Email Validation: Why it's Essential to Clean Email Lists in 2022

July 23, 2019

By now you know that having a clean email list is much better than one filled with problematic addresses. From the perspective of an email marketing campaign this is certainly the truth. With you won’t have to worry about cleaning the list yourself.

VerifyBee will take care of any problem with the contacts in your mailing list. Whether some are known spammers or even simple typos in the address. With that front covered all you know have to do is focus on increasing your click through rates and conversions to make your campaign a complete success.

Clean email list VS marketing campaign success.

While here we will make a case of why having a clean email list is better for your email marketing campaign. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee the ultimate success of your campaign. More information on this follows.

Keep in mind that the job of services like is to make sure there are no bad or defunct addresses in your list. How those addresses came to be in your list is entirely a different story. This almost completely nullifies any chances of bouncing while increasing your chances of a successful click through, due to having a better quality of contacts in your list.

This all sounds good right? However, you need to remember that anything not covered by is entirely your responsibility. You’re the one who handles segmentation and targeting, so the managing of your email marketing campaign controlled only by you.

The proper managing and targeting of your email marketing campaign will likely lead to a success. One that won’t be possible with a bad email list. Keep this in mind as a warning. Failing on the points mentioned and even the cleanest list won’t save your campaign.

Why you need a clean email list?

Lots of articles have been written on why you should always keep a clean email list. In order to keep this one precise and on point we will be focusing on 3 key reasons to keep a clean email list for your email marketing campaign.

Lower bounce rates and sender reputation.

If your list is filled with bad addresses or even worse, spam traps. This can put your email marketing campaign in some real risk. Remember that having a high bounce rate will likely hurt your reputation and that spam traps are silent killers. A bad address is not so bad. However, lots of them can prove to be a real issue in any marketing campaign.

This not only means low conversion rates, but also wasted effort, time, money and lost of reputation. If this issue goes on for a while you even are at risk of being blacklisted by your email service provider. The worst case scenario is that your IP address might be blocked from opening a new email account. So, better be safe than sorry.

a bad email reputation is like a hangover

Targeting and campaign stats.

In this aspect a clean email list will surely be easies to work with. This means that with a clean list you can be sure that every contact is a potential customer. With this confidence you can employ any targeting strategy you deem necessary.

Having a clean list will mean that the data you get from your customers and marketing team will be accurate and have more meaning. This is due removing defunct addresses, spam traps and known spammers.

Saving time and money costs.

With a long list of email addresses comes the increasing monetary cost of running an email marketing campaign. Form the financial point of view you have to take into consideration that bad addresses will never yield any kind of benefits, so they’re a waste. Having a clean email list will surely improve your profit. Remember that aside from not generating any benefits these bad addresses are actually taking up a spot that could be otherwise occupied by an interested recipient.


We do hope that you find this article clear and enlightening as to why you do need to have a clean emailing list. The future and success of any email marketing campaign depends on this. From getting rid of spam traps and spammers to checking for typos and defunct addresses the best service you can rely on for this is

They’re the best of the best, take advantage of their services and make sure to have a nice a clean emailing list for your email marketing campaign. Remember, managing and targeting are still a fundamental part of your campaign’s success.

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