What to Put In a Company Newsletter?

August 2, 2019

Your company’s newsletter is one of the most important interactions you will have with your customers. It is a periodical and constant supply of information regarding activities, services and changes that might interest your subscribers. So do you know what to put in a company newsletter?

And just as you might get from the “periodical and constant” part, people do tend to disregard it. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Having a good and informative newsletter can improve the engagement of your customers and do wonders for your brand.

Email newsletter are more profitable than ever and one advantage of this is the impact your newsletter can have for your business. A good newsletter should contain the following.

What to put in a company newsletter?

  • Keep your subscribers informed about your activities.
  • Keep your subscribers engaged with your brand and services.
  • Provide opportunities to improve your business and sales.
  • Follow a good and informative format.

This isn’t always the case when it comes to newsletters, at least for most industries. By providing your customers with a newsletter that meets certain standards you can gain the edge above your competition.

Below you’ll find some tips for the creation of a great newsletter for your company.

what to put in a company newsletter

Be informative with Company Newsletters

People do like to be properly informed with good quality information that in turn they can pass on to friends and acquaintances. Having a good format to transmit your information and actually providing it plays to their ego and in your favor. For instance, as to what your newsletter should contain.

Newsletters Should Contain Fun facts and useful tips

This is about the topics you handle with confidence that can interest your customers. Providing them with fun, verified and useful facts about a topic is a good way to keep your subscribers engaged. This also spices up your emails and provides a more relaxed pace to them, making them feel more organic and human. One or two fun facts about your business at the end of every email should be enough to get create this effect.

Industry News and Trends in Company Newsletters

With the internet being as indispensable as it is now days, people want to be on the loop of everything. This does not mean, however, that they’re willing to search about every trend or piece of news available. That’s where you come in, you can provide this information as a way to provide useful and interesting information to your readers. This not only helps your open rates, but it also positions you as a trusty source of information. One that people will likely turn to when given the opportunity.

Community happenings

If you’re running a small business being seen as a part of a community is great for you. Do make sure to keep an eye on what is happening in your community and provide information about this in your newsletters. This can also be done by supporting local activities or initiatives, something to which people can relate to.

Make a connection.

A newsletter is the perfect opportunity to generate more engagement for your brand. This is done by giving subscribers a real interaction, or at least as close as it comes in the form of an email. People want to feel appreciated and considered, your newsletters can accommodate to this in more ways than one.

You can start by writing the body of your email to be felt more human-like and organic. This does depend on your sector of business, however, finding a way to treat your customers more like people can play to your advantage. If you want ideas as to how to accomplish this, you can provide a “behind the scenes look” at your business every once in a while.

Encourage sharing.

This can be considered a “call to action”, it essentially means that people are more likely to do something if you tell them to. In this case you want them to share your content if they found it to their liking, this in time attracts more people to your business and improves the number of customers engaged with your content.

Incidentally you can add the option to share posts and articles in social media platforms. Having a longer list of real and interested subscribers can only be beneficial to your business in the long run. This is something that not every newsletter does but should at least try to accomplish.

Make it fun.

People don’t always respond well to a simple and sober newsletter. This is especially the case for this type of email, since you’ll be sending it on regular basis to keep your subscribers informed. Making it fun by using a funny image related to the topic, or even cracking a joke every once in a while, is a good way to maintain a level of entertainment.

This works on your favor when making the first impressions. Make sure to don’t over do it, remember this is a newsletter not a spam email. It might be a good idea to open up with a funny line in the first paragraph of your email and if you get the chance a joke in the main body of the email. More than that can be considered a bad ratio for a company's newsletter.

Again, this does depend a great deal on your brand and sector of business.

Be consistent.

Remember, your newsletter should not keep your subscribers reading for more than 5 to 6 minutes. The consistency of your newsletters plays in two ways. The amount of content that you can accommodate in your emails and the time of arrival. For the first part you need to make sure to not over extend the length of your email, keep it short and precise, no longer than a 6-minute read.

As mentioned, consistency also applies for your sending schedule. By sending your newsletters at the right time and sticking to a schedule you can improve your open rates and the engagement of your subscribers. Recurrence and timing are key in this aspect. Furthermore, you can optimize the best sending time for your newsletter by segmenting your emailing list and using a geolocation factor to decide the best time for each group.

Get it opened.

This one is not a surprise for anyone, in order for your newsletter to be worth the effort it has to be opened. A good measure of this is your campaign’s open rate. And as you know so far, your newsletter subject line plays a fundamental role in this.

A good subject line for your newsletter should be about the most relevant information in it. Including the recipient's name in the subject line can also aid you in getting a higher opening rate and creating more engagement. An email marketing client can help you handle this and more.

Remember to make sure that your subject line is optimized for smartphone reading. Keep it concise, informative and on point to get the attention of your recipients.


Having a great newsletter isn’t easy, but the rewards can easily be worth the all the trouble. Think of your newsletters as a particular form of interaction with your customers and subscribers. As such there are key elements that need to be present in every newsletter.

The points above illustrate how to make the best of your newsletters. Every point is something your emails must have if they want to be considered as a newsletter. For more information on this, you can be sure to refer to our article about the anatomy of a perfect email by clicking here.

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