Cold Email Templates for Web Design Services: 6 Best Email Strategies Applied

June 6, 2020

Having a hard time crafting cold email templates for promoting your web design services? Then you must know the odds. Thousands of web design agencies are sending out millions of cold emails out there.

Why would the clients choose you? How can you stand out among myriads of generic cold emails? This is where our cold email templates come in! Derived from the best email practices, these cold email templates will help you score leads right away.

hand holding mail with cold email text

Cold Email Approach: Does it Work?

There has been a paradigm shift in the marketing and sales industry. Marketers and salespeople have shifted their focus to non-intrusive forms of marketing. Hence, cold emails may seem like an outdated approach in the modern-day marketing landscape.

However, with experience, cold emails can be transmuted into a valuable sales channel. Cold calling on the phone proves stressful and nerve-wracking. On the other hand, cold email is more flexible. This channel is less intrusive and more scalable. Then, why is the success rate so low?

3 Worst Mistakes in Cold Emails that cost Customers

1. Mindless Email Automation

The core of a successful cold email is personalization. However, most marketers waste money on sending out automated emails.

Not every website faces the same problem. Neither everyone needs the same service. Therefore, bombing them with the features of your web design services won’t do the trick. Rather, show them how your service will solve their problems.

2. Sounding Opportunistic

As with automated emails, you must not sound opportunistic. Rather, present yourself as a human. Write as if you were engaged in a conversation. Speak in the second person. The bottom line is to harness the power of ‘YOU’.

3. Cold Email Templates Misplaced!

Having a great cold email template simply doesn't help, if you misplace it. Emails crafted for companies in one industry should not be sent to those in other industries. What applies for one may sound anachronistic to others. Even the tone of your mail should vary from company to company.

Cold Email Templates for the Web Design Industry

The most common way to land customers in the web design industry is as follows.

  • You specify your target segment.
  • Then you identify issues and pain points on their websites.
  • As a good gesture, you offer a tangible and specific solution.
  • Finally, you include an easily navigable call-to-action.

Most of the described cold email templates follow the same pattern. Only the execution is different. Below are 6 best email strategies that we hope to apply in our cold email templates.

6 Best Cold Email Strategies Applied

1. State your Purpose Right Away

State your business clearly before the receivers send you to spam folders. The best way to grab their attention is to give them an offer they can’t refuse. As we said, you must provide instant value i.e. providing a better solution for their website.

2. Be a Person

Generic emails tend to do more harm than good. These emails seem to be generated by a bot because they actually are. Personalization is the gold standard in cold emails. Ask yourself.

What would you have said if you were physically present?

Now say it. Be approachable. Be humble.

3. Providing Reference & Testimonials

The rule of convergence says that people follow others. People trust their peer recommendations more than advertisements. Hence, testimonials and previous references are crucial in B2B email marketing.

What do your customers say about you?

This approach works best if the industry leaders are your customer base.

4. Examples and Case Studies

People often don't know what service they are looking for. In this regard, analogies work best. Simply put, a case study or a reference to previous work may function as an analogy.

Providing examples work 2 ways. Firstly, you can establish your authority and expertise. Secondly, people understand better as to how your services may solve their current website needs.

5. Provide Tangible Value

You stated your purpose in a humane way. You backed your claims with examples, case studies, and references. Now add a call-to-action. The call-to-action must contain a brief and specific solution to the issues found on their websites. If they find your suggestion useful, congratulations! Some leads are on their way.

6. Verify the Emails

Despite every strategy applied, your emails may end up in a fake email account. Therefore, it is best that you verify your customer email list. Verifybee can help you in this regard.

Verifybee customer verification software is intuitive, feature-rich, and affordable. It will connect to your existing CRM and upload the verified email list. Moreover, streamlined verification will help you to focus on closing real deals faster than ever.

Cold Email Templates in Practice

Designing Cold Email Templates #1

This is one of the warmest cold email templates out there. This email is effective for successful customer acquisition.

Subject line: Helpful Ideas & Feedback for your Website

Hey (Insert First Name),

Congratulations! As part of our weekly website review program, we, (Insert your Company Name 1 and link), have selected (Insert Company Name 2), as the lucky winner.

So we select one lucky website every week. Then, our analytics team scans the website from head-to-toe and produces a comprehensive report on website performance. In essence, we provide a FREE consultation to improve the website.

Here is an infographic that briefly explains the result of our 3-day brainstorming session on improving your website.

(Insert an infographic / before and after comparison / short summary of the issues and the provided solution).

In case you like to know about the result in detail, I have also attached the full-fledged report therewith the email. For further clarification, here is a case study (insert link) on (insert competitor’s name/related organizations in the industry) that you can see.

If you loved our solution, we are only a call away. Cheers to a more optimized website!

(Insert your name),
(Insert your contact details).

Designing Cold Email Templates #2

This cold email template is also a game-changer in customer acquisition.

Subject line: Make Your Website Great Again

Hey (Insert First Name),

Psst! Want to make your website look like this?

(Juxtapose two photos i.e. brand new website landing page vs former landing page).

old website vs new website text

Well, you are in luck! Because that’s what we do. We create super optimized websites for (insert your industry name) at only (insert price). And here is what we find out from our 3-day brainstorming session on improving your website. Phew!

(Insert a short summary of the issues and the provided solution).

I will even pass you on a secret. As per our analytics team, the new design can increase your (insert a metric) by (insert a percentage). Here are some of our works on (insert competitor’s name/related organizations in the industry).

Interested and want to hear more? Well, I am only a call away. We have raised our glasses to your more optimized website. Have you? ?

(Insert your name),
(Insert your contact details).

Designing Cold Email Templates #3

This email is addressed to companies whom you took service from. Moreover, this email can be further customized and sent to your most frequent visitors. Why? Because frequent visitors can be your most potential clients.

Subject line: We are your well-wishers

Dear (Insert First Name),

We are (Insert your Company Name 1 and link). Our job is to fix websites and guess what? We are great at it! But we even go the extra mile for our friends. Since we are a great fan of (Insert Company Name 2), we decided to look into your website.

However, we found these unfortunate issues.

  • Insert issue 1
  • Insert issue 2
  • Continue the list

But hey! Worry not. As we said, we can fix your website issues. Here’s how. (Insert a brief solution with infographics or picture). If you are having second thoughts, you can check out the project we did for (insert competitor’s name/related organizations in the industry).

And all this for (insert price) only! We would love to hop on a call with you so that we can further discuss a way forward. Have a lovely day!

(Insert your name),
(Insert your contact details).

Scale Your Cold Email Campaigns

Now you must have created a variation of cold emails. Now is the time to scale your cold email campaign. You cannot possibly send out hundreds of emails and manually monitor them. Here is the software we recommend, Automizy.

cold email campaigns

Automizy has a fully integrated automation builder. Thus, you will be able to automate your email marketing. You can further personalize the tone and customize the theme of the mails. Because as we said before, we do not suggest mindless automation.

Follow Up

We have explained and applied the best 6 email strategies in our cold email templates. By now you must have mastered the art of cold emails. However, you must acknowledge that cold emails, in general, have a low success rate. So, here is a pro-tip: follow up. Always.

So, how did you like our 3 best cold email templates? Do let us know your feedback via cold email. Will you?

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