How to Build Your Sales Email List for Free in 2022

September 8, 2019

The recipient is a fundamental part of any email marketing campaign. You can take care of the content and providing a good deliverability, but this doesn’t guarantee success. It also doesn’t address the volume of outgoing emails, since your marketing effort should consist on more than a few addresses you will need a sales email list.

Creating a list of email addresses for your email marketing campaign isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it might be the hardest part of the marketing process. The content is always there to be perfected and your email deliverability follows a simple formula. But the perfect recipient for your emails can sometimes be elusive to your efforts.

If this happens to be the case for you, then don’t worry. Here we’ll show you just where and how to get recipients for your emails list. Remember that in time you should learn just how and where to get people for your marketing campaign. Meanwhile you can follow our advice to help you kickstart your email list.

How to build your sales email list for free?

Let’s begin by talking a bit about the structure of business email addresses. By being observant we can notice that they all share similarities in their syntax. For instance, the most general address in this case is one that has the employee name and last name in front of the company’s domain. Something like [email protected].

As we all now we can take this as a pattern of how a business email is structured. This is followed by the great majority of companies. This makes it easier for people to differentiate between personal addresses and business addresses. It also makes it easier for you to understand and get business email addresses from someone at a given company. This can be exploited to grow your email list.

How to Build Your Sales Email List for Free

However, this should be done with extreme caution and vigilance. Remember that sometimes unrequired emails can end up in the trash bin o even be reported as spam. You also need to decide which direction you take with your email list. This means that sometimes, depending on the nature of your emails, you’d be better off sending emails to persona addresses rather than business ones.

Once you think about that, we can tell you that there are over 34 common patterns that most companies use. There’s even a tool that can help you out by generating different structures. This can be found in metricsparrow.

Now onto the good part, how to get free email addresses. Do remember that you should always strive to get leads yourself and use different means to get email addresses for your list.

Getting free email addresses for your email list.

Once you understand patterns in emails the next step is knowing how to use them to find the right email address. The good news is that since you’re doing this yourself, it’s completely free and some even called the freemium model.

There are a good number of tools used to find people’s addresses. Especially in the last couple of years that number has increased drastically. As such most of the services available for this are competing among each other’s, this means offers and free options.

You can get 550 email addresses for free every month by following this so called freemium model. This is, using different services and taking advantage of their free options every month in order to get free email addresses for your email list. The services used for this are:

  • Voila Norbert: With this service you get 50 free emails with your account.
  • Skrapp. With this service you get 150 free emails per month.
  • Snovio. This one offers another 100 free emails per month.
  • Find that lead. Offers the largest amount, with 300 free emails per month.

These services do have a Google Chrome extension that can help you extract emails form someone’s LinkedIn page.

In the event that you need more email addresses per month, you can upgrade to one of their free plans. This way you’re not just taking advantage of their services but actually generating some sort of return based on their deal to get more customers.

In the event that you need to take a different approach, you can rely on social media and your recipients contacts. This is also, depending on your email campaign and product.

Verifying your email addresses.

To achieve success with an email marketing campaign having a long list of email addresses is just one step of the way. A crucial one in deed. But since you’re likely aware of the issues that hard bounces and spam complaints can cause your email marketing efforts it’s best to avoid un verified addresses.

Again, there are a lot of options available in the market for this very purpose. However, most of them don’t bother to uphold the accuracy they claim in their advertising. Then again verifying someone’s address isn’t an easy task.

People change jobs all the time and as such their addresses in the company float around for a while before they get deleted. And even then, they can still be passed around, leading to hard bounces and email deliverability issues. This is a serious problem for people looking to maintain a good domain reputation. Now imagine having an email list where at least 20% of the emails are invalid or just defunct. That’s a really serious problem, especially if you don’t catch up to it soon.

But there are good news!

Luckily this is not a problem now, most people running email campaigns do make use of a trusted service to verify their email lists. Others might even do it themselves; this is done fairly easy for experienced individuals. Basically, you need to send a request from a particular server to the server of the domain of the emails address. This will provide a positive signal in case the email address exists and a negative response in the case that it doesn’t.

This method while it can take sometime to implement to a long list, is also not fail proof. Sometimes domains have something called “catchall”. These objects, so to speak, will always send back a signal that says the email address does exists. This means that you can’t be 100% sure that the email address is valid by doing it yourself.

How to verify an email address?

The last point introduces a very compelling reason to rely on a service to verify your email addresses. Remember that while there are a lot of services out there, not everyone can be trusted. Some might even leak verified email addresses to third parties. Avoid this by using only the best services.

One service that we can confidently recommend is VerifyBee. With VerifyBee you will get 99% accuracy in the verification of your email list, it checks for spelling issues, spam traps and it’s not fooled by a “catchall”. This is simply the best option available in the market right now.

By implementing the freemium model to help you kickstart your email list you will build a long a free sales email list in no time at all. Also, make sure to stay safe by verifying your email list using only the best services available. Hopefully you have found the information provided here valuable and useful to your email marketing efforts.

Hear more from an actual user!

Don't just take our word for it, read an in-depth product review of VerifyBee with detailed annotations from Markup Hero, who recently started using our service. These guys were really able to highlight the key benefits of using VerifyBee vs. others in the market.

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