30 Email Marketing Examples Generating Billions.

November 28, 2019

Email marketing isn’t always what people think when you say that you work on marketing or E-Commerce. Yet it is one of the biggest sources of profit when it comes to online marketing in general. If you’re still not too sure about that, allow us to show you 30 email marketing examples that are at the top of the market.

Email Marketing Examples

The best thing about email marketing is that you can personalize almost any way you want. And with new trends in email marketing popping up every day there’s no shortage of creative inventions. You can get different results based on your public, schedule, content, and quality. Regardless you’re always striving for more in a highly dynamic field, email marketing. With that last bid in mind allow us to start presenting our list of 30 great email marketing examples to help you get inspired for your own email marketing campaigns. So, let’s dive right in.

30 email marketing examples.

1. Into the big leagues, Amazon.

Amazon has had an amazing email marketing campaign, one that lasts even to this date. Once you’re signed up with them you’ll get a welcome email describing what you can expect to find in their services. They also include an FAQ sheet in the email.

Aside from that, you’ll periodically get an email containing pertinent recommendations on items that may interest you. One example of this is the image below.

amazon product page

The great thing about them is that they’re always collecting information about their customers. This is so they can personalize every single email they send with recommendations. Not to mentions that they do possess that warm and pertinent feeling in their emails, that just makes you open them to see what’s inside.

2. BuzzFeed keeping emails fresh.

BuzzFeed isn’t always all about gossip and such topics. In fact, you can expect to find some really creative ideas inside their emails. The upside of dealing with different, complex and highly dynamic audiences is that you gain a lot of flexibility. That is exactly the case with BuzzFeed. In fact, that is what landed them so high in our list of email marketing examples.

buzzfeed page

Basically, that’s the presentation they go for in most cases and articles. As you can see, they have a very nice presentation and make great use of white space. Once you’re in their emailing list you can expect to find lots of content available right in your mailbox.

3. PayPal knows its audience.

The key point for PayPal was that they realized just how often people used their service to share money with friends, family, etc.

They introduced a new way to split the bill for their services. However, as with many changes in corporations and businesses, you have to tell the public. They choose to do this using a great email campaign. You can take a look at the actual email below.

paypal front page

This campaign worked wonders because PayPal knew exactly how to make their clients and users relate to the issue they’re addressing. This is a great way to provide value and to connect with your recipients. Overall it was a pretty great campaign, one that you can take notes from.

4. Tory Burch making recipients feel special.

People love to feel special and get attention, this is essentially what Tory Burch applied for this campaign. What this campaign did was send the recipient’s a great and personalized email. They even got a huge discount. If 70% off doesn’t say special then I don’t know what does.

tory burch

Let’s appreciate the great presentation. The fact that it even has an animated gif really says a lot about the effort they put on their recipients. That really says that they really do care and pay attention to their clients.

5. Offer something extra, just like Starbucks.

If there’s something we all need in the morning is coffee. Starbucks being the great chain and brand it has, of course, launched a great campaign in the form of email marketing.


The angle Starbucks played for its email marketing campaign was simply to provide value. As you can see from the email above, this is done simply by giving useful information to recipients. If you add to that their great presentation, you get a blend for success. Take a few notes from Starbucks and see if there’s something you can improve about your own email marketing campaign.

6. WordStream targeting campaign.

People that want to keep a nice and clean inbox, filled with the relevant information only, find a great ally in WordStream. They focus more on actionable advice and provide a very entertaining email. They also provide value in the form of information, as you will see below.


7. Headspace and their motivational email marketing campaign.

Sure, it might be weird to find a meditation app in a list of great email marketing examples. Yet Headspace is definitely worthy of being in this spot.

After New Year came, they deployed a great email marketing campaign offering recipients a great discount.

headspace subscribe now page

People only needed to subscribe to take advantage of this discount and make the campaign a success. And a success it was. Checking out their email format and offer we find this is no surprise.

8. Learn how to finish business from Zipcar.

Abandoning carts is a major problem for most E-Commerce websites. The good news is that you can do exactly what Zipcar did to help solve this issue. They just sent a friendly email reminding customers what they’re missing on.

The actual email is fairly simple and plain, yet what it did good was the language. If you want to know what we mean by this you’re free to check out our article about the language of progress.

9. Amaroso and their way to approach cart abandonment.

Amaroso took a different approach to deal with cart abandonment. They launched a great email marketing campaign that focused on getting people with unfinished shopping to complete their purchases.

amaroso and their way to approach cart abandonment

Theirs was a two-step campaign that worked great. The first email was sent to customers one hour after they leave their cart. The second email is sent just a few days after. Their angle was to show their presence and make you realize what you’re missing on. Most cart abandonment campaign is two-step campaigns, they did what most other businesses in that aspect and thanks to their style it worked just fine.

10. Be more understanding, be like Loft.

Loft really understood their recipient’s inbox issues and possible problems. That’s why they keep their emails sweet and short, which is greatly appreciated by many.

loft front page

An email like this is short, precise and on point. Most people do find this refreshing and nice. If you want to try something different from your competition then you can take this example as a way to go.

11. Bonobos and their straight to action attitude.

A lot of email marketing campaigns do beat around the bush way more than necessary. In the case of Bonobos, they knew exactly what their customers wanted and they played exactly that.

bonobos front page

They incorporated a great and straight forward call to action into their emails. It basically consisted of letting you choose your size, item and apply for a discount, within the same email. Base on that people just hit that button and made their campaign a success.

12. Peak Design and why it is important to say Hi.

People that get your emails expect something from you, value, you must provide value. Peak Design did this in their own way, they show their recipients how much they care by simply welcoming them into their subscriber list.

peak design

After all, nobody did say that you can only show value in one form. Value is whatever aids and provides something to your recipients. This can work well or poorly based on the way that you choose to do this.

13. How to announce something by RipCurl.

Creating a sense of urgency in your audience can help you get customers to follow your calls to action if you know how to apply it. In fact, we even have an article about what you can do to boost your sales in 2020.

We can see a great example of this, implemented by RipCurl.

ripcurl front page

They implemented a great campaign to generate a sense of urgency in their readers. This worked wonders for them.

14. Up-selling by Bavsound.

Audio upgrades have never been easier with an automatic up-sell email recommending products to people. Bavsound made sure that people knew exactly what to do for its customers in that department.

bavsound front page

Up-selling isn’t always something people approve of, but it certainly is a part of businesses. With this email marketing example, you can forget about ads and go straight to sell people something they need.

15. J. Crew and appreciating loyal customers.

As mentioned before in this list of great email marketing examples, people love attention. Your recipients do love to feel important and appreciated. Check out their email from their campaign below.

j. crew appreciating loyal customers

The fact that recipients get an email from the head of men’s design is really something that makes them feel important and cared for. You can use this to your advantage and in your email marketing campaigns.

16. Be contrary, like Huify.

Have you ever considered using some sort of strong language for your subscribers? Likely no. But still, Huify has even used a line such as “We dug through crap for you”. And it worked.

the pulse front page

This brand is doing its best to acknowledge the good content and sort it out of the bad content. Their subject line is simple yet very strong and landed them a 37% open rate. Which is actually pretty good considering a simple approach.

17. You can get a smooth copy like Cuyana.

What people want from a product, aside from the product itself, is the lifestyle that the item projects. Based on this Cuyana made a very evocative copy that helped people buy their product a lot faster than they usually would.

cuyana front page

When you got a copy that is this good, you can even compete with the original. High-quality goods and tantalizing images that display them are always a good strategy for E-Commerce.

18. Rockin’ Wellness knows when people are running out of their product.

Anyone selling perishable products understands that you need to constantly be asking people if they need more. This can be done via email as well. As you might think from our list of great email marketing examples, you’re about to see another one, this time from Rockin’ Wellness.

rockin wellness front pge

You can bet that this is something fundamental for someone in E-Commerce. And it is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two from this campaign.

19. Solving reactivation from Missguided.

You can always make sure that even your most inactive customers get a reminder of your brand. This is exactly what Missguided did to increase their traffic and sales.

Solving reactivation from Missguided

You can even top this email by offering a tempting offer to go along with it.

20. Be bold, be like The Limited.

You always make a strong impression by using a few letters but a lot of space. This is what The Limited did when it came to their campaign, they simply increased the font size.

the limited front page

The power of using bold visuals and a strong message accompanied by a large size in the font cannot be overstated if used properly. This is an example that can definitely be used in some campaigns regardless of the topic.

21. Experimenting with Kate Spade.

You can always try to break the mold and experience first-hand what it is like to actually be at the front line of the email marketing sector. This is exactly what Kate Spades did for their campaign.

Experimenting with Kate Spade

Regardless of what you might think about the concept, this worked like a charm. It’s very important that a brand shows its personality whenever it interacts with the public. Your emails are a good way to do so.

22. Add value to your brand by solving your subscriber’s problems.

This yet another example of a great email marketing campaign done by J. Crew. A great deal of B2B newsletters tries to add value as a strategy to keep your audience engaged and loyal. This also makes them more likely to follow your calls to action.

Add value to your brand by solving your subscriber’s problems

Again, nobody ever said that you need to provide value in a specific way. You can take this example as proof.

23. Check deliverability using your email campaigns.

Every now and then you will come across companies that just get what email marketing is all about. You can get this vibe from Bonobos, if you don’t believe us then check out this example.

bonobos front page

Great visuals, a good and funny message with an even better call to action. This email campaign has everything it needs to catch the attention of anyone.

24. Tiffany & Co, selling the wish and not the product.

People buy engagement rings not because they like a shiny rock stuck in a finger, well not everybody does. People get an engagement ring because of what it represents, the dream, the future and good things to come.

Tiffany & Co front page

This is exactly the message that you can emulate for your brand. Think of what your product or service really represents for your clients and play that angle.

25. Using referrals from Starbucks.

When it comes to referrals there are a lot of ways that you can get the attention of your recipients. In the case of Starbucks, it was really easy, I mean who doesn’t want to share coffee with someone every now and then.

Using referrals from Starbucks

You too can use this angle to get the attention of your recipients. There’s a good chance that if you found people interested in your brand then they will know people interested in it as well.

26. Need more information?

People in email marketing often make use of different methods to get information about recipients. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. You can always just ask them directly.

overstock front page

At least this is what Overstock did and it worked for them, so you might as well try.

27. Don’t underestimate the potential for a Meme.

The use of pop culture can work to your advantage. You can always follow the example of Loft.

example of loft

Being clever and funny is always a good thing for every salesman, regardless of dealing with email marketing or just regular marketing. Making people laugh is just as good as making them feel really good, thus improving your chances of success.

28. Pinkberry, think of what you can do for your customers.

One of the first things that anyone in any business thinks about is “what can I get from this?”. This way of thinking is not always beneficial to your business in the long run. What you should think instead is “what can I do for my customers?”.

pinkberry front page

29. 1Password and thee feeling of home.

Now, allow us to tell you that if a plain and simple password software can make subscribers feel emotions, so it can your business. In this case, 1Password went for a comfortable and nice feeling of home.

1Password and thee feeling of home

Do keep in mind that the great part of what makes a sale a success is the image behind the product. We don’t mean an actual image; we mean what the product represents for your customers. Based on that 1Password did a wonderful job evoking feelings and directing them to their product.

30. When everything fails just be yourself.

Printing more about your personality in your emails isn’t always such a bad idea. Whenever we talk about customization and personalization for your emails this is a major part of that. Take this example as proof.

a man getting painful email

This email marketing template certainly makes recipients feel warmer and in touch with the sender. This is a great idea for an email marketing campaign that you have in mind. If you ever have any doubts about personalization and the many benefits it can bring to your email marketing campaign then you should definitely check out our article about the potential that personalization holds.

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