The Ultimate Guide to Fixing and Preventing Aweber Bans

July 28, 2019

If you want to remove an Aweber ban or just prevent one, you’ve come to the right place. Just keep reading below.

Here you will find secrets about Aweber’s banning process, all in hopes that you can understand it better and know how to deal with it. After that, you’ll find detailed information about how to fix an Aweber ban and preventing one from happening.

To begin with let’s see what some might consider unexpected factors about Aweber bans and suspensions.

Aweber closes accounts without warning.

Yes, just like that. Aweber bans people with no warning what so ever, this is so for new and old customers alike. This can go as far a leading long-time customers to actually complain about their management and lack of attention before a suspension or the closing of an account.

They actually take pride in not giving offenders any kind of forewarning before terminating their accounts. They have a very strict anti-spam policy that explicitly says, “Once we’ve made a decision, we act fast.”.

Aweber may not give back your leads.

Once you’ve been banned on Aweber you run the risk of losing all the leads you have collected. Claims go so far as to say that users have been told that the service won’t send any backup of the information, which to many is completely unacceptable. This claim is also sustained by the user saying that all rules were followed and has no idea as to why the Aweber terminated the account.

They may give back your leads.

Sometimes this does happen. A customer with about 30.000 emails that was banned in 2012 for a violation of terms and services, was given a backup of all his data in the form of a ZIP file.

Aweber doesn’t give suspensions.

Companies like MailChimp can punish senders with their infamous omnivore error, this is sort of like a suspension. However, this is really not the case with Aweber, they prefer to permanently ban a customer for violating their terms of service.

Aweber bans your account and you.

An official Aweber email reads as this, “We ask that you do not open a new account as we can no longer service your business.”. This is a harsh way to say goodbye to a customer, not just an account.

They responds to banned customers slowly.

It seems that after you’ve been banned the priority placed on you lowers drastically. Sometimes they don’t even answer at all. Customers have lost long lists of addresses and names only to be left waiting for a simple reply, let alone a backup of their data. Even when it comes to live chat, the answers are automated and very slow, even in cases of their hotline for calls the answers are word for word what the customer got from the live chat. This is a clear example of how NOT to treat any former customer.

Aweber’s terms of service permit immediate bans without warning.

As one customer noted, this service can terminate an account simply because it desires to. And as a matter of fact, once you read their Terms of Service, you’ll know that they’re not in the customers side, not even remotely. They even go so far as to say that sending unsolicited email is a cause for immediate termination of an account with no refund. Pretty convenient when they’re the sole arbiter.

They have a low complainer threshold.

They do have a complainer threshold of 0,001%. This is 1 complaint for every 1.000 people, 5 complaints per every 5.000 users and so on. This is really surprising considering the issues described above.

Unchecked spam would ruin Aweber.

The top in this business is obtained by having a good and high reputation. For instance, take MailChimp and GetResponse. They would not be at the top of the sector if they had a bad server reputation. Aweber is no different from them. They rely on their users to send good and accepted emails. Having emails be classified as spam of having too many hard bounces would harm their reputation and in turn their business.

Aweber uses the human touch instead of automated rules.

Aweber claims that when it comes to an account termination and banning process, “We don’t presume guilt. We investigate all potential spam incidents thoroughly before making a decision.”. Their CEO Tom Kuzler makes the case that all their decisions are based on human review and common sense.

Aweber thinks they’re treated unfairly by dissatisfied customers.

There was this incident in a heated forum about Aweber’s banning policies. The CEO Tom Kuzlak actually said the following: “Remember, what you’re seeing here (is) from people who have had an account canceled. (It’s) only a small part of the bigger story.”. And this is actually true, there are always two side of every story. However, not allowing banned users to their information can be considered uncalled for.

How to fix Aweber bans.

We’ve discussed in length about Aweber’s behavior and less known facts. But here for the main topic let’s see what options you have for fixing an Aweber ban.

Asking nicely: The only way to remove an Aweber ban.

Most people would agree than better than fighting a losing battle is to try to make peace. This present when dealing with this service, asking nicely might be the only way to find a good solution.

If you think that their treatment is still way too harsh, consider MailChimp or other services. In the case of MailChimp, their Omnivore warning functions like a sort of suspension and they do have more manageable penalties. Their Omnivore warning problem is well-known and there are tons of guide and articles on how to solve it.

Back on Aweber, you can contact them via phone, email or live chat. Sadly, on the weekends only their live chat is available. Here are their contact details.

Phone (USA): 1-877-293-2371
Phone (International): +001 215-825-2196
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat.

How to prevent Aweber bans.

The best solution for an Aweber ban is prevention. And it comes in many forms.

Use three or more autoresponders.

Make sure to have many different ESPs to collect your data at all times. This way you can be sure to know if there is a problem before any banning can take place.

Backup your list daily.

You can download your email list at any time from the Aweber platform, this is as long as it is not terminated. Shield your business from any tragic losses and download a copy every single day.

Don’t send spam emails, not even to lists you don’t care about.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. If you have a list full of old addresses or unverified contacts, problems are likely to happen. Spam mails doesn’t just mean the information and formatting are bad, but actually that your emails are reported as such. Aweber as a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to this. Do keep in mind all the points mentioned above, this is key to prevent an Aweber ban.

Don’t use a fake address.

The CAN-SPAM Act actually requires that every business provides their real physical address in each email. If you’re an entrepreneur or just run your business from home, Aweber will post your home address in the bottom of every email.

Sometimes people, in fear of sharing this information, will give a fake address. This is a sure and quick way to get your account terminated. You can alternatively pay a nominal fee for a virtual postal address or a PO Box as an alternative.

Use email verification software

Aweber claims to look at more than your complaint rate. Now you might be wondering how they really determine bans and terminations. They basically look at your emailing list in search for any problems.

Spam traps, invalid MX records, invalid domains, invalid syntax, high-risk keywords, role-based addresses and more. Unfortunately, they take immediate action in every case. To actually prevent this you should use a great email verification software like VerifyBee. This software will take care of any problem with the addresses in your list, so you can always have a clean list with Aweber.

Final thoughts about fixing and preventing Aweber bans.

There’s really not much to do once Aweber determines that they will terminate your account. Asking nicely can only get you so far and in reality, they might only give you a backup of your data, this is if they ever answer and feel like it. If you have been banned from Aweber, there are many other services that can help you with your needs. One of such is MailChimp.

Remember to backup your data daily and stay clear of any activities that might be considered spam. Make use of the best email list cleaning software available to make sure there are no problems with your emailing list. For this, as always, we recommend only the best services, VerifyBee is one the very best in this aspect and receives only the highest remarks from us. This all is just to make your account less likely to be terminated, whether you use Aweber or not is, as always, completely your decision.

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