How to Create an Internal Company Newsletter?

September 2, 2019
How to Create an Internal Company Newsletter

Your internal company newsletter can provide important information and play a crucial role in the company. It can offer a chance to create a good feel for every reader and communicate information about activities and recent changes. Most people tend to skip them or just simply ask not to receive them. This is due the company having a boring and dull internal newsletter.

Luckily for you, this won’t have to be the case with your internal company newsletter. Here you’ll learn just what to put in them and why. We have brought you a short list of tips for your internal company newsletter. You can begin to seize all the opportunities that this mechanism can offer. A good internal newsletter should be informative, clear and engaging, it’s designed to keep everyone in the loop.

Below you will find tips that will tell you just how to create an internal company newsletter. Take full advantage of them and make sure to create the best one that you can.

How to create an internal company newsletter?

The following tips will help you create a great internal company newsletter. They can be seen as improvement tips, but they also work as guidelines for the creation of a proper newsletter.

Remember the fundamentals of marketing.

An internal newsletter as a lot of common points with a marketing email. You want to maintain the engagement of your recipients, but not just with the emails but with the content and objective of the team. Consider the needs and desires of your employees when addressing different topics.

You should focus on creating valuable content just like the one you would generate for customers. You should never expect your employees to engage with your newsletter out of a sense of duty. It should be because what you say in your newsletter resonates with them in a professional aspect.

Use your company culture.

A newsletter is the perfect place to discuss the culture of your organization. In a more professional aspect this is. Talk about shared values and priorities within the company. This will do wonders for the team morale and will bolster the sense of community every company needs. Remember culture is dynamic and so should your newsletters be.

A good idea would be to mention and welcome newly hired people using the internal company newsletter. You can talk about their background and find shared values with the rest of the team. This will make them feel more welcome and trusted by their coworkers. You should also use your newsletter to celebrate achievements and fulfilled objectives.

Generate conversations.

This is not to say that your newsletter should be controversial, not at all. In fact, this refers to the fact that a good internal company newsletter should be about communication between different teams and work sectors. This improves integration and increases a sense of community in the company.

This is especially useful for large companies that have lots and lots of employees. Often times people inside large companies don’t know much about other teams and divisions. For instance, people in the R&D department can have no idea about the efforts of the customer support team. Your internal company newsletter is the perfect place to stimulate conversations and interactions between different teams in the same company.

Make your internal company newsletter a part of your marketing effort.

The same as you place a lot of attention in an email marketing campaign to help you gain more customers, you should also take care of the morale of the work force in your own company. Dedicating part of your efforts to making sure that everything works correctly can yield great results in the long run.

The way to do this via your internal company newsletter is simple. Just treat your employees as part of the target audience you need to charm to get them to do something you want in this case is to give their best effort at their job. Use the newsletter as a way to provide inspiring stories and useful information to your employees.

Create recurring sections.

A great idea to implement in a newsletter is the addition of sections devoted to a particular topic. These sections can address recent economic challenges or the delivery and review of new products. You can make them a recurring section by alternating between different sections every few weeks and making sure they always stay relevant.

Great examples of this are sections where the company welcomes newly hired individuals. You can also create a section dedicated to planning group activities for the company. People like to see variety and recurrence in a newsletter. Think of this as reading the paper, it would feel weird without the economic section, right? this is the importance of recurring sections.

Make it fun.

Don’t make the mistake of following a rigid sketch for the format of your newsletter. You can mix it up a bit so long as it doesn’t affect the delivery of the information. It doesn’t have to be too official or plain. Add images and maybe even a few jokes every now and then.

This responds very well with your employees and makes them feel more at ease in general. Consider adding links to different articles that you think impart knowledge that is valuable for your employees or the company itself. A good idea might be to place a sudoku or crossword puzzle weekly and make it a weekly recurring section.

Use the element of surprise.

This only refers to the use of the element of surprise to encourage the opening of the newsletter. Otherwise your internal company newsletter should always be delivered according to a schedule. Following some of the mentioned above, when you create a marketing email, one of your objectives is to get the recipient to open it. This is also truth for your internal company newsletter.

This can be done by playing a bit with the subject line of the actual newsletter. Try to implement a phrase referencing to the topic you will be discussing in the newsletter. It should be clear that the email is as internal company newsletter but it shouldn’t be plain and simple. Try to play with it a bit to see how your open rate responds.

What should your internal company newsletter contain?

In short, your internal company newsletter should include.

  • Good content for your employees.
  • Images and a good format.
  • Links and references.

While these might be obvious, let’s take a brief look at each point from the above.

Good content for your employees.

Your newsletter has to include relevant content for your employees. The main body should be devoted, at least in a good portion, to this. Your newsletter is the perfect place to place relevant and important information to your employees. Make the most of it and use it to keep your employees in the loop of every major happening in the company.

Images and a good format.

You should always include an image at the beginning of the newsletter and one at the end. This is the best image ratio for a newsletter, maybe you can add an image as part of the main body as well. They make sure that your emails don’t look boring and dull. Try to use images relevant to the topic of the newsletter and use vibrant colors.

A good format with lots of white spacing is fundamental. This makes your emails easy to read and help the transmit of information. The format is the most important visual aspect of your newsletter as an email. You should make the effort to give it a clean and organized look.

Links and references.

As we mentioned a good idea would be to add links to articles of interest in every newsletter. This is beneficial to your employees and your company in the long run. Every piece of data and phrase that you quote should be accompanied by the source of that information. This should be at the bottom end of the newsletter listing links where the readers can get more information about the subject in question.


By following the tips mentioned above you can create a great internal company newsletter. Make sure that your newsletter has a good open rate by incorporating these tips to your process of creating a newsletter for your company. Hopefully now you not only understand the importance of a great newsletter but also know how to create an internal company newsletter.

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