7 Actionable Tips to Boost Your Sales In 2022

September 15, 2019

Get ready to get the most out of your email sales and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. While you might be performing to your outmost capacity, there’s always room for improvement. Since working smart pays off better than just working hard. But even better, if you work hard and smart, thanks to our tips, you’ll find an entirely new horizon of success for your sales.

Here, we are presenting a curated list of the best 7 tips that will help you increase your sales and improve your sales strategy. You can streamline the sales process and make sure that your email marketing is set to the highest standard. This all starts with your company and the way you run things.

7 Actionable Tips to Boost Your Sales In 2020

Surely most of our readers would have implemented some of these tips, nevertheless just in case you miss any check out our list below. You will also find a detailed description of each tip; this is not a “just do this to get x result” its about knowing what you’re doing and why. Without further ado here’s our list with 7 actionable tips to boost your sales in 2021.

1. Incorporate human error into your automated email campaign!

With automation, you can leave the hard, long and boring work to a machine. Your efforts should always be directed towards improving your content, team coordination and outreach campaigns that need your personal attention.

Set up an automated email campaign and just enjoy while reaping the benefits. Sadly, this is not so cut and dry, there are other things to be aware of. For example, and based on the fact the people seek social interaction, the most effective automated campaigns don’t feel automated at all.

Having the recipient be painfully aware that he/she is just one email address in a long list doesn’t feel good to that person’s ego. In fact, you want to play to that exactly, the person’s ego. Don’t make it too apparent that your emails are automated, create emails that seem different from a simple campaign.

A recipient is much more likely to reply to an email if they think it’s coming from a real and interested person. So, in order to enjoy the wonders of personalized emails and automated campaigns you’ll need to be crafty. Luckily you have us and our plan of action to make your emails feel more human.

What you want to do is set up an email campaign but craft your emails in such a way that makes them feel personal. Something that a person would write at the spot. So let me tell you different things that might work.

  • Use first and second-person pronouns like “You” and “I”, respectively.
  • Be informal. Relax a bit and make sure your emails don’t look too stiff.
  • Use a personal and customized signature. Instead of addressing the email from your company, address it from you who happens to work at a given company.

The human error in your campaigns.

Aside from the tips above, there’s one that is fairly important and convincing for most recipients. You can incorporate an intentional mistake into one of your emails within a particular campaign. After it works, you can always write a follow-up email with an apology for your “honest mistake”. This shows commitment and is rally convincing that a real person is sending the email.

This is actually done by a few companies, like MailChimp for instances.

boost your sales

The best way to look authentical and humane is to do something people do when they lower their guards, a mistake. This is exactly what leads people, like your recipients, to think that the email isn’t a part of an email campaign. Thus, making them much more receptive to your emails.

2. Use videos in your email campaigns.

Incorporating videos to your emails does sound like a lot of work, and it likely sure is. However, the reward in terms of quality can make it worth the trouble. Actually, using almost kind of media content in your emails will have a positive outcome in your audience.

There are lots of services that can help you with the process of adding a video to your email campaigns. However, a more pressing concern might be what to actually put in the video.

While an image can be worth a 1000 words and sometimes offers more flexibility of use. The video conveys more of the personal essence of your company and the standards you work on and can provide. Ideally, the video should touch the subject of the email, for example.

If you’re sending a sales email about a particular product then the video should cover that product’s features and it can help the recipient solve a problem. This is a perfectly effective way to turn email marketing and sales into an effective commercial.

3. Send more emails to your leads.

While you should always focus on the quality of your content and more isn’t always better. There are cases when you shouldn’t back off instantly at the first sign of trouble.

While you don’t want to come across as pushy or aggressive, you do want to make sure that you’re trying all that you can to close a deal. One or two emails might be enough for most email marketers and they could be convinced that is just better that way. Statistics can tell you otherwise.

boost sales through email replies

Know that if you send 3 to 7 emails to a single recipient, on average, you’re 3 times more likely to receive a reply. This means that if you’re targeting the right people, your emails are not necessarily a nuisance to your recipients. In fact, it’s very likely that they want to receive your emails just to be on the loop of what you offer.

Ideally, you want people to reply to your emails, give them time. Sometimes people just haven’t found the time to answer emails they deem important on a personal note. You should always make sure to be targeting your audience properly for this to be valid. More on this can be found in our article about targeted marketing.

4. Start optimizing your content for voice search.

Believe it or not but this is actually a very good tip. Now day’s more and more sales and marketing teams rely on blogging and the inbound methodology as a way to drive more leads.

Around 44% of consumers use voice search on a daily basis and the predictions just keep going up. This is, of course, from a reliable source. This does pose all the more reason to optimize your content for smartphones and other mobile devices.

smart phone

The question on your mind right about now must be about how to gain more visibility in voice search. Well, we can tell you that the most critical point lies in having your content displayed on Google’s Featured Snippet. For instance, see the image below.

optimize content to boost sales

Based just on this your content will gain lots of visibility, as so it will your brand. Brand awareness is very important when implementing outreach and sales email campaigns. Optimizing your content for voice search can pay off in more than just one way.

Now, on making your content featured by Google’s Snippets. The rule of thumb here is that you should base your content around a question and long-tail keywords.

Seems familiar? Most people also do the same as a general search engine optimization or SEO. Remember that this is a great way to create brand awareness in your consumer base, and this does pay off with your email campaigns.

5. Build a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Surely you’ve heard of chatbots by now. They’re a practical and efficient way to handle high-volume messaging from clients, in real-time. Yet this is not all, Facebook Messenger chatbots are much more versatile.

You can use them to answer customer questions and reports about a product. They can deliver recommendations to your customers regarding products and they’re great for generating sales and most importantly leads.

We can recommend reading the study case about C4 Inc as an example of the power of chatbots.

They used a combination of click-to-messenger ads and a great chatbot to get leads. The results are something to be envious of. The cost per acquisition lowered by 68% while at the same time increasing their inquiry form completion rate by about 2.2 times. Not to mentions an increase of almost double in their completed forms.

There are plenty of services that can accommodate your needs in order to generate and maintain a chatbot. For instances, we have this brief list of plug and play tools that can help you out with this.

More information on how chatbots can help you generate leads can be found in our article about this subject. Make sure to explore their full potential and get the most of your customers.

6. Create a podcast.

In the latest times almost every company is offering free eBooks and whitepapers to their leads. One of your objectives is to stand out from the crowd of companies looking to snatch your leads and customers.

One way to do this effectively is to create a podcast and use it to nurture your leads. You can think that this is a lot of work but the problem is not that, the question is. Is all the effort worth it? Short version, yes.

Based on a study from marketingcharts. Almost 8 in 10 listeners of age 18 to 49 are not bothered by ads or sponsors in podcasts that they listen to regularly.

This is very good news. You can freely plug your product or service in your podcast without worrying about a negative backlash. As you know, this is publicity for your product and your brand. Remember that brand awareness and recognition play a key role in outreach campaigns.

Creating a podcast can be an easy way to help you create a more reliable and steadier consumer base. A good idea could be to actually invite some of your most important leads to be guests at your podcasts from time to time. This expands your listener base to accommodate for the loyal following of that person. Not to mention that you will be improving your relationship with those leads.

The last bit might be more focused on people using a podcast to improve their B2B outreach campaigns. Nevertheless, try it and see the results for yourself.

7. Automate everything that can be automated.

As a recent study on Forbes shows the average sales representative spends only 36% of its time selling.

boost sales rep chart

The good news is that you can help the process so your sales representatives can generate more sales. This is done by basically applying the same principle as the first tip mentioned here, automatization.

Make sure that your team it’s using all the integrations available from your CRM system. Manually switching between applications as well as copy-pasting data can cost time and mental effort. You can help them to focus more on sales by relieving those burdens in particular.

This also lessens the friction inside their own process, cutting down all the unnecessary problems that sometimes arise from scheduling appointments. Tools like Calendly and Evie are great to help them out with that.

Conclusions from our 7 actionable tips to boost your sales in 2020.

All the tips provided here can help you boost your email sales and more, in case you need a quick recap.

  • Use human error and videos in your email campaigns to generate a better response from your recipients.
  • Send more emails.
  • Optimize your content for voice search in order to increase brand awareness.
  • Build a Facebook Messenger chatbot to help you collect leads and deal with customers.
  • Create a podcast to expand your customer base and publicize your product or service.
  • Automate anything that can be automated to make the workload easier to handle everybody.

All of these tips should be A/B tested to make sure you get the most optimal performance from your campaigns. This way you can see which work the best for you and in what areas you can further improve your sales emails.

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