Link Building Cold Email Template.

November 4, 2019

Link Building is a crucial strategy most any business in the digital era. Building relationships via email will never be the same for you after you see out link building cold email template. As with many outreach efforts you do need to make sure that you get the basics of cold email for this template to be successful.

However, once you see it and implement it for your outreach, you will appreciate the potential for success present in this template. You can use it as an inspiration for your own templates and outreach email campaigns.

Link Building Cold Email Template

Along with this template, we will also share a few tips as to how to best utilize it. Since this is likely not the first time you see a cold email template in the internet. We will assume you can understand the tags implemented in it. Without further ado.

Introducing the link building cold email template.

Before we start let me just tell you that link building is not such an easy task. As always happens with outreach, personalization is key to getting the result you want. Unexpected results can arise from lack of effort in doing the proper research on your prospects and lack of personalization.

The following template is short but by properly using the space provided by the tags you can make it as long, or short as you like.

The link building cold email template.

“Hello {First Name of the recipient}!
I was reading your last article {Article Name} and I really loved it!
Actually, I also shared it with my team and well... I'll let the photo speaks for itself:
I especially liked the {Insert Specific Part About the Mentioned Article} and I think that our article {Insert Relevant Article} could be a great added value for your readers.
What do you think?
I'd love to also share your article with our list of subscribers.
My best goes to you, {Your Name}”

A word of caution.

In this template you can see different tags used for key parts of the email, this counts as personalization. Just in case you need some convincing on why personalization is important for your outreach efforts, check out our article about this subject.

Back on topic, there’s one particular tag that you need to be aware of, {Image}. In this particular template, this tag is meant to use an image of a team of people being excited about working with that particular company you’re emailing. Keep that in mind and make any necessary changes you need for this template to work in your case.

In fact, this template, as with all other you find online, is meant to be used as a baseline for your own templates. Use them as a way to get inspiration and check out what works and what doesn’t. Think about all the possibilities that you have at your disposal when it comes to changing this template to suit your needs.

Who is this template for?

People working in marketing or SEO will surely appreciate this template. It offers a fresh new way to approach your prospects and add personalization to your outreach. It might even be a good idea to add an extra image at the end of the email, one that goes with the message you’re sending.

Remember that in the end the main objective of outreach is to facilitate communication and generate a response. Using this email along with the basics of cold emailing is a good way to start your way to the top performance. More information on the basics of cold email can be found in our article.

The main take away from our link building cold email template.

Our template offers a chance for improving your outreach efforts based on personalization and the research done on your prospects. It can be modified to serve other purposes so long as you understand the fundamental aspects of what makes this template work.

Remember that any and all research done on your prospect will only give you more material to add to your cold emails. You want to get a reply at first, not a sale. As so happens with different templates this one serves a particular purpose and objective. Keep that in mind to make the best of it.

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