Sales Follow-up Email Template for Marketing Agencies.

November 12, 2019

Working for an agency is hard work, especially in the digital age. There’s never any shortage of information to analyze or emails and prospects to handle. The bigger the agency the more clients it will have to handle. This makes the workload more challenging and demanding of attention.

Interesting enough, marketing agencies need to make sure that their client's revenue goes up as well as their own. This all screams attention, which is exactly what anyone working in such agencies will need to devote the most.

Sales Follow-up Email Template for Marketing Agencies

Hard work should be encouraged in order to build a more disciplined workforce. The point is that hard work itself will not always provide the expected results. Working smart, however, is a completely different story. On that note, here we will be presenting a great sales follow-up email template for marketing agencies.

Allow me to introduce the template by using it for two very good ideas of implementation. Let’s begin.

The actual sales follow-up email template for marketing agencies.

Below are two of the best uses you’ll find for this template, complete with reasoning and all behind the why.

Implementing it in Facebook ads.

Right now, Facebook ads are a great marketing asset. They’re not expensive and are perfect for entrepreneurs who lack the funds for really expensive advertising.

The thing is that not every marketer can make use of them properly and not every employer has the patience to wait for results that pay off in a big way. This represents an opportunity for marketing agencies that do understand the potential of Facebook ads. Let’s introduce the first take at our template.

Showcasing the template #1.

“Hello {First Name of the recipient}!
Imagine that you got someone grinding so hard on your Facebook Ads that one day your name pops in Time Square.
{First Name of the recipient}, to show you I'm for real, made you a quick video.
Need 3.5 minutes of your time to demonstrate how to build your Facebook Ads Funnel that actually converts.
This is the exact process I've used to drive {Results} for {Example company}
I'll show you that too. Here's the link.
Take care,
{Your Name}”

Using it for branding.

You can use this template for a little more than just Facebook ads. In fact, here you’ll be seeing an example of branding. Remember that this is fundamentally different since you won’t compete against directly measurable KPIs.

In this aspect, you should never have to explain or justify your work based on a metric that is not directly connected to it. Marketing agencies have a reputation for becoming a little frustrating when in the process of negotiating to take over a branding. So, in this case, follow-up is essential and inevitable.

Showcasing template #2.

“Hello {First Name of the recipient}!
Facilitating transactions is objective number one for any business. The second part of the equation is building a brand. Giving {Company’s Name} the ULTIMATE POWER.
{First Name of the recipient}, I made you a quick video as I want to help you accomplish this. For real!
Need 3.5 minutes of your time to show you the entire plan and why I'm the man for the job. 3.5 minutes, that's it!
Here's the link.
Take care,
{Your Name}”

A word of caution.

While both takes on the template are pretty self-explanatory you should really keep an eye out for the labels. There’s room for automatization within each label and this can play out in your favour.

While some will require your direct attention, labels handling your recipient's name and your own can be fully automatized in your email marketing client. Make sure to always use pertinent images for each email.

And lastly, feel free to add your own touch to each template. They’re the base from which you can create your own personalized sales follow-up email template for marketing agencies. Remember that personalization holds the key to your outreach success.

Who is this template for?

Basically, these templates are meant for marketing agencies, freelancers and people with marketing projects. But anyone chasing down clients for their marketing business can take advantage of these templates.

Remember to always keep an eye out for our great showcasing of outreach templates. For more information on how outreach can positively influence your email marketing feel free to check our article about the value of cold emails.

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