11 Email Marketing Benefits That Every Marketer Must Know

October 22, 2021

While sipping into coffee in your office, do you hear your fellow marketing colleagues talking about the death of email marketing? Well, that's a fallacy. A marketing channel that generates the highest ROI cannot be dead.

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According to 40% of email marketers, their content marketing success mainly relies upon their email newsletters. 73% of millennials say they expect businesses to reach out to them via email.

Nowadays, there is hardly any adult who does not have an email, and a majority of the consumers check their emails every day. These statistics imply why it is necessary to develop a robust email marketing strategy.

Let's go through the advantages of email marketing to restore your faith in email marketing.


  • A small change like adding the recipient's first name to the email can significantly impact your email marketing campaign.
  • Successful email marketing campaigns can bring you the highest revenue compared to other marketing tactics.
  • To highly personalize an email, you will need to build an efficient email list.
  • You can gather feedback and recommendations through email marketing.
  • Email marketing helps store trust among your customers about your brand as it works as a communication medium.
  • You will be able to generate more leads, website traffic and rank in SEO through email marketing.
  • Rather than traditional marketing tactics, email marketing is a more cost-effective and time-saving marketing method.
  • Marketing tools such as Verifybee lets you measure the success of your email marketing campaign by presenting metrics like Open rate, Click through rate, Conversion rate, and much more.
  • A sudden change in algorithm is not going to impact your email marketing strategy.

11 Email Marketing Benefits You Need To Know

Email Marketing Benefit #1: Personalized Content is a Sure-Fire Way to Generate Leads

Leads finding our websites and going through it to find relevant content is a sweet dream we all marketers have. But the chance is pretty low.

Email marketing lets you have the chance to present your leads exactly what they need. Personalization can be something as adding the name in the email. But it can have a massive impact on your leads.

Moreover, email marketing lets you segment your audience list and send them highly personalized content according to their needs. You can choose to use different images and subject lines to increase engagement from your customers.

For that, you would need a perfectly segmented email list. This segmentation can be done by analyzing the geography and engagement levels of your customers.

Email Marketing Benefit #2: An Effective Means of Gaining Feedback and Recommendations

Your customer experience will speak for you. Hence, keeping an eye out is essential if you want them to keep coming back to you.

Email marketing is an excellent help in this regard. Delivering client satisfaction surveys via email campaigns is one of the finest techniques to calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score identifies brand ambassadors and critics.

With this data, you can build strategies that will enhance your client experience.

Email Marketing Benefit #3: An Efficient Strategy to Boost Revenue

One of the reasons email marketing is so efficient is that it helps pitch sales and boost your revenue.

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A survey run by HubSpot reveals that 59% of the survey respondents are influenced by marketing emails. According to 59% of marketers, email is the most significant source of ROI, and segmented emails can generate up to 760% of revenue.

You can run promotional campaigns, remind the users about their abandoned cart, give special discounts, bonuses, or cashback offers via email. Through your email marketing campaigns, you can run purchase-influencing communications to leads that have opted-in to receive messages and updates from you.

Email Marketing Benefits #4: A Popular Communication Channel

Effective communication generates trust among customers. When customers feel you are just an email away, it helps them have faith in you.

For example, wouldn't you be interested to know about a brand you love? Getting emails and updates from them is not disruptive to you, right? If you had a good experience with them, you would like to be in touch with them.

Email marketing is the most straightforward yet effective means of communication with your audience. Additionally, even during a busy schedule, you get the chance to be engaged with them.

Email Marketing Benefit #5: Generate Traffic For Your Site

Your content marketing efforts will only be successful when your audience gets those content. Email is a great channel to deliver content to your audience. Email marketing campaigns will help you to drive your website traffic and enhance rank in SEO.

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However, make sure to add a compelling CTA. It will make your recipients feel the urge to click through the link to your email.

Email Marketing Benefit #6: Time and Cost-efficient Strategy

Traditional marketing strategies take time to plan, organize and operate, unlike email marketing. With automation tools like Verifybee, planning and executing email marketing is easier than ever.

You will be able to send relevant content to your audience and ensure that they see those. Most importantly, stats like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates will let you analyze the efficacy of your email marketing campaign.

On the other hand, while in traditional marketing, you have to bear the cost of photoshoots, location fees, placements, printing, and all, in email marketing, you only have to spend money on an automation tool, copywriter, and graphics designer.

Because time and money are always an issue for marketers, email marketing strategies may generate more leads and hit revenue goals by boosting leads.

Email Marketing Benefit #7: You Can Measure the Efficacy of your Campaign

Email metrics like conversion rates, open rates, click-through rates let you comprehend how your audience responds to your campaign. Here are a few common KPIs you should be tracking.

Open rate

The open rate is as simple as it sounds. It tells you how many people opened your emails. An average open rate is 21.33%, according to a survey.

Bounce Rate

The lower the bounce rate is, the better. Because it indicates the rate of how many emails landed in the recipient's inbox. Bounces are of two types: Hard bounce and Soft Bounce.

Hard bounces are those that can't make it to the recipient's inbox due to issues such as wrong mail addresses, issues with domain addresses, or email servers. According to the abovementioned survey, the cross-sector average for hard bounces is 0.40%.

Click-through Rate

CTR denotes how well your CTA, content, and email is performing. The average CTR for cross-industry is 2.62%. If your promotional campaign has a CTR of 1%, it means your drive requires a different approach. You might need to tweak your content or graphics design, or perhaps you should come up with a more robust CTA.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate denotes how many of your leads are converted after getting your email. It is the ultimate detector of any email marketing strategy. According to a study, the average conversion rate based on CTRs is 15.11%. If your email referral campaign has a low conversion rate, you should redesign the approach to your clients.

Unsubscription Rate

Like bounce rates, the lower it is, the better. You should consider this metric as a warning sign. Because it implies how many of your subscribers are not interested in your brand anymore. Your unsubscription rate should be below 2%.

Email Marketing Benefit #8: You Can Enhance Your Brand Value to Your Audience.

Providing value to your audience is one of the significant aims of every business. Email marketing is a wonderful way to build loyal consumers even if they don't buy. You may also utilize email marketing to give extra resources to contacts that have opted-in.

Email Marketing Benefit #9: It Works as a Self-promoting Forum

Although it is awkward, the truth is, if you do not speak for yourself and your brand, no one will. Hence, self-promotion is an efficient medium to increase the attention of your audience.

Since the customers have subscribed, they are already interested in listening to what you have to say. Thus, email marketing is an excellent self-promoting avenue.

You can inform your customers about new products, content, promotional offers, discounts, and more through email marketing. Since they are eager to hear from you, so no need to hesitate thinking it is disruptive.

Email Marketing Benefit #10: No Possibility of Falling Out Due to Algorithm Changes

Social media marketing is challenging because every algorithm change demands a new strategy, planning, and effort. In email marketing, there is no hassle as such. You are the owner of your contact list; therefore, no changes in the internet would demand any strategic change in your email marketing campaigns. Thus, it is the most stable marketing channel.

Email Marketing Benefit #11: It will fit into any stage of the customer life cycle

You can craft your email marketing campaigns for customers at any stage of their journey including new subscribers, new customers, engaged users, and even inactive users.

New Subscribers

Digital marketers welcome new subscribers through emails. Welcome emails work as introductory emails as well. A stellar welcome email gives the subscriber an insight into that brand.

At this stage, the emails should provide more and more information about your product and brand engagingly. Moreover, you can invite your subscribers to webinars, meetings, demos, free trials through this email sequence.

New Customers

Right after closing a deal and converting a lead or a prospect to your client, you can make an e-contract with your customers for buying more than once.

However, building faith among customers to execute this strategy is essential. You can use email to familiarize your products and brand to your customers and share content such as case studies, surveys, PDFs, blogs, anything relevant to your business.

Engaged Customers and Subscribers

The loyal customers who interact with you, click through your links and images, make repeat purchases deserve to get a particular priority. You can encourage this through loyalty offers, special discounts, cashback, and exclusive invitations.

Inactive Customers and Subscribers

The more people you have in your email list, the better- it is a fallacy. The goal of building an email list is not to send emails but to gain response, engagement and convert them to your customers.

You can determine the customers and subscribers who are not engaged and active through email marketing and get rid of them to enhance the effectiveness of your list.

When they stop opening your emails, you will often see and send them a re-engagement email. If they are still reluctant to show any activity, you should remove them from your lead list. Because once they have unsubscribed or have marked you as spam, it will affect your domain reputation and metrics.

Wrapping Up

Although the marketing world is dynamic, email marketing is adaptable to the changes. The data you gather from email marketing can be inserted into your social media marketing strategy.

Since it is a very cost-efficient marketing approach, both small and large businesses, try once and see how it can transform your revenue stream.

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