SEO Cold Email Template That Works in 2022

September 13, 2019

Every time you write on a different subject for a blog post or something that will go public, you care about SEO. In fact, SEO has become so important in our current times that we have optimization for search engines almost in any decent platform.

Here we will be giving you a cool and useful SEO cold email template to kickstart your process. This one will for sure help you transform more and more prospects into customers. Using different metrics and services you can get the most out of the use of this template.

Nevertheless, remember that all the templates you get from the internet should be used as a base for your own. After all, personalization of your outreach emails is still of outmost importance. Without further ado enjoy our SEO cold email template.

The SEO cold email template.

SEO cold email template

“Hello {First Name}!
My team of robots have alerted me that someone from your team visited our website...
Since every single visitor is important for us, we've decided to check what you're working on... And well... How should I say it...? I'll let the photo below speaks for itself
Well you get it... We're big fans! I'd love to get on a call with you so we can discuss how we can help each other out!
Could you please give me your two best availabilities?
{You name and position in your company}”

Now before you run with it, a word of caution. In this case the part that says {Image} is meant for a picture of you, or you and your team, endorsing the brand of the recipient. This is done to focus on engagement and create a better answer from the prospect.

You can also note that as usual, this template only provides a base from which to built your own cold emails. It’s best this way, you have full creative permission over this content. Use that to better suit your needs and the needs of your recipients.

Lastly, if you have some other ideas for the image feel free to change the template to use your own. And in the event that you’re not sold on using images on you cold emails then you might want to check our article about this.

Who is this email template for?

This SEO cold email template is ideal for SEO agencies and business offering digital marketing services. Website designers and developers can also make good use of it. This template offers a quick and efficient way to get in touch with any intended prospect.

Remember to use the image to show just how engaged you are with your prospect’s brand. People often overlook the importance of the email as a whole, luckily now that you have a great guideline you won’t have that problem.


Before it all said and done you have to make sure to have everything you need to use this template properly. Images, good-quality content and a compelling call to action, those are important. But never disregard the importance of keeping a clean and valid email list using only the best service.

VerifyBee is such a service that can accurately verify and validate every address in your mailing list swiftly and without issues. This service offers 99% accuracy in their validations and makes their mission to protect you from inexistent email addresses and other problems with your email lists.

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