10 Email Marketing Trends To Optimize Your Strategy In 2022

December 3, 2021

Thinking about boosting up your email marketing ideas?

More and more customers are shopping online and thus an urge of engaging and connecting digitally is being created. Among all other mediums used to reach customers, Email marketing is still one of the popular ones.

email marketing trends

Email marketing helps you easily promote your product, emphasize your brand manuals, and send out newsletters. With a simple click on your computer, you can reach thousands of your customers in just a minute.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, brands have increasingly relied on social media to reach their customers, causing marketers to doubt whether email still retains the effectiveness it once had.

Will email marketing still be effective in 2022?

Email marketing can be the most effective way if used correctly. Why? Because who doesn’t use Email?

Around 4 billion people all over the world use email as their medium of communication. The total number of email users is even greater than the total number of users of Facebook and Twitter combined.

One can easily communicate via email at any moment with the rapid increase in smartphones adoption in recent years. Users can now receive email notifications from anywhere at any time. This is crucial, especially for B2B businesses, as email is still the primary mode of communication for professionals across the industry.

So email marketing is the easiest way to reach out to your customers and is relevant to all kinds of industries - no matter which country you are in.

Experts predict that the impact of email marketing will still hold in the future, allowing marketers to work effectively. Strategies like cross-channel integration, hyper-personalization, and automation will help keep email marketing relevant in the coming years.

10 email marketing trends to follow in 2022

Having a robust email marketing strategy will help you engage more in conversations with your target audiences. Here are the email marketing trends that can get you optimum customer engagement in 2022 and beyond.

1. Creating user-generated content

The simplest method to optimize an email marketing approach is to include user-generated content in your strategy. This will increase the organic traffic and will engage more clients.

You can easily build a trustworthy relationship with your customers by showcasing positive feedback from a diverse group of people. This will boost your conversion rate in the long run.

The use of automation and AI can help you create targeted emails for your audience. You can include customer reviews, poll results or even can share photographs of your existing customers using your products to create social proof.

You also need to analyze your target customer’s shopping habits, favorite products or services, and metrics like open rates. This will help you craft an email marketing strategy that will speak to your customers according to their needs and psychology.

2. Optimization for all platforms

Mobile marketing is important for building up any email marketing strategy. It is really important to guarantee equal positive experiences among all of your customers.

For optimizing your email across all platforms, you need to make sure that the mobile email users are getting the same experience that a desktop user might be having.

Various services enable marketers to provide promotional offers and other information more swiftly. Those services give premium features and services ensuring zero bugs or errors and materials are easy to read with consistent designs in these platforms.

3. Hyper-personalized email

Customers thrive for feeling valued by the companies in which they invest. Hyper-personalized emails can help you tailor your approach to individual users in your email list.

You can enhance your personalization capabilities by collecting as much data from your customers.

Customers have now become very cautious about the data collected from them. Most users only agree to share their personal information if you can offer value in return.

Personalization should start with the basics - don’t forget to address each of your customers by name, so that they don’t feel like they’re receiving a generic email.

Once you’ve got the basics pinned down, you need to analyze the purchasing habits, minimum rates, and preferred products and likings of your customers, which will help you segment your audience better, and hyper-personalize your email marketing campaigns.

4. AI for optimization

If anything is certain about future trends across industries, it’s the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Many businesses are still very confused about the idea of AI and its use. This allows you to gain a competitive edge by using AI to tailor your email marketing approach.

There is a vast amount of data available online that any marketer can acquire and organize even with top-notch technology and tools. Along with personalization, automation can help you stay updated on the latest trends in your industry.

Let’s take a quick look at how AI can help you optimize your email marketing campaigns:

  • Optimizing any surveys.
  • Predicting future trends with properly analyzed data.
  • Processing a large amount of data in a short period and at the same time using keywords in SEO optimizer.
  • Optimization of sending times.
  • Creating lucrative email subject lines.
  • Reorganizing emails.
  • Cleaning up specific lists such as the target audiences who are not responding to your copy.

AI will increase your email marketing campaign speed with zero glitches and will allow finishing the tasks within the shortest period. Make sure to research the cost regarding the initiation of AI because this might get expensive.

5. Making more creative newsletters

Newsletters are a core part of any email marketing strategy. Newsletters give you the platform to tell stories, offer business opportunities, and most importantly - communicate with your audience and can create a connection.

Including bite-sized news, leadership article pieces, and recent industry updates can be an outstanding way to attract your customers.

There are many eye-catchy templates available online based on various occasions such as Women’s Day, Fourth of July, and more. You can use these for creating creative newsletters that are both aesthetically appealing and content-rich.

6. Adding animations

It is pretty easy to design an animated email by using GIFS, animated backdrops, animated icons, CSS animations, and more.

You can create transitions by allowing one element of your email to transition into another in a visually appealing way.

Animations will create eye catchy visuals of your email allowing the marketer to grasp the attention of the customer very easily. But too many animations can cause your email to load slowly, and consumers don’t have the patience to wait that long to read an email.

Make sure to reduce the email size as much as possible. Try adding animations via codes so that your emails load quickly in the recipient’s inbox.

7. Creating interactive emails

Making your emails interactive can help you boost your engagement numbers and improve your brand image and perception.

It’s not an easy task to do, but you can incorporate this in a few ways:

  • GIFs and hover-over imagery.
  • Animations and CTAs.
  • Product carousels and images.
  • Rollover animations to present new offerings.
  • Surveys, polls, and user-generated content.
  • Customizing opportunities such as choice of light mode and dark mode for the customers.
  • Elements of gamification.

Gamification, the process of implementing gaming style elements via email, is the newest trend to create an interactive platform between customers and brands.

Simple gamification can be incorporated by interactive quizzes and tests, interactive holiday cards, trivia or prize draws, and more.

8. Increasing accessibility Of email

You should always make sure that your emails can be received, opened, and read by all users. Make accessibility a priority (rather than a luxury) while crafting your email content.

You should always focus on including plain and easy-to-read texts, as well as clear graphics so that the users can easily catch the message you’re trying to portray.

Make sure to create an email by clever use of typeface, size, and color. Many platforms enable dark mode, and users absolutely love it. Make sure that your content isn’t too flashy, which can make it look weird while viewing in dark mode.

9. Ensuring Privacy of the audience

Email users are always concerned about their privacy as recent scandals have led them to grow quite skeptical about how their data is being used.

You should go beyond ensuring PCI and GDPR to gain their trust and loyalty. You should make privacy the first and foremost motto to gain the trust of the users.

Make sure you’re highlighting how you are protecting the customer’s privacy and always notify customers about any policy changes. This will also showcase the company’s ethics to the customers and help you build trust with them.

10. Showing appreciation to the customers

The last trend on this list isn’t quite “new”. Brands have shown appreciation to their customers before and will continue to do so in the future. But this was considered an optional thing to do for brands who want to do it.

Users expect personalization now more than ever. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down. So brands need to start showing appreciation to their customers if they want a loyal customer base.

Customer gratitude emails can include:

  • Personalized birthday messages.
  • Providing discounts on special occasions.
  • Early access invitations.
  • Emails saying Thank you.

Make sure to adapt these according to the recent and relatable events. This will allow you to create a bond of trust with your target audiences, helping you boost your conversion and retention numbers.

Final word

2021 has been a challenging year, as the world tries to bounce back from the effects of a pandemic. Yet, there are loads of new possibilities for business everywhere, especially in email marketing.

We’ve compiled the best email marketing trends that we expect to be effective in 2022 and beyond. While this might not be a “one-size-fits-all” set of trends, you can adapt each of them according to your business and customer needs.

Before you start optimizing your email marketing campaigns, make sure you have a clean and healthy email list, to begin with. VerifyBee is an all-in-one customer verification platform, that can help you verify your emails in no time.

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