The Definitive Guide To Email Verification

February 8, 2022

A business cannot function without email. It is the standard method of communication and an integral part of conducting business. 320 billion emails are sent every day, but many of them land in the wrong inbox because of inaccurate addresses. It is quite common that email addresses are typed incorrectly. If you want your business to succeed, you need to make sure your list of email addresses is correct and error-free. Using an email verification tool is the best way to solve this problem.

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In this useful guide, we have explained what email verification is, why it's important for sales promotions and marketing, and how email verification tools can make your life easier.

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  • Email verification involves confirming the validity and existence of an email address.
  • Email verification provides many benefits over and above security, such as increasing conversions and boosting engagement.
  • An email verification service will be of great value to organizations engaged in email marketing.
  • A well-designed email campaign is guaranteed to reach the recipients' inboxes.
  • When seeking real success in email marketing, it is important to choose the right email validation service provider.

What is Email Verification?

The process of email verification involves confirming the validity of an email address without having to contact the recipient. The practice has proven to be highly effective for many users as it reduces both the soft and hard bounce rates of outgoing email campaigns while protecting the reputation of their outgoing mail server.


Verifying email addresses lets you ensure that your contact list is accurate, error-free, active, and belonging to the people you want to address. You also avoid your emails being marked as spam, having your sender score decreased, or having your IP address blocked when using this technique.

But you don't have to go through an external verification service or use an app. You can accomplish all of this by selecting an email marketing service with built-in functionality for validating and managing all of your emails.

Email verification services can automate such a process to reduce manual effort and time while still reducing the risk of fake signups.

What Are the Advantages of Email Verification?

Improves ROI and Saves Money

One of the greatest advantages is the amount of money you can save on marketing expenses. Every marketing message that is sent equals dollars spent, so sending messages to non-existent or invalid e-mail addresses is a waste of money.

All things considered, having a clean and accurate list will likely result in a higher return on investment, so you will never again be surprised by your campaign results. The more outcomes that the executives witness from your email efforts, the more dollars you can save towards future email marketing campaigns.

Verifies the Authenticity of the Recipients

Verifying your emails will prevent you from being penalized by ensuring they reach active inboxes. You must ensure that your emails reach their intended recipients if you want to accomplish successful email campaigns. Getting your messages delivered to verified recipients will greatly improve your inbox deliverability score, which is crucial for making yourself a trustworthy sender.

Checks for and Prevents Errors

Users can be reminded of typographical errors during sign-up when owners use in-form email verification. In this way, recipients can be informed that there is something wrong with their data, reducing the risk of incorrect information being submitted. By doing so, your mailing list data will be accurate and the registration process will be improved.

Providing Actionable Insights from Data

Poor campaign statistics coupled with an inaccurate email list will make it difficult for marketers to formulate future engagement strategies or content ideas. In most cases, bounced emails provide no value and only create clutter.


Using a validated email list will enable you to determine which customers are currently active and which customers have used your services previously. By doing so, your marketing strategy can be more segmented. A message tailored to each group can encourage members to return or offer them updates on recent purchases.

Reduce Spam Complaints

Your marketing campaign can be negatively impacted by spam complaints. Users typically complain when they are receiving too many emails or when they are unsure what to do to unsubscribe. In general, spam complaint rates should not exceed 0.1%. Advanced email validation tools can help you identify customers who consistently flag your communications as spam, so you can decide whether or not to engage with them.

Enhanced Reputation

A high bounce rate and being barred from email providers can put the reputation of your company at risk. Brands don't like to be associated with spammers. As a result, email validation can serve to maintain your status among your Email Service Provider (ESP), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and target audience as a reputable brand.

Although businesses do try as hard as they can to process emails efficiently, marketing subscriptions often slip through the cracks. Your audience's addresses may not always be updated when they change, and they might not even take the time to let you know.

To stay relevant and reap the benefits of your email marketing campaign, it's vital that you use an email validation tactic as part of your email marketing strategy. Unless you do, your message will go unnoticed.

Improve Email Engagement Rate and Revenue

When your email information has been verified, you can begin deleting accounts that do not meet your needs. In spite of having a smaller mailing list, your engagement rates will be better.

Your campaign's open and click-through statistics will improve if you deliver emails to the right person all the time. Using email validation, you will also be able to eliminate unwanted email addresses and abusive freemium providers-protecting your revenues and preventing server overloads.

Identify Catch-All Email Accounts

Many of you in the business-to-business space already know about catchall email servers. They're simply server settings that accept emails addressed to any username on the server, even if there are no mailboxes on the server. Digital marketers have issues with emails that appear to be legitimate but are subsequently rejected. You can identify these mail servers using email validation software. By gathering additional insight, you can make the most informed choices regarding your email campaign.

How Do You Know if an Email Address Is Invalid?

It is possible for your database to contain invalid email addresses, even if you collect email addresses legally. Several types of invalid addresses are listed below:

Outdated Addresses

There is no way to know if some email addresses in the database are active or not. Their owners may have abandoned them because they were overwhelmed with spam, forgotten their mailbox password, changed their mail service, or changed jobs, causing their email addresses to change.

Incorrect Emails

It is possible for users to type in a typo when entering their email address in a subscription form. If you do not use double opt-in subscriptions, such addresses will likely appear in your mailing list.

Spam Traps

Spam Traps

Email providers create these addresses with the purpose of exposing and blacklisting senders with a poor reputation. A spam trap can also be an abandoned email address that was once in use but is now inactive. If you have such addresses in your mailing list, you may suffer a loss of reputation, be placed on black lists, and your email campaigns will be partially or fully blocked.

Services that find potential customers' contact info instead of having them subscribe yourself can result in spam traps being added to your list. Validate your email list and remove any invalid addresses using an email verification service. Check out the benefits of using an email verification service below.

Standard Parameters Used in Email Verification

Engaging emails require email validation. The following are the standard parameters used in email validation.

Authenticity of Recipients

Validation services verify all email addresses on mailing lists in order to determine if they are authentic. A high number of invalid accounts can cause even the best-designed marketing campaign to fail. Validating your email addresses increases engagement whilst eliminating invalid addresses.

A High Level of Deliverability

The average open rate for emails is 21.33%. Low deliverability reduces this rate. It will be much easier for emails to reach recipients if email addresses are validated, resulting in fewer invalid addresses and preventing spear-phishing scams. Consequently, as the campaign reaches more inboxes, it has a greater chance of engaging recipients.

Sender Score

It is more likely that messages from a high-quality sender will reach the inbox. Mailing lists with blacklisted addresses can decrease sender scores. Validating emails helps prevent campaigns from going to waste by flagging and eliminating such addresses.

Bounce Rates

Bounced emails resulting from incorrect addresses are flagged as undeliverable. High bounce rates place emails directly in spam folders. It is important to validate emails in order to prevent hard bounces and ensure sender reputation so that the emails reach users' inboxes

Why Should You Use an Email Verifier?

Why Should You Use an Email Verifier?

Changing Emails is Common

Reports reveal that about 31 per cent of people change their email addresses in a year. In light of this, an email verification service is of paramount importance.

No matter whether a user hasn't deactivated their account, this is pointless from a marketing standpoint if they don't check it. As soon as your email piles up, it will sit there until your recipient logs in, and even then, there may be too many emails for him or her to cope with.

To Detect Spam Traps

A spam trap or honeypot email is an email address whose owner is not real. This is designed for the purpose of catching spam emails. These spam traps need to be avoided because they might put you on a blacklist, which will have detrimental effects on your delivery and reputation.

The Shutdown of Email Providers

The majority of websites fail, and some have even gone out of business. How do this impact users when a provider ceases to exist? They are unable to send or receive emails through their former email account. There may even be cases where they are unable to see their inbox.

With this occurring more often than not, it is crucial to use a service to verify emails in order to prevent them from being wasted.

To Detect Change of Jobs

Over the course of a career, people change jobs. In such cases, either the older domain cannot be reached or its email address is redirected to another person's address. Email verification can be used to identify employees who have left their companies.

To Avoid Fake Emails

It is not uncommon for users to use fake emails. Users may use fake emails for several reasons.

When asked for their email, some users give fake information rather than sharing their email addresses. There are some users who are in a hurry and just want to bypass the verification process. As a result, they enter the wrong email address.

Users enter random phrases or email addresses such as '[email protected]' or '[email protected]'. Most companies have thousands of emails and manually examining them all is not feasible since it can take a lot of time to identify them.

In contrast, email validation services can complete the task within minutes. In a nutshell, you will be able to rely on your email lists more.

To Safeguard Your Reputation

Having a good emailing list or an email service is important for businesses that offer email marketing. Email relevance and relevancy play a big role in the ROI of a campaign. The campaign will suffer if even 10 per cent of the emails are invalid.

Additionally, a company will not appear professional if it cannot send emails to the proper address. It's important that you correct your customers' mistakes, no matter how minor. Using an email verification service is your best option.


Having invalid email addresses on your website can negatively affect the reputation of your business. You will also have to use a large amount of time and resources in email marketing because of a high bounce rate.

If you are looking for a tool that's trustworthy and easy to use, look no further than VerifyBee. It is one of the most reliable and easy to use email verification services. By connecting to your CRM or uploading your list to VerifyBee, you can verify your emails. It is compatible with a range of platforms and has a comprehensive verification process that makes it convenient and faster at the same time. In addition, VerifyBee offers its own support team.

Want a clean email list that maximizes your deliverability? Get started with VerifyBee for free!

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