23 Marketing Tools That Agencies & Freelancers Will Love in 2022 (updated)

September 19, 2019

People in marketing will always welcome new tools and services that can make their life easier. If you happen to be in marketing or just have a taste for it, then you’re in luck. We’re presenting the 23 marketing tools that agencies & freelancers will love in 2020. For anyone that can accommodate to simply read our piece.

When you’re running a marketing agency or are a professional in the area, you need to be careful of using too many services. You need the best and most indispensable ones. This is why our list offers nothing but the best quality for you.

23 marketing tools that agencies & freelancers will love in 2021

Each of these services can be used by you to improve your email marketing performance and output. It’s possible that you’ll recognize one or two services in our list, that only serves as a reference to our good taste. Be aware that some of these services are paid and others are free. But they all offer the best performance in each respective area.

23 Marketing Tools That Agencies & Freelancers Will Love in 2022.

1. Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a great tool that can measure your search traffic and make your website more likely to be visited using google.

google search console dashboard

It’s really easy to appreciate which queries are attracting traffic to your site. And with just a few clicks you can view reports on all the reported issues on your websites, submit sitemaps and URLs for crawling.

One of the best features this service has to offer is “Search Analytics”. This allows you to segment traffic and understands what types of content are performing the best. This means that you can easily take advantage of this to break down your search to Desktop, Mobile, Image and Video traffic.

With all of these great traits, there has to be a downside. The good news is that so far there isn’t, this tool is great for all that it does. But the best part is that it’s completely free to use.

2. Ahrefs.

Ahrefs, takes care of analyzing your search traffic, spy on your competition and develop backlink understating. Using this service you gain access to a tool that can extract relevant keyword ideas and their rankings. As a bonus it also can discover popular content and find any SEO issues with your website.

Aside from their very cool backlink feature, it can also give users a chance to see the reason behind different ranking pages. Ask anyone in marketing, people put a lot of effort into their webpages and content strategy. This tool can make that time and effort well worth it. Creating great content and delivering it to your audience is a lot of work, hopefully you can cut some of it down with Ahrefs.

keyword research using ahrefs

One way you can determine topics and define your content game is offered within this tool. Clicking on the “Top Pages” in the menu on the left, you can segment pages with good traffic and relevant keywords. You can have all that information based on your website, that of your competition and any other popular website on the internet. You will always have all the relevant topic questions; content ideas and you’ll understand what’s going on in the business.

Right now they offer a free trial for their services and pricing information can be found in their website.

3. Keywords Everywhere.

This one is a free Chrome and Firefox extension. It allows users to assess free search volume, CPC and competition data for any keyword you can think of.

keyword research using everywhere

The number one benefit this extension can offer is time. Having all that information at your command within the very first strokes of your keyboard is something really powerful. The use is really simple too, just go to Google and type a query to search for anything, the results will display extra information thanks to this extension.

It also provides users with two boxes on the right with all kinds of related keywords. Offering a one-click option to export all of them with a csv format.

4. VidIQ.

This behaves as both, a fully paid service and a free Google extension. Its job is to help you understand YouTube SEO, so you can work accordingly. Individual publishers, video editors and marketing agencies that work using YouTube’s platform will greatly appreciate this tool.


The free service can be implemented to optimize your videos and make them more engaging to your audience. While the paid option offers more extensive analytics and meaningful information that will help any premium user make practical decisions.

As mentioned, there’s a free option and a paid one. More information on their pricing plans can be found on their website.

5. VerifyBee

VerifyBeeis one of the best services available for email list validation and, like the name says, verification. It offers 99% accuracy for every validation and can be the extra protection your reputation might need. Let’s not forget that having a clean email list of fundamental for any kind of email marketing today.

email verify

VerifyBeeoffers much more than just a way to validate your email lists. It protects you from typos in your lists, spam traps, known spammers and defunct addresses. This is without a doubt the best service that you can use to safely validate your lists for any marketing campaigns you have in your horizon.

6. Lusha.

Lusha is a very powerful tool that can help you get information about prospects. It’s lead generation and very useful for any business Especially when doing outreach, you need to know as much research as possible, but that’s not all. You also need your information to be accurate and reliable. This is exactly where Lusha comes in, its accuracy is remarkable and well known by any of its users. Aside from that you can make a connection with your prospects via social media networks, using Salesforce or via API.

lusha home page

Lusha also offers some very interesting data enrichment capabilities and a Google Chrome extension. While you’re doing your research on a particular profile page, the extension will provide you with updated contact information and in full compliance with the required data regulations.

They do offer a free trial to test out their services. More information about their pricing can be found in their page.

7. Evernote.

Evernote offers a way to remain organized and easily find anything you need quickly. It’s a simple yet very efficient tool ready for you. They offer many different features and services. However, the most common reasons we have used this platform for is taking note on a fly and bookmark important and relevant content.


Evernote has a lot to offer its users. Manage all kinds of projects from a single location, capture your ideas, collaborate with a team, create a to-do list and much more. All with support for multiple devices.

There’s a free version available and a paid version, their advantages and perks can change drastically based on the version. More information on this can be found in their webpage.

8. Trello.

Good management won’t hurt your success and is certainly something many companies need. While there are things best left to management experts, with Trello you have a great tool to help you organize and manage a marketing team. Remember that logistics often represent half of the difficulties in a project.


The perfect management tool for any project just doesn’t exist, it greatly depends on your professional perspective. You can get the next best thing using Trello. Offering a very simple use, intuitive platform layout and very efficient for the whole team.

You can manage projects across boards, lists and cards. The whole interface is really fun to work with and easy to use. Each card can hold a description, comment, label, attachment, deadlines and more. For more information about their service plans you can visit their webpage.

9. Buffer.

Buffer is platform designed to help you manage all aspects of your social media. Like many people reading this, I’ve gone trough a long list of tools for my business, however in this aspect I haven’t found anyone better than Buffer. The key of this service is that you can schedule posts, analyze performance and manage all your accounts from a single and safe place.


The simplicity offered by this service is quite remarkable. It has a clean interface and its really easy to use and understand. Used in conjunction with their Chrome extension you can increase its efficiency even further.

The content provided by their team is just great and refreshing. Their blog and email marketing team are really on point. Any marketeer dealing with social media marketing will surely find that Buffer is a great tool to keep near. They offer different service plans; you can review them in their website.

10. Google Analytics.

Google analytics is without a doubt one of the most valuable tools presented here. It makes sure that you can get a clear picture of the information you need from your website. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an e-commerce shop, a B2B website, blog or anything else. Google Analytics will offer all the information you need to understand just which parts of your site are really providing results.

google analytics dashboard

What’s even better, this tool is completely free to use. Combined with Google Tag Manager you can get an even better information input. Handling anything from traffic, user website engagement to clicks, drop-off rates and much more-

11. Zest.

Zest is a new service created especially for content maniacs. You can find amazing and diverse content based on a wide variety of tags and topics. You can also use this platform to distribute your content. It includes an option to boos your content and put it in front of more people.


This is a great content discovery tool that can help you find more topics and opinions to write about in your emails. Remember that marketing emails are not just about outreach and sales. Interesting newsletters can also provide your company with visits and an engaged consumer base. The best of all, Zest is completely free to use.

12 Grammarly.

This one is fan favorite, its well known and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Grammarly offers the best wingman for all your content. Using it you’ll have mistaken-free articles and emails. Grammarly checks for errors in semantics and writing. It works for anyone and it even offers a Firefox and Chrome extension to make the work much easier.

It offers different service plans, but the basic free version works wonders. This is really a must-have for anyone writing content for a blog or an email campaign. Safety is always worth more than speed at the expense if grammatical mistakes.

13. Zapier.

Zapier is widely known trough internet and is one of those services you just can’t allow yourself not to use. It connects apps with one another, automates the workflow and it’s really quick and easy to set up.

The most precise explanation for this platform is simply that it handles a great deal of automation. Regardless if you want to connect your Gmail with Trello, Google Sheet or any other platform, Zapier has got you covered. More information on their pricing plans can be found directly in their site.

14. UserGuiding.

UserGuiding is a great, code-free, product tour software. This software allows you to increase product adoption and retention rate while at the same time reducing your customer support cost.

With UserGuiding you can create interactive product tours to increase user experience and advertise your product. You can add links to tours in your outreach emails as a way to present what you have to offer in a better light.

userguiding dashboard

This service even offers customized guides and onboarding checklists. You can even track the performance of every step of your guides with analytics. While this software is completely code-free, there’s a pay option with more features. More information on their pricing plans or their free trial can be found in their webpage.

15. Buzzsumo.

This platform allows you to analyze what kind of content performs better regarding a specific topic or anyone in your competition. As if that wasn’t enough, it can find influencers that are the most likely to share your content.

This service can handle the finding of influencers in a quick, simple and efficient way. It filters them based on different criteria. Buzzsumo provides great value whenever you want to find people to do the lip service for you and advertise. Aside from that their content analysis is very efficient and good for any business. More on their pricing plan can be found by visiting their page.

16. Video Bolt.

Video volt offers a way to create and customize templates for many different kinds of videos. While some people may not consider this an email marketing tool directly, it has the capability to actually make the difference in that area.

video bolt

Think about your landing page for an instant. You can create and fully customize a video template to match the theme of your landing page. Videos are a great way to increase the acceptance of your product, especially if they’re the first thing people see in your landing page.

Right now, it supports many different tones and templates to use and play with. Their pricing information is found in their website.

17. Social Pilot.

Social Pilot is described as a simple and cost-effective social media management tool. It’s suited for both, small teams and agencies. With this tool you can easily build your social media presence and provide top customer service.

social pilot home page

Social Pilot can handle scheduling and publishing along with moderation tasks and analytics. It’s a simple tool that offers all that you need to successfully run your social media campaigns along with your email marketing efforts. More about their features and pricing plans can be found by visiting their page. Right now they’re offering a free 14-day trial of their services.

18. Google Keyword Planner.

With this free service provided by Google, you get a platform that offers many and different keyword ideas, search volume and forecasts for any keywords used. As with any other tool, there are limitations to what this software can accomplish. Nevertheless, this is still a great keyword research platform.

Use Google Keyword Planner to maximize the efficiency of your content and create better suited content for your emails. Anyone has access to this tool and learning to properly use it can be done quickly and with relative ease.

19. Unbounce.

Every marketing campaigns needs a good landing page. Unbounce offers a way to easily generate them and gain leads in the process. It hands everything so all you have to do is input your creative vision.

Their offer of zero coding skill with professional results are what makes this service worthy of this list. You can use it to publish duplicate pages for A/B testing, to connect your favorite tools and increase the efficiency of your workflow.

More information on their pricing plans can be found directly from their site.

20. Snip.ly.

Snip is a very simple product that adds a call to action to every link you share. Any time you have to share an outbound link this software automatically adds a custom call to action directed to wherever you want.

It super easy to use and it can accommodate to your needs. Whether on blog or email, this service can prove itself valuable for marketing efforts.

21. Google Suite.

Now Google Suite is seriously a powerhouse when it comes to email marketing. Their services are a must-have for any agency that even attempts to do online marketing. Gmail is one the most used email platforms in the world, there are lots of reason to use it as a go-to platform.

This service offers all the cloud storage you may need, sheets, docs, slides, complete protection and more. All of these features can be accessed on a single place, Google Suite. More information about their features and pricing can be found in their webpage.

22. Competitors App.

This software is the ultimate competitor monitoring tool. Using it you can monitor all of your competitor activities on the web. It enables you to track every change on their website, SEO ranking, social media post, keywords and much more.

This service excels at feeding you information so you can create an advantage over your competition. More information on this software’s pricing plans is found on their site.

23. Lumen5.

Lumen5 is video creation service made especially for brands and businesses to generate engaging videos. It offers video optimization for different types of destinations, such as social media posts, stories and advertising.


With this software you don’t need any kind of training to generate videos for your landing pages. It’s simple and easy to use, given time and use it can provide wonderful results for the engagement of your customer base. More information about their pricing plan can be found as usual, in their webpage.

Take away about our 23 marketing tools that agencies & freelancers will love in 2022.

While the use for email marketing of some of these pages doesn’t have to be explained directly. They all share a fundamental emphasis on marketing and all can be use to improve your email marketing efforts.

In this list with our 23 marketing tools that agencies & freelancers will love in 2022. You have seen what we think are the tools and services you and/or your company must have in order to improve and make the workload easier to handle. While all services are great the ultimate test is you, so try them out and see which of these work for you and which doesn’t. Remember there’s always a new angle to exploit these services to make them better serve your email marketing efforts.

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