Put Your Sales on Autopilot in 2022

September 8, 2019

When you have a long list of addresses for your email marketing campaign, sending emails manually is really tiring. Not to mention that is a waste of effort in today’s world. Now days you can automate almost anything to be done without your immediate attention. In case your emails are not automated yet, they soon will be, likely after reading this article.

Most of you time and effort should be directed towards the improvement of your email content. You should apply your effort in maintaining a good server reputation and a clean email list. While there are many ways and services to automate the sending of your emails. Here we will be posting the most compelling reasons you should put your sales on autopilot.

For the most part this is valid for all your email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re implementing a list to get new customers or just keeping your customer based up to date with newsletters. Everybody can benefit from automating your emailing.

Put Your Sales on Autopilot.

Manual sales emails are gone.

People running email marketing campaign now days look back on the says when you had to send emails manually to all your recipients. This is luckily over, and likely for good. Automation makes the sending of large numbers of emails fast, simple and effortless. You can even dynamically add the first name of the recipient and personalized subject lines. You can automate every email you send. Even the follow up emails that are crucial for the closure of a deal.

Even better than full automatization is full illumination. You can now know which emails are opened and which aren’t. This is really important since you can use these metrics to actively improve your email campaign. Try out different subject lines and content formats. In time this leads to a better consumer base, more clients and more sales.

The importance of your deliverability.

Regardless of the kind of email campaign that you’re implementing, your deliverability is key. This ensures that your emails reach their intended destination, automatization isn’t all that great if your emails are never delivered. Since any email you send has the potential profit of the intended recipient becoming a customer, every email is important. The issue here is that most automatic sales tools can actually decrease your deliverability, this is due to a few reasons.

As you might be aware based on our guide to the best email deliverability. Your deliverability is linked to the way that you send emails. More accurately is directly related to how many people you send emails at once, as well as your complain and bounce rate. Remember that sending a lot of emails at once can result in quite a few spam complaints, this is really bad for any email campaign. This does decrease your deliverability and thus damage your email campaign.

The other name for the services that allow you to send automatic emails is mass mail, or drip campaigns. Using these services just sends every recipient an email at once, this does result in the loss of some deliverability. Examples of this can be found in our articles about how to send emails to multiple recipients at once in Outlook. And how to send 1000 emails at once in Outlook.

Anytime you look for a service that allows you to send automatic emails you should make sure that the service sends emails one after another. There are a few services that allow you to do this, good options are Reply and Quickmail.

How to optimize your deliverability.


You can help your deliverability rate with a few tips from us. Based on some testing we can tell you that you can improve your email deliverability with these advices.

  • Don’t put too many links in your first emails to a new recipient. People don’t like that as it resembles the format of a spam email.
  • Adding a pixel to help you track your email open rate can sometimes decrease your deliverability.
  • Once the first email is in, and delivered safely, you can safely add links and pixels to the follow up emails.

Deliverability versus A/B testing.

A/B testing is crucial to get information from your recipients and make sure that you get the most out of your email campaign. This is done in order to test out different permutations of changes made in the emails to see which template resonates more with your recipients.

To do this you need to have information from metrics. Hence the importance of your open rate and your click trough rate. Since in the above we mentioned that including a tracking pixel in the emails might decrease their deliverability you might be wondering how to get information from your open rate. Well there are two solutions ready for you.

Option #1.

You can disregard the advice given above, at least for a little while. Track the open rate based on different subject lines implemented and makes sure you know which ones work and which ones doesn’t. Our recommendation is simple.

Chose about 400 to 500 recipients and create about 8 to 10 email campaigns, each with a different subject line. Send emails from these campaigns to your recipients and see which subject lines work the best. After you have what appears to be a good open rate, test out those subject lines with another 200 recipients to see the results.

The point of this is to know what works in order to implement it in the future. If you know which subject lines deliver the best results then you can confidently use them in future email campaigns without adding the tracking pixel and expect good results. This way you get an approximation of the open rate of the campaign and you won’t be reducing the deliverability of the emails.

Option #2.

Get a service that does all this for you. While there are a lot of good services in the market right now, we can only name a few, and even then, the decision is entirely on your hands. Remember that tracking your metrics is important for your email campaign, but not at the expense of your deliverability. Ultimately what matters to your business is the amount of closed deals.

If you’re still wondering about which services might work the best for you, we can turn your attention to one of our articles depending on the platform you’re using. Since Gmail is not really well suited for mass mailing and email campaigns, try out our article about how to set up automated emails in outlook.

The final note.

Remember to always keep in mind the ultimate goal of your emails. If you’re implementing a sales email campaign, then you likely will be looking for purchases as your main goal. If you’re doing a newsletter email campaign then your click trough rate is what matters. Now think what it would be like to send emails manually to each recipient just to get the same results. Think of all the effort you would be putting in something that now can be done fast and easy.

Put your sales on autopilot and makes sure that your attention is focused in the right places. Providing good quality content for your subscribers or improving the content of your sale emails. Keeping the deliverability rate up and leaving the boring work for services that can handle it for you. Taking advantage of every tool available in this era and age is necessary in order to gain the upper hand, in an ever-expanding market, against your competition.

Hopefully now you understand the importance of the automatization of your emails, how this can benefit your email marketing campaign and the dangers that lay hidden. Such as the risk of decreasing the deliverability of your emails if you chose the wrong service. Don’t waste any more time and just put your sales on autopilot.

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