10 Email Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Marketing Campaign

November 12, 2019

Everyone can do with a little inspiration.

Email marketing isn’t exactly the easiest job around, and whatever your skill level, there is always something to new to be learned. To that end, our team at EmailVerify has put together a list of marketing campaign examples that shine in one way or another so that you can gain some inspiration for your own marketing.

The Examples

1) Aesop

aesop front page

Aesop’s marketing material is simply stunning. The email newsletters Aesop sends are elegantly designed. And elegant is really the only word for it. They take the rather simple palette of black and white and elevate it to a whole new level with how they lay out their content. A large image to catch your attention. Aesop’s wonderfully designed, minimalist logo. And simply copy. All of it meshes together wonderfully to create a stunning newsletter that is absolutely pleasing to look at.

2) Airbnb

airbnb front page

Airbnb’s campaign takes simple to the extreme and does it well. The design is clear, the objective is plain and the copy is minimalistic. More than any other campaign on this list, Airbnb keeps their newsletters goal-oriented with a clear call to action. In the footer of the newsletter, the relevant links and social media buttons are included, in a color that both compliments and contrasts the simple background.

3) Starbucks

starbucks front page

Starbucks is different than the first two in the list, as they have chosen a more complex layout. Still, you’ll see that their colors are complimentary – with the photograph sharing the same shades as other parts of the newsletter. You’ll also notice that despite there being several strands of text, they are also to the point and economic in their use of space.

4) Uber

uber front page

Uber is simple and straight to the point again. A brief text accompanies the call to action, which is perfect for subscribers who have just enought time to skim the message. The addition of some well-captured images rounds off the newsletter.

5) Taylor Stitch

taylor stitch front page

Taylor Stitch’s approach to newsletters is something we love. They are also minimalistic, but instead of having a plain background, they’ve chosen to feature a image prominently and design the rest of the newsletter around it. With just 10 words, including the logos and the call to action, they achieve a remarkable effect.

6) Flock

flock front page

Flock takes simplicity to it’s absolute extreme. There is hardly any wasted space on this email, as you can see. You are given the absolute essentials and that’s it. Depending on the context, this approach to email marketing can be very effective. Here, Flock is simply giving a reminder to the user and so, this approach works.

7) Litmus


Litmus also gets straight to the point without much faffing about. One image, the title of the newsletter decaled in bold letters, simple copy and a call to action. There is certainly something to be said about the direct approach to email marketing, and in this case, it works. People who would be on the receiving end of this mail don’t have time to pore through a detailed newsletter. This serves their needs more than enough.

8) Sweetgreen

sweetgreen home page

Sweetgreen is a salad company and they aren’t afraid to let you know it. A green theme is prominent in their newsletter and some excellent snapshots of food are featured as well, emphasizing the nature of their work. If you want to make a statement, a similar approach could do wonders for your brand.

9) Headspace

headspace front page

Headspace is a guided meditation app. With that in mind, simple, warm colors dominate their newsletter. A pleasing illustration accompanied by simple copy gets their intentions across effectively. The big orange call to action does it’s job rather well, too.

10) BuzzFeed


Today, newsletters are key source of BuzzFeed’s revenue. And a look at their material will show you that they know what they’re doing. They also subscribe to the simple school of email marketing, but they manage to be loud with a large, to-the-point image, some text and… well, nothing much else, really. When your subscribers know what you’re about and know what to expect from you, this approach is a perfect fit. No hassle for either you or them.

Inspiration and Your Marketing Campaign

These email marketing examples are just the start. If you look around, you can easily find many other examples of well-executed email marketing campaigns. Take the time to look at them, study them. Then consider the needs of your own marketing and your goal. This will allow you to put together a stunning email newsletter that will serve your campaign.

Then… Well, then send them out!

And if you need some help to make sure that the campaign goes as smoothly as possible… Contact us at EmailVerify! We are glad to help you, any day of the week.

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