Why Is Email Validation Important?

September 17, 2021

Email is a major component of inbound marketing and an effective communication network. Social networking is about building relationships, but what good is it if the person you want to talk to does not even exist? This is where email validation comes into play.

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Email validation is not just for marketers and spammers. It’s for everyone! It is one of the most powerful and effective methods to create an email program that attracts and maintains loyal customers.

Does this sound like a tall order? With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve great results – and we will show you how.

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What Is Email Validation?

Consider spending hours crafting the perfect email, putting all your time and effort into personalizing it, and then sending it to an invalid or incorrect e-mail address.

It is crucial that your email is delivered to the correct address before you can expect any results. Regardless of how obvious this statement seems, you would be surprised at how many marketing campaigns fail for this reason.

There is also a possibility that your emails may be deemed spam if you have too many invalid email addresses on your list. If this happens, the real legitimate accounts on your list will never see your emails. Email validation is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Email validation is the process of verifying whether or not an email address exists. You must do this in order to have a successful email program.

If you don’t, you risk getting false bounces, violating anti-spam laws, and creating lists that are plagued with bad addresses that are either hard to target or do not work at all.

Why Is Email Validation Important?

You can reap many benefits by validating your emailing list before you run an email marketing campaign. It is important to note that an inactive email address will never convert.

By validating emails, you will spend less time and money emailing ineffective leads. You can also ensure that you are reaching the right people who are actually opening your emails. Open rates are crucial to a successful business because they lead to more sales, more exposure, and increased conversions.

Here’s why you should take email validation seriously.

  • Getting rid of invalid email addresses from your list can boost your email delivery rate by up to 98%.
  • Your Sender Score will be higher, enhancing your reputation and deliverability.
  • You will reduce costs and generate a higher ROI by not sending emails to invalid users.
  • Your conversion rate will increase. More emails in inboxes will mean more open rates and click-through rates, and better performance overall.
  • Maintains the accuracy of your contact list, that the emails you have are valid, active, and that they belong to the people you want to reach.
  • Prevents your emails from being marked as spam, your sender score from being reduced, and your IP address from becoming blacklisted.

How Can Email Validation Help Your Email Marketing Efforts?

A good mailing list is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign, regardless of whether it's a blog or e-commerce site. Validating your emails is essential to your email program. The following reasons explain why:

Maintaining a clean email list

Simple enough. Keeping your email list clean basically means making sure your mailing list consists of deliverable addresses. A message can only be sent with a clear address and a domain.

You could waste a lot of time sending messages that either goes to the wrong address or is ignored entirely if your addresses are unclear (typos). Your efforts to avoid sending to invalid addresses will reduce complaints, prevent spam traps and ensure you have a healthy email list.

Helps You Focus on Segmentation

Segmenting your list allows you to send specific messages to selected groups of recipients. Email validation keeps your segments reliable and relevant.

Email validation ensures that no inactive or non-existent addresses are included with all of your segments, protecting your email program's reputation and effectiveness.

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You can identify an active user with real-time insights from a validated email list. It provides an additional way to segment your email marketing campaign. You can send different messages to every group, encouraging prospects to return to your site or provide them with updates about their purchases.

Safer Frequent Emailing

ISPs pay more attention if you send frequent emails from your domain. Spam is always a concern for ISPs, so high-frequency senders attract attention for what they perceive as spam.

As long as your list is clean, you don't have to worry. But if you send too many email messages to unresponsive or invalid addresses, that's clearly spam. Email validation is here to help you.

Having a clean list lets you prove to ISPs that your emails are legitimate, as well as prevents you from being marked as spam. Keeping your relationships strong, while also communicating frequently and safely with your list is much easier if your email list is valid.

Is Email List Accuracy Really a Concern for Organizations?

With instant messaging and social media platforms firmly embedded in everyday life, it's easy to assume that Mark Zuckerberg and his crew control the world of digital communications.

Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that emails are continuing to grow and prove to be effective in both B2B and B2C markets, which emphasizes the need for businesses to maximize their efforts.

Globally, the number of email users is projected to reach 4.3 billion in 2023, which is a promising sign for the future of email marketing. The reputation of the sender and the organization suffer when emails are riddled with mistakes. Organizations lose fractions of pennies each time they send the wrong email to the wrong recipient.

You have to consider both the company's reputation and the reputation of the individual using the email system. Sending emails to the wrong person can create an accumulation of emails over time. As a sender, this damages your reputation.

The accuracy of data is a crucial component of email validation. Marketing results are enhanced by high-quality data. Email validation ensures that your data is authentic and accurate by removing disengaged users and routinely maintaining your list's accuracy.

Accurate data will allow you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently, so you can accomplish more in less time.

Getting a Good Sender Score is Important!

Deliverability is closely related to your Sender Score. ISPs use it to decide whether to send you to the inbox or to the spam folder.

With a high email sender score, your ISP is likely to deliver your emails directly to the inbox of your subscribers. A lower grade will likely result in your email getting stuck in the junk folder.

email sender score
Source: senderscore.org

By validating your email list to ensure that all addresses belong to real people, you can maintain a good sender reputation score with mailbox providers. If you are labelled a bad emailer because of all the bounces from a bad list, your reputation score can suffer.

It is important to use a service for email validation and to keep the email list clean to enable you to send emails to valid addresses so that the emails can land right in the inboxes and avoid spam folders. Maintaining a good reputation as a sender is made easier using this method.

Increase email delivery rates by maintaining a clean list. Having a list of valid emails, enhance your sender reputation.

Reach The Right People

Digital technology is rapidly transforming our world. The older emails get deactivated while new ones are created every day. Consequently, your data is only effective temporarily. Your email list should be updated, at the very least, every quarter.

A regular email validation procedure maintains an updated email list. Your emails will reach real people who are able to respond, thus increasing your business reach.

Engaging your customers is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Email engagement rates are higher when users genuinely care about your content.

Your subscribers will be more open to engaging with you when your emails are validated. After removing the nonexistent emails from your list, you can use the remaining ones to build strategies that will help you better interact with your customers.

You can also gain more value from your business by connecting with a responsive audience. You have a significantly higher chance of having people interact with the content in your email if you connect with people who are interested in what you have to say. For this to happen, you need to reach the right people.

Email addresses are corrected, eliminated, and maintained when they are validated. Businesses can benefit immediately from such features, as bounce rates are reduced, conversion rates rise, and longer-term benefits arise from sender reputation and improved ROI.

Avoid Spam Traps and Honey Pots

Spam traps are email messages that have previously been used. They were all real, valid, and active addresses. Internet service providers and webmail providers closed them after a long period of inactivity.

Honeypots are email addresses that are set up to catch spammers in action. In most instances, honeypots fall into the category of dormant email addresses, since people assume that spammers can't send emails to a dormant email account.

Several organizations monitor these honeypots and traps, and they create a blacklist of organizations that send emails to them constantly. These traps help prevent fraudulent and spam activities in email systems.

Businesses must avoid these traps to remain legitimate. The more of these traps you have in your email campaign, the higher the risk of being blocked.

It's All About Quality, Not Quantity

When email marketing first began, brands attempted to acquire as many email addresses as possible. It was the era of batch and blast email marketing, where the more people you reached, the better.

Initially, it was effective because fewer brands regularly used email.

Things began to change a little after that, causing email marketing to become more challenging. Brands began using this channel abusively. Promotional emails were flooding inboxes. People began complaining or tuning out.

In response to more people complaining, Google and the other email service providers developed tools that allowed people to ignore promotional e-mails from brands.

Batch and blast no longer worked. Brand reputations were damaged. The delivery rate declined.

Marketers who were on top of the changes saw this as an opportunity to create "Quality" email messages that added value and stood out from the crowd. Newer practices have given brands more ways to track deliverability rates, open rates, clicks through, and conversions.

List sizes matter more to quality than quantity in this modern age. When it comes to ensuring email list quality, one must-have service is VerifyBee.

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VerifyBee can help you verify emails and phone numbers in your contact list by connecting to a CRM or uploading a list. It can help you to verify emails faster and spend less time chasing fakes so your sales team can close deals.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have read more about the benefits of email validation, we hope that you have a better understanding of how they can benefit the health of your email program. They keep your list clean, focus your segmentation, and guarantee that you don't run into pitfalls with your ISP.

Want a clean email list that maximizes your deliverability? Get started with VerifyBee for free!

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