is really important.

A couple examples.

Just in case you want to give yourself a better idea of how a good survey email should look like we have the following templates. We will just present the body of the email, ideas for a good subject line can be found in our article about the best subject lines for survey emails.

[If you’re using an image as media content place it here.]
[First name of the recipient].
I wanted to thank you personally for purchasing our product and supporting our brand.
Here at
[Brand name] our mission and daily job is to make the best possible experience for our customers. As such I was wondering if you could help us with our mission?
If you could answer this really short and quick survey it would be really helpful.
The link below will take you directly to your personal copy of the survey.
[If you’re using a video as media content put a preview of the video here.]
Click here.
[Place a hyperlink for the landing page in the word “here”.]

A second example.

You can mix the order of presentation a bit as well.

[Preview of the video]
[First name of the recipient]!
We wanted to personally thank you for supporting our brand and securing our service.
[Brand name] our job is to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
You can play a vital role in our brand by giving us your take on our services.
Would you mind taking a few moments to answer this quick survey?
Below you’ll find a link to our page with your personal copy of the survey.
[If you’re using an image you can place it here.]
Just click here.
[Place a hyperlink for the landing page in the word “here”.]

As you can see these templates are not really all that different, you are free to change them up a bit to suit your needs. Hopefully these will provide you with a better response rate for your survey emails. You can try different versions of these templates together with an A/B testing method to see which one yields better results.

Remember these are just examples of great survey emails, you always follow your own vision. However, try learning from them and using the most important parts of our templates. Make sure that your emails are engaging and easy to read, make them flow with ease.


Here we’ve shown you a great way to increase your survey response rate. People do respond better to engaging emails that have media content and feel professional. This makes them feel important which in turn makes them much more likely to not only respond to your surveys but to actually engage more with your brand. Hopefully now you know how to increase your survey response rate.

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