Top 10 Email Verification API Services in 2022

July 3, 2021
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Email is still one of the most popular marketing channels. The success of your email marketing efforts largely depends on your email list. Inaccurate contact information can cost you a client, and drain time and resources.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 of the best email verification API services out there, and what each of these tools brings to the table.

But first, let's get to know a bit about email verification API. (or you can click here to jump straight to the list of Email Verification API Services)

What Is Email Verification API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a software mediator that lets two applications communicate with each other.

Email Verification API is an API that is specifically designed to automatically filter fake, mistyped, and non-existing emails or honest mistakes. This action requires ascertaining whether the email ends up in the inbox of an actual recipient or not, ensuring the authenticity of your email list.

The functionality of Email Verification API also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Confirming the validity of the address.
  • Ensuring that the email is recorded in their respective domains.
  • Identifying the mistyped or misspelled emails.
  • Verifying the usage of that email address.

This application prevents a ghost approach and sets a seal on an inbox to a particular email that has been in use (or not).

Do You Need An Email Verification API Service

Let’s rephrase this: Do you want to verify if all your emails sent to actual people or are they bouncing and making no impact at all?

The answer is pretty simple - Yes.

You have a list of emails of your target audience that you got when they signed your newsletter. As you did not verify them, there’s a chance that more than half of the people shared fake or non-existent email addresses, just to avoid the hassle of it.

Wrong emails won’t lead you to the wrong customers, it’ll lead you to no customers at all.

So, why do you need an email verification API service?

It opens doors of multiple possibilities, including:

Filters Valid Emails

A good email verification API service would go through all the emails that are registered and find out their authenticity, storing the authentic ones and getting rid of the rest. This makes sure you are reaching the right people all the time.

Real-time Verification

Email verification APIs offer real-time verification services so that the legitimacy of that email can be checked instantly. This is especially important for B2B email lists, as employees stop using their work email after leaving a company.

Clean Target Audience

Email verification ensures that people using fake emails are filtered out, keeping the ones who genuinely want to receive your emails. This gives you a clean email list that includes real people who are interested in your work or product.

More Delivery

When you send bulk emails from your email list, you are making sure that each one of your contacts has received that email. This results in lesser bounce rates as no email is bouncing back to you and improves email delivery.

The most important of them- it saves time and money. The emails are being delivered to actual persons on time without any bounce and you are paying exactly for that.

Top 10 Email Verification API Services For A Clean Email List

Now that you’ve realized the importance of email verification, you need the right tool to carry out the verification process. Without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the best email verification services.

1. VerifyBee

verifybee logo

First up is our own platform VerifyBee. It is a brilliant email and phone verification platform that can help you verify and clean your email lists, find business lead prospects, validate phone numbers, and more.


  • Clean and user-friendly UI and ensures email delivery with incredible accuracy.
  • Gets you a clean list by checking domain validity, spam traps, CatchAll addresses, MX records, and more.
  • Offers integration with multiple companies including MailChimp, Platformly, AWeber, and more
  • Allows you to integrate your existing workflow, manage email addresses, download results, and clean your email list in no time.
  • 24/7 dedicated service.
  • The New Chrome extension allows you to find new prospects and validate them on the go


VerifyBee offers you the perfect balance between price and functionality, offering high-quality verification services at a starting price of $19 per month!

2. Debounce

debounce logo

DeBounce is an enterprise-grade email verifier. It’s compatible with the majority of the programming languages and works great with both bulk and real-time email validation.


  • DeBounce can pay attention to your email verification requirement to both business bulk emails or individual ones.
  • Offers end-to-end service.
  • It promotes simple integration and scalability.
  • Minimizes hard bounce.
  • Checks for invalid emails using the SMTP check.
  • Check catch-all domains, disposable emails, and syntax errors.
  • Allows single account team management.
  • Confirms domain with their status as parked, invalid, or inactive.


Debounce offers pay-per-use services. For this, you only have to pay for the number of email verifications you need. The pricing starts from $10 for 5,000 email verifications and 100 credits free for new users!

3. ZeroBounce

zerobounce logo

ZeroBounce lets you get a 360-degree view of your email list with extended offers. If you are looking for the best one for bulk email list cleaning and real-time verification, this one is for you.


  • Removes duplicates emails at no extra cost.
  • Prevents bounces.
  • Spam, catch-all, and temporary emails trap detection.
  • Real-time email verification.
  • Adds missing information to emails such as name, gender, etc.
  • Smooth customer support, 24/7.


The Pay As You Go starts at $16 for 2,000 emails whereas the subscriptions start at $15/month. They offer 100 monthly email list cleaning credits for free but only limited to freemium accounts. This one is great for business purposes.

4. Bulk Email Checker

Bulk Email Checker is an email checker based on SMTP. It’s a web application. Just as the name suggests, it is specially designed to clean bulk email lists and for a smooth experience.


  • Uses deep cleansing SMTP test.
  • Filters out the duplicate ones.
  • Integrates with Google sheets without any issue.
  • Ensures data security through two-way encryption methods.
  • Interacts with the existing system.
  • Filters against blacklisted address and disposal email providers.
  • It has a WordPress plugin and serves as the best one for bulk email lists at a minimum price.


Bulk Email Checker's pricing largely depends on the number of email addresses. Generally, it is free for 10 emails per day. Check out their plan on their website for details.

5. BriteVerify

briteverify logo

BriteVerify presents itself as the most versatile API as the system supports mobile devices, landing pages, web forms, POS systems, and much more.


  • Real-time verification without sending the message every time.
  • Bulk email verification.
  • Ensures Domain validation.
  • The email list can be directly imported from the marketing platform or can be dragged and dropped.
  • Cheapest in price.


The price of 0-250K number of verifications starts from $0.01 per email. The prices increase as the number of emails increases.

6. NeverBounce

NeverBounce allows real-time verification along with email cleaning services for both small to large businesses and can be used from any part of the world.


  • Automatically removes duplicate emails.
  • Gives instant bounce analysis.
  • Can be merged with any platform for real-time verification.
  • Filters harmful/blacklisted emails.
  • Does high-risk detection.
  • Provides Dashboard, Javascript Widget, API, and Webhook to verify each email.


The pricing plans can be divided into two plans. Pay As You Go and Enterprise package. The latter one lets you have an option for verifying an unlimited number of emails.

7. Hunter logo

Though Hunter does not provide many native integrations, it does offer smooth email verification. With the Google Sheets add-on, it does a very good job of quickly verifying the emails.


  • Hunter offers Multi-level validations that include but is not limited to domain information verification and SMTP checks.
  • Works as an email verifier and email finder both.
  • Helps you instantly verify emails from your Google Sheets email list through a Google Sheets add-on
  • Shows whether an email address is deliverable or undeliverable by providing detailed validation data which includes a confidence score.


The pricing plan of hunter offers a free monthly plan of 50 email verifications and domain searches. The paid plan provides 500 verifications and starts at dollar 49 per month.

8. myEmailVerifier

Remove invalid, spam traps, and all other junk email addresses from your email list with the help of myEmailVerifier. myEmailVerifier is a bulk email verification service that helps you detect, abuse, or fake, spam traps, disposable emails from your list which ultimately gives you a clean email list.

Moreover, you can drive up your email deliverability and outreach by this tool which also cleans your email list with 98% accuracy and that too at affordable prices.


  • Role account detection
  • Toxic domain verifier
  • High-performance real-time API
  • Lowest turnaround time
  • Syntax verifier
  • Detailed SMTP response
  • Spam trap detection
  • Free domain email tracker
  • Gray listed domain detection
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Improved Yahoo email verifier


myEmailVerifier’s pricing starts from $1.44 and gives you 100 free email verification credits. You can also buy extras as per your need.

9. Bouncer

bouncer logo

Bouncer helps you improve your inbox placement by removing junk emails from your list, reduce your bounce rate and protect your sender's reputation. It provides accurate and powerful email list verification and email validation. It's also very quick in the process of email verification.


  • Easy to use powerful platform which verifies your list in three simple steps.
  • Quickly checks single emails.
  • Email verification API robust and simple, designed by developers for developers.
  • Verifies whole batches at once.
  • Multi-team add-on manages users, shares credits, integrations, history all from one account.
  • Free email verification sampling.
  • Human to human approach through responsive support.
  • Full GDPR compliance by design.
  • Removes spam, obsolete and invalid emails.


Once signed up, the user receives 1000 free credits for tests. The pay per use starts from $2.50 per 1000 credits. Unlimited plans start from $500 per month.

10. Xverify

xverify logo

This email checker is created especially for digital marketing needs. Xverify ensures that the username is registered with the domain while performing the email validation process.


  • Performs IP blacklist monitoring for better inbox deliverability.
  • Auto-correction for domains.
  • Built-in fraud protection.
  • Performs verification of cloud and mobile devices.
  • Gives instant results.


Pricing starts from $5 per 500 verifications. However, it provides 100 free verifications after you sign up.

How To Pick The Right Email Verification API Service

Finding the right email verification API service can be quite tricky, and may depend on several factors. But unfortunately, there’s no one tool that can cater to all of these factors.

Here’s what you should consider before choosing an Email Verification API service:

  • Individual requirements.
  • Type of business.
  • Size of the target audience.
  • Integration capabilities with the existing email marketing tools.
  • Budget.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering which tool has the best potential to fit your needs, you can put your trust in VerifyBee.

It provides guaranteed email delivery, advanced verification, a clear philosophy, multiple integrations, user interface, dedicated support - all of that while being a quite affordable solution.

The verification process is also as simple as it can get. You just have to upload your customer list and sit back to watch the magic happen. VerifyBee verifies your email lists and generates in-depth reports providing you valuable insights on the process.

If that’s not enough to get you onboard, you can get started for free and you can see for yourself!

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