Personalized Email Sequence for Sales Prospecting [3-Step Campaign]

November 8, 2019

There are different types of email marketing campaigns. Some focus on outreach and networking, others on advertising services and so on. What we’ve got here today is a personalized email sequence for sales prospecting. Given that sales prospecting isn’t always something easy to do with just a couple of emails. Today we’re presenting a 3-step campaign that will make your work in sales a lot easier.

Personalized Email Sequence for Sales Prospecting

Before we jump the gun on this one let’s review a few things that you should know about this campaign.

  • This personalized email sequence for sales prospecting does require good quality content to start off the funnel.
  • You will need to clearly understand your audience and their principal issues in order to use that as leverage.
  • The templates presented here are originally meant to be used for B2B and on different agencies.
  • You will need to use images for the first two emails at least, we recommend that these are personalized images.

Below you’ll find our sales strategy based on the points just described. Remember to take the following information as part of your experience and test it yourself. After all, that is the only way to see if this campaign needs any modifications before you can implement it yourself.

The strategy.

This 3-step campaign does have an objective and an ultimate goal, which is to find a common ground between you and your recipients. After it works this common ground can be used to drive your prospects down the sales funnel. Regardless of how many problems a person has, there’s always one that you can solve with your product. If you’ve done your targeting properly that is.

Most outreach campaigns have one goal in mind. That can be either to inform prospects and possible clients or get them to know your brand in the first place. However, what most people seem to forget is that in order for the recipient to pay attention to your brand, you need to provide value to them. This is how you make them listen and start creating a good consumer base.

Our strategy consists of 3 emails and it has been tested beforehand. Different audiences can respond differently. The main objective of each email remains the same however, from getting the attention of your recipient and getting information from them to leveraging that information and closing the deal.

In this case, closing the deal means to get your recipients down the sales funnel. Let me illustrate a little bit more on how that works.

outreach funnel image

First things first.

The first thing that you need to procure before implementing any part of this strategy is a list of recipients/prospects. Remember that you can’t just put any name and email address in that list, you have to carefully target your recipients. You should also do proper research on each.

After that is done you need to ensure the validity of your data. You can do this using VerifyBee. This service can help you find any outdated and inactive addresses, not to mention spam-traps and typos in the email addresses. All that while offering 99% accuracy for the validation of your list.

Once you got that out of the way, you need to think about the first email you’re going to send. The goal for this one is to actually find some common ground between you and your recipient. This common ground is then used as leverage to get insights about your prospect.

What to do?

You can use content not written by you in your emails, the idea behind that is to not look like you’re advertising your own content. This makes your email feel more real once the recipients take the time to read it. However, this does depend on what kind of campaign you’re running.

The upside of this is that you’re not forced to create content yourself. The main problem is that you still need to spend considerable time finding the right article for what you need. The best course of action is to use articles about subjects that are on point with what you0’re trying to convey and at the same time popular at the moment.

You should be completely ready to personalize an image to your recipients; the image should be about the subject you’re discussing. You have a myriad of personalization options; your creative instinct can do wonders in this aspect. The main goal of the image is to grab attention once the email is opened.

The second step.

While the first email is all about finding a way to connect with your prospects. This one is about using the information you have about them and making it work for you. This is all done through deep personalization. For instance, you can generate a short video to appeal to your recipients. While other forms of media can also be implemented instead of a video.

In general, you should keep this email campaign scalable and your emails as targeted as possible. According to this it would be best not to have an extremely long prospect list. You also need to be very vigilant about the quality of the content you’re presenting. This goes from the media content to the language you use in your emails.

The alternative to this is to refer to every recipient in first person basis. But you should be aware, not everybody responds well to this. Not to mention that each email will be notably less personalized. Just in case you need some extra advice on how to boost your sales, you can read our article.

The media content you use is important, but more so is to make sure that this email does include a good call to action. One that it would be best to have ready in case two emails are enough to push someone down the funnel.

By now you must want some examples about this. Well, allow us to present.

Personalized Email Sequence for Sales Prospecting templates.

Email #1.

“Hi {First Name of the Recipient}!
I know for a fact that you're a fan of {Common Interest}! That said, I thought you'd enjoy this piece of content about it {Introduce Link and Source}.
{Related Image}
That's it! Figured it might deliver some value your way and it's always great to connect with another fan of {Common Interest}.
Take care,
{Your Signature}”

Email #2.

“Hey {First Name of the Recipient}!
How are things going over at {Company Name of your Recipient}?
Hope you had a chance to check out {Article Name from the previous email} I've sent you earlier and that it brought you value.
If you ever thought about using {Common Interest}'s strategy for your business, I've made you a quick video covering the need to know things... in great detail. 😉
{Media content related, pertinent image or screenshot and link of a video}
Really hope you like it.
Take care,
{Your Signature}”

Email #3.

“Hey {First Name of the Recipient}!
Following up one more time and leaving you alone... I promise.
Take care,
{Your Signature}”

A word of caution.

As you can see the third email is just a simple follow up email, while the other two are more invested into convincing your recipient. There’s a reason for this. The third email is only meant to remind your recipient about your other emails, these should be enough to get your prospect down the funnel.

Aside from that, these templates can be modified un any way that you deem necessary. You should also take into consideration the images that you’ll be using and how to personalize your emails. For more information on this you can read our article about the importance of using personalized images in your emails.

As a final waring, you should choose carefully the topics that you’ll be using to find a common ground. Remember that whatever topic you choose can determine whether your recipient takes an interest or not.

Concluding, who is this sequence for?

Cold email templates can be adapted to serve the needs of whoever uses them. These templates are no exception. From changing the language used, to adding a few parts or maybe using different combination of personalized images. The options you have to make these templates work for your favor are many.

Let’s just remember that these templates where meant to be used in different scenarios originally. Scenarios such as:

  • You’re in B2B and you’re looking to optimize your top of the funnel marketing.
  • Your agency is currently doing outreach with the aim to target prospects for sales.
  • Your brand or company has a great content and you need to leverage it for marketing purposes.
  • You have really good knowledge about your audience and thus can make use of personalized content.

Likely these are not the only way that you can use our personalized email sequence for sales prospecting. You can adapt and change most parts of the templates while holding true the experience from campaigns such as this. You must always provide value of some sort to your recipients.

The only way to know the performance of this campaign in your case is to actually try it. So, make full use of it and learn from it. Remember that you can play around with all other aspects too, subject lines, images, delivery times. There are a lot of other factors that affect your email campaigns.

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