The Best Free Tool For Email Verification In 2022

January 14, 2022

Verified email addresses are essential for any company hoping to succeed with email marketing. As a result, it's critical to double-check that your email address list is correct, error-free and that they actually exist. Mistakes happen, and it's not uncommon for your subscribers to make errors in their email addresses while subscribing to your list. Therefore it is paramount to ensure that your emails are verified - but how do you do that exactly? The solution is pretty obvious- use a free tool to do email verification that can be the best fit for your business.

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Today we’re going to be giving you the complete guide on email verification including what it is, how it works, all of its advantages, and the best tool you can use for hassle-free verification at no cost.

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What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is a method of determining whether or not an email address is deliverable and legitimate. It executes a quick procedure that detects typos, whether they are honest errors or deliberate misdirections. It also verifies if a certain email address is associated with a reputable domain, such as Gmail or Yahoo. This utility not only organizes and cleans your email address list but also protects your email sender score, allowing you to get the most out of your email software.

How Does Email Verification Work?

Email verification will be provided by the majority of email service providers (ESPs). There are a number of free tools that validate email addresses. For example- VerifyBee. However the type of business you operate, this tool can help you verify emails in bulk.

First and foremost, you must bulk upload your email address list. After that, email verification tools will do some short tests to see if the entered email address is legitimate, dangerous, or invalid.

  • Valid - This indicates that the email address is valid and free of errors. This verification will go all the way down to the mailbox stage.
  • Risky - This indicates that the recipient exists, but there are additional characteristics that
  • suggest this address may still bounce.
  • Invalid - When an email address is tagged as invalid, it implies it has syntax, DNS, and/or mailbox issues.

How Does Email Verification Help A Business

Reduces Bounce Rate

If you receive too many bounces, your reputation as a sender will suffer, and your email campaign will suffer as well. An email verification tool will assist you in eliminating all incorrect email addresses and lowering the email bounce rate by 90%. A decent email verification tool will do more than just look for the email address in the database; it will also verify whether the account is active in real-time. You may enhance your sender score by enhancing email deliverability. It assesses if you are a legitimate sender or a spammer.

Provides Accurate Insights

You now have the legitimate email addresses once your email verifier has cleaned the mailing list. The activities of the receivers will be more dependable for analysis when you conduct your email campaign. Because you're sending emails to actual people's inboxes, every answer you get will appear authentic.

Saves Money

It costs money to store email addresses and send emails. Maintaining a database and sending them costs money. When you verify email addresses, the undesired ones will be deleted from the list, and the size of your database will shrink. You'll also be sending fewer emails. As a result, you'll be able to save money.

Gets Better ROI

One of the advantages of email verification is that it decreases bounces, which helps to boost ROI. Consider this - sending emails costs your business money. Each email has a fee connected to it. As a result, even a single email bounce might have an impact on your campaign's ROI. Bounced emails imply a waste of money spent on email marketing.

Lessens Workload In Fixing Bounce Rates

Bounces will begin to arrive if you use an email list that has not been validated for your email campaign. You must use a system that unsubscribes hard bounces if you handle things yourself, but if you hire an email service provider, they will transfer the problematic addresses to a different list.

The bounces will also be noted by the service provider. Different email service providers normally set a limit, and if the number of bounces exceeds that limit, the service provider may send you a warning. The service provider will prohibit you if you do not improve your list-building techniques and too many bounces occur in the future.

When you double-check your list, all of the issues will be rectified. The email verification program would eliminate all of the invalid addresses from the list, saving you time and effort. This is a significant advantage of verifying your email list, and it will aid in the overall effectiveness of your marketing approach.

Results In Fewer Spam Complaints

One of the most significant advantages of email verification is this. For every 5000 emails you send, the spam complaints should be less than five. It is critical to maintain your spam rate as low as possible, otherwise, your reputation will suffer. Users that often designate emails as spam can be identified using email verification software. Such email accounts will be flagged by the verifier, allowing you to avoid being labeled as spam.

Increases Engagement Rates

You may get rid of the email addresses on your email list that don't benefit you in any manner after you start checking them. It will minimize the size of your mailing list, but it will also boost the rate of interaction. You may achieve a better email open rate and a better email click-through rate if you send emails to people who use their email account frequently.

Deters Contact From Risky Accounts

Many email addresses do not belong to a living person. These are the ones that have been related to chargebacks or scams. It's critical to avoid these email accounts since sending too many emails to traps might get you blacklisted. With email verification, you can ensure that you are not sending emails to potentially dangerous email addresses.

Identifies Catch-All Mail Savers

Catch-all mail servers receive all emails, even if the recipient's mailbox does not exist. It might be an issue for you as a digital marketer since it may appear genuine at first, but it will be rejected later. You would know about this particular server setup if you used an email verification program, and you could then delete such email addresses from your list.

Identifies Temporary Accounts

Scam artists frequently employ randomly generated temporary accounts that are only active for 48 hours. You won't realize they're transitory if you're being genuine when you acquire them. You may later discover and delete such accounts from the list using an email verifier.

Safeguards Your Reputation

When you send emails, you establish a reputation with email and internet service providers over time. This reputation is referred to as sender reputation, and it is dependent on a number of variables. The number of times receivers label your email as spam and the number of email bounces are two criteria to consider.

You can rest a little more with verified email lists because you aren't sending emails to accounts that may flag them as spam or create bounces. It will aid in the protection of your sender's reputation, which is extremely important to email marketers.

Helps Avoid Penalties

Your email service provider will start alerting you if your campaign receives multiple bounces and spam reports, and if this happens again, they will blacklist you. It might even result in you paying a hefty fine in severe circumstances. Bounces and spam complaints are reduced when you utilize an email verification service since you have a clean list. You can then resume your email marketing without fear of being blocked.

Helps Build A Reliable Database For Sales Teams

The correctness of your mailing list is critical - otherwise, your sales staff will be unable to maximize its potential. Your outreach effort will not yield the anticipated results if the emails on your list are not verified, and the analytics will not be as expected. You may avoid this by providing a list of confirmed email addresses to your staff in the first place. After all, the outcome is determined by your involvement, and if you supply the sales staff with a confirmed list, their efforts will be rewarded.

Different Ways In Which Email Verification Can Be Done

Email verification may be done in three ways. The method you use will be determined by the period in which you want results and the amount of verification you require.

  • You may include an auto-complete function that allows customers to pick the right email address as they type in their email address. This decreases the chance of human mistakes when entering data manually.
  • Use a third-party solution, such as VerifyBee, to get real-time feedback on whether or not an email address is valid.
  • Double opt-in - The easiest technique to authenticate email addresses is to use double opt-in. Send an email to your customers requesting email verification if they join up for your email list or newsletter.

The following are some of the repercussions of a poorly maintained email database -

  • Revenue stream interrupted or lost
  • Costs of marketing increase
  • Inefficiencies in the sales process
  • Customer service becomes poor
  • The sender's reputation becomes tarnished.

While email verification can help to mitigate these issues, it's vital to note that it's neither a panacea nor a one-time fix. To prevent damaging your reputation, all marketers should adhere to natural acquisition tactics, wipe up their lists on a regular basis, and continue to employ email verification as a safety.

How Can You Verify Your Email List

You can't truly check if email addresses on your list are legitimate without an email verification tool until you send emails to them, see if you receive any bounces, and then manually remove all incorrect addresses. This is illogical because each bounced email jeopardizes your sender's reputation, thus you should try to avoid them in the first place.

As previously stated, email verification tools, often known as email verifiers or email checkers, can be used to verify email addresses prior to transmission. These tools will tell you which of your email addresses are undeliverable (bouncing back) and which are safe to send to.

How do they function? Email verification programs, in layman's terms, connect to your email recipient's server, assess its response, and tell you which emails are invalid. Without really sending an email. You may then submit your email list to your email automation platform once it has been confirmed.

VerifyBee- One Of The Best Email Verification Tool In The Market

VerifyBee is the pinnacle of email verification software. It verifies your emails by connecting to your current CRM or using an uploaded list. Furthermore, the new B2B business lead database from a partner will help you find prospects for your firm more rapidly. You may filter results by industry, revenue, size, title, and other factors.

Source: VerifyBee

Here are some features of VerifyBee, that can help you verify emails in bulk for free.

  • Multiple Integrations - VerifyBee now interfaces with MailChimp, Platformly, Aweber Moosesend, Mailshake, and Lemlist, among others. Any of these services may be readily connected to VerifyBee, allowing you to continue working without interruption. More integrations are on the road, including Google Sheets, SendGrid, and Infusionsoft, among others.
  • Advanced Platform - VerifyBee's email verification program is as powerful as any other on the market, and its email verification services are second to none. It cleans your mailing lists by checking MX records, domain validity, spam traps, CatchAll addresses, and other variables, as well as pinging servers to ensure server authenticity.
  • Dedicated Support - If you have any issues, the VerifyBee team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. The tool is dedicated to keeping your email lists clean and ensuring that your messages don't bounce.
  • Friendly UI - VerifyBee's user-friendly interface was designed with the user in mind. Its user interface is designed to be user-friendly. Using its user-friendly interface, you can integrate your existing process, clean your email list, manage email addresses, download results, and more.

Finally, VerifyBee takes pleasure in its capacity to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology and give the finest email verification services to clients. It is the all-in-one platform for all your email verification needs because of all of these characteristics.


Email verification is your safety net, and it may save you from a lot of trouble. It's a requirement if you want to keep your sender reputation spotless and your inbox placement score high.

Looking for a tool to help you verify emails in bulk for free? The best way to get started would be by contacting VerifyBee, the all-in-one email verification & validation tool.

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