Why You Should Use Images in Your Sales Emails in 2022

September 6, 2019

Some people say that an image is worth a thousand words. This is correct when dealing with sales emails and marketing campaigns. Using images in your sales emails is one the best ways to set an atmosphere or frame the information in your emails. The problem sometimes can be finding the right image to place in an email.

Some of us have a taste for photography, this can come in handy for the selection of good images. They should be about the topic you’re covering in the email and reflect the feeling you want to transmit. Just think about all those plain emails that don’t even bother to add color to their formats. Boredom in your emails is a sales killer, and not in the good way, stay away from that problem using the tips presented here.

Why You Should Use Images in Your Sales Emails
Why You Should Use Images in Your Sales Emails.

Below you will find compelling and truthful reasons as to why you should use images in your sales emails. Pictures and images carry emotions, this leads to your readers being more inclined to follow your call to action.

Why you should use images in your sales emails, the reasons.

Think of the advertising industry, it’s largely based on visual impact from images and videos. This is due to the fact the visual aids can influence a message into seaming likeable. Think of any major publicity campaign that you’ve seen in your life; they all apply this. And now is something that you can use in your sales emails.

I’m sure you can remember a plain boring email that you’ve received at some point in your life. The kind that you don’t even bother reading and just delete as soon as you open. This is the problem with most sales emails today, they don’t take advantage of images.

You can add images of yourself, a landscape or people doing an activity to call the attention of your readers. This gives the email a whole different outlook and it works to your advantage. Chose images with vibrant colors that make the email feel alive, or chose a picture of yourself that seems relevant and professional. The choice is yours and it largely depends on the topic of the email.

You can use your images to support the content of the email.

This is the same as to say that every image included in the email should be relevant to the topic. You don’t want to be pitching a sale for a car and put a picture of a little kitty in the email. This can also be considered a form of framing.

For instances, let’s say you have a picture of your company, and you attach a message in the image. One that speaks about the experience of your customers, or maybe even your success in the business. This is a form of advertising and mental trick called framing, It makes to person reading the email much more likely to pay attention to what you frame, in this case the fact that your successful.

It will increase you click trough rate.

Most, if not all, of the successful email marketing campaigns use images in their emails. This is due to the visual impact created in the recipient when they see it. If your image is relevant to the topic and provides good framing and a good color to the email, then this factor is likely making your recipient much more interested in what you have to say.

In turn making the recipient interested means making them more engaged with your brand. However, this doesn’t mean that your emails will experience a higher open rates. The open rate is largely based on the subject line and your reputation as a brand. More on this can be found in our article about better open rates.

This only means the quality of your email is much better and the appeal of your message much more compelling. Thus, leading to a higher click trough rate than emails without images.

There is scientific backing for the use of images in emails.

Allow us to present you some proof that using images in your sales emails does yield positive results.

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown that our human brain can register and process images in a very short amount of time, 13 milliseconds to be precise. This is twenty times faster than a simple blink of an eye. This means that a person registers information from a picture much faster than just reading a text or hearing a voice message. In case you’re interested in this you can find the report here.
  • Using images can increase the user’s engagement with an article or email. Some non-disclosed studies cite that this could go as high as 94%.
  • You respond differently based on the images your brain captures. A study has found that people are affected by images displayed to them for a very short amount of time. People exposed to images a little time as 10 milliseconds shown significant changes in their behaviors based on the images received. More on this can be found here.
  • People remember your emails much more, due to images used. Studies show that after three days of reading an article or email, 65% of the people retained the information based on the image displayed. In the control group only 10% retained a similar amount of information from the same email or article but without images. More information on this can be found here.

The best way to implement images on your sales emails.

sending email

Hopefully by now you’re sold on using images on your emails. Now let’s move on to the best way to use them. This is actually fairly simple, there are only a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Stay relevant.
  • Use vibrant colors.
  • More isn’t always better.

The first two are point covered above, so let’s focus on the last one. People might think that the more images you cram in an email the better it would be, this is wrong. There’s actually a recommended ratio of images to use for emails and it depends on the length and kind of email.

In the case of sales emails, you should use one image, maybe two if the email is a long one. A good idea would be to place on image at the beginning of the email and the other one at the end, if it’s a short email the center the image.

The recipe is simple. Make sure that any image used is relevant to the topic of the email. Use color that call the attention of your readers and mind the number of images in the email. With this your sales email campaign should be well on its way to a high click trough rate.


Images are powerful, emotive and necessary for a successful email campaign. People love seeing them in their emails and the way they change the format of a plain and boring emails is simply great. By using images, you can increase you click trough rate and the engagement of your readers. They raise the standards of quality for emails and provide a valuable edge in your favor.

While most about the use of images is covered in this article, you can find more tips on how to improve your emails in our article about the anatomy of the perfect email. Now without a doubt you understand why you should use images in your sales emails.

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